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Esthetician & Skin Care Products > LASER TRAINING* Any suggestion plz HELP?

I am already laser tech but looking any intensive *LASER TRAINING*
PLEASE visit this website**
I am planning to attened the *Laser workshop*but need any advice before investing the money.
PLEASE visit this website and share if you think its a good choice and share if you have any experience with this company.
OR hare if you know any intensive laer class..I have a very good job offer but DR asked me to go for some more training..plz plz HELP ..URGENTLY.

I went to National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. They were excellent. You can get certified as a Laser Safety Officer there along with a variety of courses. I know they have expanded to other cities so I'd give them a call or go to their website. Good luck.

04.6 | Unregistered Commenterbcm09

I agree I went to National Laser as well in AZ they have a good training program that I was happy with.

12.2 | Unregistered Commenterlzrgrl

IMHO: Before anything else I'd suggest you buy that IPL and Laser training guide that's on this site. It's pretty expensive but gives a really good grounding of all the medical treatments. It's a 'what it is and how it works' rather than a 'how you do it' but you'll be able to talk to anyone about any of the treatments. We use it at our clinic and give it to all staff members. There's a copy sitting at the front desk too.

Paula Young wrote it. She's a RN who runs a medical spa with her plastic surgeon husband in (Pennsylvania?) and she knows what's what. It's also used as a training manual for medical esthetician schools.

I went to Esthetics skin institute in Florida it was very informative and I came out with many hours of hands on and felt very comfortable with the skills I came out with.

12.3 | Unregistered Commenterdnurse

Looking for more laser training??? In Michigan the laws are very relaxed (shame) so I want to ensure I am as well trained as possible. The idea of one day with a trainer does not sit well with me... I have contacted NLI and the 16 days on site training is great but as a business owner I can't be gone that long. I could do the classroom on line or in a book and pass a test to move forward for their but that is not an option for all different lasers. They want $10k to attend, I struggle to go without more reviews from others who have attended, as I didn't feel the person at the other end could answer a lot of my questions.. Rocky Mountain seemed kinda mom & pop. Does anyone offer training that is actually accredited by someone who matters?


11.7 | Registered Commenters ashley

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