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Other IPL & Laser Technologies > Cooltouch CT3 Problems

Hi, I have some questions about Cooltouch CT3 that I am hoping someone can help me:

My wife had a Session with the Cooltouch CT3 in June 26, 2008, and she is still having issues that no one can tell her what happened…

My wife had some concerns about some small wrinkles that were starting to appear in her eyes (she is 35) and we went to a Local Plastic Surgeon’s office (El Paso, Texas), Dr. Lyle D. Weeks.

The Skin Care Specialist/Laser Specialist recommended (Yolanda Morales) Cooltouch CT3 for 4 sessions, separated by a month, so we scheduled the appointment with her. BTW, my wife has very sensitive skin.

From looking at the videos and the information you provide in your site and all over the web, we have several questions:

1) Ever since they did the procedure, her face is all EXTREMELLY Dry, I mean everywhere, plus she has like this little scratches all over…, and sometimes it feel like it’s burning…, nothing will take it away …, is this common? She now even feels even that her left side of the face feels like it’s dropping and her texture all over (including upper eyelids) is completely awful with all the pores enlarged and even you can see like little scratches.

2) She even had a Red spot on one side of her eye that went all the way to the hairline that stayed like that for 3 days.

3) In all the videos I see that they place the little eye covers when doing the procedure over the cotton that is covering he eyes…, what will happen if she doesn’t use the eye covers? She only used cotton and she moved it so she could pass the laser with strokes all around her eye, including the eye lids. Will this go away? Are all the scratches, burning sensation and little lines that appeared are going to go away?

4) It’s been over a year, she is still getting side effects that they don’t seem to go away.

5) In your experience, is this a case of the product or bad use / poor technique of the equipment?

Her problem when going for this procedure was just little wrinkles and little dryness around her eyes, now it all the face plus it’s very noticeable around her eyes.

She is very desperate, and doesn’t know what to do …

Please let me know, I will appreciate all the help you can provide.


Javier Munoz

I would like to know the answers to the above questions also. Can anyone help us with this?

07.22 | Unregistered CommenterTom

Craig Lindsey is the CoolTouch 3 product manager for CoolTouch. Contact him at 877-858-2665. You will find him a great resource.....

Best of Luck

08.28 | Unregistered CommenterLS

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