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Esthetician & Skin Care Products > Can someone tell me what I'm looking at starting at during my first year in aesthetics

I'm a teacher and earn 43k after 7 years in the profession. Can someone tell me what I'm looking at starting at during my first year in aesthetics. I will be taking medical aesthetics this June, and hope to be done by December. What are my job prospects? :)

Hi Ginger, I think it is the Best Profession because we are helping other people feel better about themselves. Your income potential is up to you and how you conduct your business. There is nothing wrong with starting out working at a Spa, or Salon, for $10.00 per hour, so that you can see how things work, I also consult with other Aestheticians at their practices, to improve and increase their businesses .You can check, The National Association of Laser and Aesthetics (NALA),is a certified medical aesthetician training that will help you in cosmetic Laser profile.For more details visit .Don't be discouraged, the $$ is endless, depending on what you want.

06.6 | Unregistered Commenterkaren9

Well starting training in a field non sanctioned by ay state licensure is a wrong place to begin. There is no medical aesthetician yet the schools flourish and its illegal. I recommend you take the traditional long term aesthetician training and perform procedures within your scope of practice an licensure. I assume that unless you have been teaching medicine in a medical school for seven years then you have zero medical knowledge at this time. However it seems that you will be completely medically competent in seven short months.
Its best to perform the cosmetic peels, IPL, hair removal all of which fall under your scope of practice and licensure. The medical procedures such as co2, resurfacing, fractional, tattoo removal, skin tightening, spot removal veins are all medical procedures in just about every state. Eventually there will b licenses lost and spas closed down in droves if this continues.
I don't wan to deter you and don't mean to sound bitter I just want to warn you that schools and even laser companies tell you everything is dandy and acceptable however that often is simply not the truth.

06.6 | Unregistered Commentergm

Don't expect to make 43K your first year out of school. You will probably start out at some place working part time. Things will improve if you work at it. You can't sit back and wait for clients, you have to actively work your business.

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