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Cosmetic IPL Laser Reviews & Comparisons > Sandstone Martix Fractional CO2

I want to get some feed back from anyone using the Matrix Fractional CO2 laser from Sandstone Medical. I have purchased lasers from this company in the past and have been very satisfied. I have tried their Matrix CO2 laser and I have to say I am impressed with the results and the price (under $50,000.00). The scanner was faster than any other sytem I have tried. I was able to complete a full face in 15-minutes. The rep has offered to include a cold air blower if I purchase by Friday February 13th. I am more than likely going to move forward with the purchase but would like to get some other opinions.

Greetings to all. I am a Facial Plactic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. I have the Matrix and have been very satisfied with the results produced by the Matrix. The Matrix perfoms as well as all of the fractional Co2 lasers on the market and better than most. Even in today's economic times, I will realize my return on investment within a year (going at my current rate of use). I had not heard of Sandstone prior to seeing them at a meeting last fall. However, Mark and the staff have been helpful in every way and have accomodated my needs. Cindy, their nurse was fabulous with her inservice. No complaints! The laser is great and so is the company.

02.14 | Unregistered CommenterDr. J

I an currently attending the Soutbeach Symposium meeting in Miami. Yesterday, Dr. Michael Gold spoke on the Sandstone Matrix laser. He gave a very favorable presentation. I am going to buy a fractional laser and no one can touch the deal Sandstone offers. In addition, the sales rep is offering a 30-day money back guarantee. I also looked at the Deka Dot. The 2 units look almost exactly the same and have basically the same features. However, the dot was $30,000.00 more. I met the owners of Sandstone they seem like good guys with a great concept, "provide physicians affordable aesthetic lasers where we can realize a return on our investment".

02.15 | Unregistered CommenterDr. mike

I have purchased several lasers from Sandstone. Some new some used. The Matrix was my latest purchase. I had just about decided to buy the Mixto unitl I found out about the Sandstone unit. The Matrix from Sandstone is far better than the Mixto. The Matrix offers more features and a 150-micro spot size where as at the time the Mixto spot size was 300 microns ( I understand now that Mixto has a 180 micron spot size). The Matrix is very fast. I complete a full face in less than 10-minutes. Prior to purchasing the laser, I requested a reference list. I called every physician on the list and the all had great things to say about the laser and their results. Mark Rohrer (Sandstone) has always treated me fair and in a timely maner, has taken care of what few problems we have had. I would recommend that if you are considering the purchase of a fractional laser you look at the Matrix. This is an affordable fractinoal laser system!

02.18 | Unregistered CommenterP.Y., CA

A colleague of mine purchased the Smartcide Dot from Eclipse Medical. He likes the system and he recommended it to me. I tried the laser and it worked fine. I was going to purchase it until I saw an ad advertising the Matrix from Sandstone Medical. The Dot and The Matrix look almost identical. However, there was a $30,000.00 cost difference. I called Sandstone Medical and scheduled an evaluation. The Matrix is an impressive laser! The Matrix is easy to use and produces great results. I was able to buy the Matrix with a cold air chiller for $50,000.00. I told the Eclipse representative my decision and he immediately said he offered to match their pricing. That really burned me up because I know my friend got ****** when he purchased his unit for $80,000.00. I, like all of you, am tired of getting raped by the laser companies! I am glad I found Sandstone Medical. So far the company has been great to work with. The training was excellent and I purchased a quality laser at a price that should allow me to realize a return on my investment before the warranty expires. I checked out several references who own the Matrix and they all were very pleased with their purchase. Don’t put your money into the stock market. Invest in a Matrix laser. You will make money!


I am looking in the market for fractional co2 . Is it correct to say all others are generic models (from smaller companies ie China, Korea, or upstart) really attempting to "copy" the originals: Lumenis Active/Deep FX and/or Reliant's Repair. I have been approached by them: sales pitch from all other fractional CO2 companies is "cheaper price but can do the same thing as both above. Is this correct? What distinguishes or is "better" besides prices of the techonologies of these companies. Lumenis I believe is the only ultrapulsed , all others are either continuous wave or superpulsed -- which may or may not make any difference in the clinical outcome ?

03.11 | Unregistered Commenterdrt


Come on to the MAPA chat tonight. We are going to discuss the fractionated ablative lasers.

03.11 | Unregistered CommenterLH

I heard that the Sandstone Fractional CO2 laser is assembled in Korea from Chinese part. Maybe that's why it's so cheap. Can any one confirm this?

03.17 | Unregistered CommenterDr A

Dr. A:

My practiuce is in Austin, TX. I have tried most of the fractional CO2 lasers on the Market including the Matrix. I purchased the Matrix from Sandstone Medical. Their competition also told me that the Matrix was made in China. I asked the Sandstone sales rep about this and he invited me to their facility. I have seen where the Matrix CO2 is assembled. I can not speak as to where they get their parts, but the lasers are assembeled in Austin, TX. Sandstone Medical is a small company with low overhead. I believe that they are doing a great job providing an affordable product that seems to work as good as any other fractional laser on the market. Maybe their pricing is more affordable because they decided that they did not need to rip off physicians just because they could. We all know that it does not cost anywhere close to $100,000.00 to make a CO2 laser system. I do know that the lutronic system is made in Korea, the deka dot is made in Italy, the Cynosure Affirm CO2 is made in Italy and the Lumenis system is made in Israel. I bet all of these lasers including the Matrix contain parts made in China. After all we are a global society. I based my decision on results and price. The Matrix provides great results and beats every other system on price. After using the Matrix for the past 4-months I can honestly say I would purchase this system even if it were made in China.

03.19 | Unregistered CommenterDr. J, TX

I bought the Matrix in December to take advantage of Section 179B and because of the 50-K price. I had tried the Deka Dot, the Lasering Mixto, the Fraxel Repair and the Lumenis Total FX. All seemed to work and all had whistles and bells exclusive to their machines. I did not know a lot about Sandstone Medical however the company provided me an impressive reference list and I call several on the list. All had positive comments abot the laser and results and the company. In addition the company put in writting a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. I figured I had nothing to loose so I moved forward with the purchase. I believe this is the best laser purchase I have ever made. Even in todays economy, I expext I will have the laser paid for by the end of June. The laser is easy to use and provides excellent results. I would reccommend this laser to any physician looking to purcahse a fractional CO2 laser.

A very well stated testimonial. Sounds very similar to other "colleagues". Why is it I would bet these doctors share a similar IP address?

Hmmmmmm. I wonder

03.31 | Unregistered CommenterCanMD

Perhaps the above Matrix users can post their websites! I did find a Dr. Robert Riley, dermatology in Reno, NV. The other "signatures" are too vague to search.

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I have had a Sandstone Laser which I purchased from a local distributor. They are great to work with and the results are great. As mentioned above they are made in Austin TX.

09.27 | Unregistered CommenterTR

I am sorry, but this is not a safe unit. The energy is unstable, and the machine includes a two year warranty because it breaks down frequently and costs enough money to cover a $30,000 difference every year!

I am quite sure that the responses I see above are either by Matrix representatives or paid doctors. My assumption is that it is literally by the company employees.

DO NOT BUY. Your practice will be better without a co2 laser than with this one.


A Non-Sandstone Matrix Employee

DO NOT FORGET...... Check this on the WEB by FDA.... Lasers are prescription devices that can not be used by or sold to anyone who is not licensed to use them in the state where they practice.

Lasers made by ANY COMPANY NOT USA MADE have to be approved by FDA. Even if they are EXACT COPIES OF AMERICAN lasers, they are NOT LEGAL UNLESS APPROVED BY FDA. They go to factory and check manufacturing methods and a lot more.

Some FOREIGN LASERS ARE CONSIDERED "smuggled in" by US CUSTOMS. Each model has to be submitted to FDA for review. Sorry to ruin your day.


09.8 | Unregistered Commenterlefty2g

I moved and have a new provider and a new E-mail address. It is
You will not let me use it as is as you think it is already in use...yes it is me.

Should I rejoin and ad something to my old name to "change" it.

09.9 | Unregistered Commenterlefty2g


you are always quoting FDA. laws, medical rules, nursing laws, insurance coverage laws are you an attorney, MD, nurse or even a medical professional? I would like to trust your information however, I would like some Information on your background that qualifies you as an expert on these subjects.

GOOD..... Do NOT trust me. Check it out for yourself. IF you can not trust the info you read here..... Check it out for yourself. If you prefer to spend enough to pay your mortgage for a couple of years.... buy whatever you want. If you want information it is possible you are getting it from the wrong people.

The device is a highly technical unit that most operators do not understand I've seen people write about technical terminology here as though they understood it. The way they use the terms is proof they do not understand it.

There used to be only one laser manufacturer... now there seems to be so many that you can not keep up with them.

Ask to see a copy of the approval letter from the FDA. They need a separate approval for each machine model. Even if they make an exact copy of an American device it is NOT approved until FDA visits their factory to inspect manufacturing practices. These devices are very cheap to make these days.... that is why so many are making them. It is like SPAs. Some make money and attract more to get into the business and that splits the profit among more companies.. The profit is so great .... that they do not have to sell many. The one holding the bag is the rep. Does your rep keep changing? Perhaps he/she is not making adequate income to stay there. and moved on.

Call US customs and find out if they allow illegal devices into the country. Ask," are foreign made medical lasers allowed to be imported or do they need FDA approval to be sold in the USA". Foreign companies may ship them in as industrial machines not surgical deices. US customs will know .... so will FDA. You are asking for PUBLIC information. these are not military secrets. Customs loves to stop illegal devices as this proves they are doing their job.

05.28 | Unregistered Commenterlefty2g

It is Wed. AM I just got off the phone from talking to a Senior Import Specialist at the US CUSTOMS office. He told me the real scoop..... US customs people have NOT been going after foreign imported laser medical devices as a problem to date. IF FDA requires these devices to be APPROVED through their own system.... US Customs might pass them as machinery, of various classes they use for identification, however, they were not fully aware of the fact each device had to be approved. If the shipper did not reveal all the info asked on import paperwork.. or deliberately "FUDGED" some paperwork....they would not know it until it was reported. The device is still SMUGGLED contraband and can be confiscated as such.

05.30 | Unregistered Commenterlefty2g

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