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Alma: Accent XL, Harmony XL, Pixel C02 > Water System Error

I purchased a used Alma Harmony Laser system 4 months ago and it currently threw a water system error. We added water (distilled) to the machine per the instructions. After this, the hand pieces were leaking water (all of them). Any thoughts to this from anyone would be greatly appreciated. The machine is under warranty but they want me to ship it over the boarder for repair. I cannot find any information on the leaking although the leaking has since stopped.


08.11 | Unregistered CommenterSW

could it be you added too much water?
may be try draining some of the water out, and re-drain again?
i have the harmony , and once a year, it will show water error display, but after I add small amount of distilled water , and let it sit for few hours, then it starts working again.
May be the sensor needs some time to detect the acceptable water level.

08.11 | Unregistered CommenterC.Lee

I have a copy of the Harmony owner's manual. Be very careful about adding water to the device, because the manual specifies that you must use DEIONIZED water only. This may be what caused the problem.

Water leaks with all Alma hand pieces are as certain as the sun rising in the morning.
This is usually due to the small black "O" rings on the male (machine) side ether missing or just getting chewed up in use.
These "O" rings can actually be found at most hardware stores where they stock the nuts/bolts etc...
Also, you've really got to use some force when installing the hand piece! You need to hear the "click" of the quick connects engaging.

I have worked with the Harmony for 4 years and have been through two 540nm hand pieces and have never had leak problems...mmm. That must be frustrating. I agree with the above post that futsing around with the black o-ring could be beneficial as I replace those often as a pre-emptive strike against having to switch something out mid-procedure.

I find myself topping my water off at least once a month. I'm suprised that the above post only finds that they need to do this once a year. Now I'm paranoid! lol... Although I do quite a high volume of procedures with the platform.

I'm wondering where they are shipping the device for repair? The one time I had an issue with our Soprano, (stickey trigger) I was shipped another platform the same day to act in its place.

I"m in agreement that warranties should definately be investigated in this situation as the water is the cooling mechanism for the chill plate and imperative for a safe procedure.

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