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Other IPL & Laser Technologies > do you know anything for laser from china?

recently i find many companies which sell laser.These companies are from China and I find them from etc.The prices are low for rf systems, rf-ipl systems and q-switched laser.Many products have ce,iso etc but i dont know anything for these product.Do you have any experience or any information.Do you know any reliable company from China?

07.29 | Unregistered Commenteradonis

hi adonis:
The Chinese laser equipment is very common in asia. They offer anything from Ruby, ND YAG, Erbium, fractionated CO2, RF skin tightening, and Infra red skin tightening modules. The price is 1/5 of the price we pay for U.S. manufacturers. Many competing clinics are using these laser machines and charging very little for treatments. I have seen some patients who were happy and a few who were very frustrated with these laser machines.

My laser techs (Sciton, Cutera) tells me that these Chinese laser machines have no safety calibration mechanisms built in to these devices. So there is no way to gauge the laser output or ways to make proper adjustments during maintenance.

Please be careful before you buy these lasers. Ask for a free Demo and post your experience on to share with us.

thanks for your reply and your comments kenneth
do you know any name(firm) of these machines are used in usa
general i think that the results of lasers,ipl and rf are very subjective
many times you see results in scientific journals and you wonders if its wort to pay too much money for a laser
maybe the only objective results are from co2 lasers which general are very cheap
and realy i cant understand for example why the fractional laser of lumenis is 150.000 dollars and other very reliable laser co2 cheapre but again very expensive
and everyone knows that the fractional laser are simple laser only with a new handpiece
finally i think that everything is marketing and maybe the chinese products are good ...who knows

07.30 | Unregistered Commenteradonis


you said "and realy i cant understand for example why the fractional laser of lumenis is 150.000 dollars and other very reliable laser co2 cheapre but again very expensive?" That's why the CO2 of Lumenis is a 60W laser and a Chinese CO2 laser which is used in my country (Greece) is a 30W laser.Some lasers,such as Lumenis CO2,are more powerfull and generally have a higher quality in comparison with Chinese lasers...

07.30 | Unregistered Commentercharry

hi charry and thans for your comments.
i agree that lumenis has big power but i wonder if you need so much power for fractional photothermolysis.Furthermore there are european machines like smartxide or mixto which are high quality machines with scanner and are not too expensive.I think that is unreasonable too high price for activex and for the same reason i think that is unreasonable to pay too much money for ipl machines like lumenis, palomar etc.
maybe we can share our experience because I am from the
xairetw ton ellina sinadelfo.

07.30 | Unregistered Commenteradonis


I have on my office the Profile system by Sciton (Nd YAG module + BBL).Especially the BBL is the most powerfull and the best IPL system on the market.Ok it's expensive to purchase it but it's worth it.It's better for you when your laser (e.g C02) has much power (like Lumenis)/instead of Chinese systems.Remember that when a laser has much power it goes deeper and this is (especially for a CO2 fractional or no laser) a very important issue for your practise.
Xairetismata apo ta Ioannina...

07.31 | Unregistered Commentercharry

Hi Adoni

Yes. There are many company in Alibaba. As we all know, anything from china is cheap than USA.
just becaue our Staff costs is lower than USA and other countries.
Not just our products is not good. Lot of peple think the products cheap is not good. It is not Correct.
Our labour is cheap. so THe cost is cheap .Then the product is cheap.

Hope you can have a correct understand.
We are manufacuter of Beauty machine .LIKE IPL, RF.CO2........
My email is
If you have any question.Please tell me,

10.15 | Unregistered Commentermark

Hello everyone,

As a company whoes machine is little expensive than other Chinese companies. not all chinese products like you thought, to improve the stability and effective, we will adopts some imported spare parts,apply the testing from TUV Labrador, get the certification of CE, Medical CE and FDA. although our products are litter expensive than other Chinese companies. but the stability of machine and effective is more guaranteed than cheaper company.

Do you really know the cheaper company ?
If you really consider Chinese products
Please have a long term view,
Dont pay more attention to the price. pay more attention to the quality and service.

Best regards




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