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Cynosure: Elite, Affirm, Cynergy & Smartlipo > AFFIRM

I need feedback for CYNOSURE AFFIRM please

Feed back?
Run it till it dies then throw it in the ocean!
It will cost more to fix, especially if you go through Cynosure, that you will EVER recoup with it.
This is a disposable laser, those who say otherwise either work fopr Cynosure (Palumbo/Denton) or just haven't had it fail yet, ut it will, soon!

10.30 | Unregistered CommenterPRE

PRE, you sound very disgruntled. I am sure you made the decision as to who would repair your laser. It is not the laser who's service cost is excessive, rather that of the company you used. Don't blame the machine. It is not expensive AT ALL to repair.

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