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Cosmetic IPL Laser Reviews & Comparisons > Apogee Elite of Cynosure Vs Synchro HP of Deka

I Am looking to decide between the Apogee Elite of Cynosure and Synchro HP of Deka
Does anyone have any experience with one of them ?

05.11 | Unregistered Commentermedhed

Dear Medhed,

we use Elite since 2005. The Nd:YAG module is excellent in the cases of 1-3mm diameter legveins with 1-2 treatment sessions. The Nd:YAG is a rejuvenation laser if You set 50J/cm 50msec with 10mm hanpiece. Very fast collagen remodeling with low cost (no consumable as the fractional lasers). The Alexandrite is wonderful for the pigmented hair. The patients recognize the effect after the first treatment. You can treat the pigmented spots with the short pulselength Alex. I can send You nice case reports about legveins treated with Elite.The parameters of Synchro are not bad, I think the main parts are from Cynosure, but the complete system is made in Italy. The plastic handpiece holder and other accessories can brake down. The IPL is not a modern system - no filters, the lifetime is only 60 000. Check the Sciton BBL with unlimited... Alex is much better for hair removal than any other lightsource. I suggest You buy an Elite.


05.13 | Unregistered Commentergabriel

Dear Gabriel

Thank you very much for giving me your experience with Elite. I will be very interresting for case reports about legveins treated with Elite and more informations about rejuvenation.My Email is (
Thank you again


05.14 | Unregistered Commentermedhed

Hi Medhed,

We just bought the DEKA (high end, there is a cheaper low end). Ours has Nd:Yag 1064 nm, IPL with a 550nm handpiece, erbium-yag handpiece, 1064 q-switch for black and dark blue tatoo removal, all in one single platform. I think you need to do your research better, before you take Gabriel's advice. I understand that, coming from Europe, ours maybe a bit more expensive in the United States (we are in the Dominican Republic and imported straight from Italy). Also, it looks really impressive with two separate machines, since the same platform also brings a separate cryogenic cooling system, to avoid patients feeling any pain. We were pleasantly surprised when we received ours.

Our dilema now is that we can't decide between a CO2 fractional laser and the Accent RF. My partner wants the CO2, but I prefer a less invasive product that I think will move faster and we can get the CO2 later. Skin type down here is III-IV-V-VI.

What do you think?

if you want to waste your money buy the accent rf the best option always is buy the laser co2 because you have a lot of treatments, with real and great results.

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