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Medical Spa MD is searching for authors to share their expertise about cometic technology, clinic operations, marketing and other areas of interest to our Members.

We're putting out the clarion call for clear voices who want to share their expertise with our Members. If you'd like to learn more about what it means to join this select group and become a Contributing Author for Medical Spa MD, please read on.  See our contributing authors over at Freelance MD

What is a Contributing Author?

Our Contributing Authors are primarily physicians (and some others) who are willing to share their time and expertise. Our authors run the gamut, from the foremost experts in their fields to clinicians who are just starting, what sets them apart is that they're willing to share thier expertise and opinions with our Members and readers.

Read testimonials from some of our existing authors at the bottom of this page.

Why should I be a Contributing Author? 

You'll notice that all of our authors are running their own clinics or businesses and are generally pretty damn busy... so why are they writing for Medical Spa MD?

  • Influence: Be recognized as a thought-leader in cosmetic medicine. Read through our author bios and you'll see that these are people that you want to be associated with. 
  • Visibility: We bring eyeballs. Medical Spa MD has a large, loyal following of clinicians and and more than a million and a half unique visitors every year. In addition, each post is syndicated through our entire network on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and through our RSS feed which is picked up by hundreds of other publications and sites. As an author, you have access to this huge and growing audience. 
  • Support: You only need to voice your opinion and leave the technical heavy lifting to us. Our editing team will hold your hand and give you whatever help you may need. (We do it all the time.)

Please read the FAQ below to get the answers to some of the questions you may have.


Who can become A Contributing Author?

  • Who can become an author? 
    You, if you have expertise that's of interest to our physician readers... but you'll need to know what you are talking about. If you're funny, charasmatic and prolific... well, that's just frosting on the cake.
  • Do I have to be a physician to be an author?
    No, but but most to our authors are. You do have to be experienced and have information that's relevent to physicians and clinicians in cosmetic medical settings.

What is required as an author?

  • Does it cost anything to be an author?
    No. The only cost is a little time.
  • Can I write under a pseudonym?
    Maybe. In very special cases we may decide to create a pseudonym in order to prevent an authors identity if they're in a situation where disclosing thier identity could cause some sort of professional or businss harm
  • How often am I required to post new content?
    As an author, you're 'required' to post content that's ready for publication at least once a month. However, we encourage all of our authors to write a post every other week and you're welcome to post as often as you like as long as it's relevant to our audience. (If you can't commit to that, you can still write a guest post.)
  • What can I or should I write about?
    That's pretty easy. Our audience is physicians and clinicians working in cosmetic medicine around the world. Write content that's of interest to our audience. As a new author, we'll be holding your hand every step of the way and will gladly help you with getting your feet under you. 
  • What can't I write about?
    In general, you can write about anything that is of interest to our Members. However, if you're making a promotion or linking to an outside site with which you have any affiliation, we require that you disclose that affiliation inside the post and on your profile.
  • Can I accept payment or get something nice to post something positive or link to a site?
  • Can I use this to promote myself or my business?
    Not directly. Self promotion is the quickest way to destroy both your personal brand, and our reputation. However, if you're adding quality content you can be sure that you will have many opportunities that come your way as your reputation among the community grows. While we ask that you don't self-promote directly, you will still have your author profile which points people directly to you.
  • What disclosures are necessary?
    We require that our Authors disclose all relationships that they may have with companies or individuals that they mention, promote or link to. 

Sounds great! How do I start?

To start, just let us know that you're interested. We'll review it and get back to you as soon as possible. If we think you're a fit, we'll email you or set up a phone call where we can answer your questions and get started. and walk you through everything you'll need to get started.



Want some more validation? Here's what some of our other contributing authors are saying about working with our physician communities.

Greg Bledsoe MD MPH

Greg Bledsoe MD MPH

Co-Founder of Freelance MD, Founder of ExpedMed & the Medical Fusion Conference

As the co-founder of Freelance MD, I've had the chance to work with some incredible physician authors as well as with my co-founder, Jeff Barson. 

I've been very impressed with Jeff, not only as a business person, but also as a human being.

Jeff brings to the table a very unique skill set-- he is very tech savvy entrepreneur who has helped my organizations solve multiple complex issues without difficulty, and I value his input tremendously. As a person, Jeff is fun, creative, and purposeful. He quickly sees the big picture and he understands how to leverage a team's abilities to obtain results. I've found him to be very reliable, and in a business world swimming with sharks, I can say without reservation that Jeff is one of the good guys.

Freelance MD has not only been a lot of fun, but it's also contributed to my better understanding of the medical community and the needs of the typical physician. I recommend Jeff without hesitation and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years.

Dr. Greg Bledsoe is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician and the founder of ExpedMed and the Medical Fusion Conference and the co-founder of Freelance MD. Dr. Bledsoe has been an instructor and medical consultant for the United States Secret Service and the personal traveling physician to former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. His research has been published in many prestigious medical journals including the Journal of Trauma, Prehospital & Disaster Medicine, Southern Medical Journal, Journal of Emergency Medicine, Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Care, and The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. He is also the chief editor of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine and a frequent public speaker appearing in national media outlets including  El Mundo, ESPN, USA Today, FOX, and 60 Minutes. He is a Contributing Author on Freelance MD.

Setu Mazumdar MD

Setu Mazumdar MD

Physician Wealth Manager & Contributing Author

I've personally worked with Jeff at physician conferences and as an author on Freelance MD. I hightly recommend both experiences. Along with his invaluable business expertise, Jeff (and his team) are passionate about helping physicians reinvigorate their medical practices and lift their careers to new heights. I would recommend becoming a contributing author to any physician who was lucky enough to be asked.

Dr Setu Mazumdar earned his MD degree from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, graduating in the top 1% of his class. Setu is an affiliate of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA>, the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP, and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) He is a Contributing Author on Freelance MD.

Barry Silbaugh MD MS FACEP

Barry Silbaugh MD MS FACEP

Former CEO of the American College of Physician Executives & Contributing Author

I've been working with Jeff for more than a year as a contributing physician author on FreelanceMD. Jeff and his team are very professional and helpful from a technologic standpoint. I've worked with several other editors during my career and Jeff is one of the best.

Dr. Silbaugh is the former CEO of the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE), the world’s premier organization for lifelong growth and support of physician leaders. He is on the Board of Governors of the National Patient Safety Foundation and was named to Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare. He is a Contributing Author on Freelance MD.

F.Joseph Halcomb III, MD

F.Joseph Halcomb III, MD

Drug & Device Development, Private Equity & Contributing Author

As a contributing author of Freelance MD I have found Jeff to be very warm and engaging, an uncommon leader in an uncommon time. He is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for mentoring physicians on the emerging trends for businesses in the medical arena. He is also a dynamic speaker at medical conferences and actively engages participants in discussions about developing and launching successful, new business ventures.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the growing community of FreelanceMD, as an author and mentor. The experience has given me a great opportunity to network and collaborate with other physician entrepreneurs—and inspired me to launch my own private equity business venture.

Dr. Joe Halcomb is Founder & CEO of Phoenix InVentures, a private equity firm dedicated to helping select, business start-ups achieve their growth objectives. He is also an independent consultant and senior advisor to companies in the medical device, biotechnology, life sciences and pharmaceutical sector. He served as Vice President of Drug Product and Device Development at Amgen from 2006 to 2010. He is a Contributing Author on Freelance MD.

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