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Cynosure: Elite, Affirm, Cynergy & Smartlipo > Smartlipo 10 watts ... or 1.0 watts

Just want to warn any doctors before considering smartlipo 10 watts.

You have to check and test it for quite numbers of cases because after using for some period of time, 1- 2 months, the machine power can drop to almost no power.

I performed smartlipo 10 watts for more than 400 cases. I can tell that the low power problem is the biggest problem of this machine.

At the moment no one can solve this problem, If distributor in my country or DEKA can solve this problem , I will update again.


I have the 10w and it is quite slow, which I don't mind. I take my time and do just one case in an afternoon. If you noticed a drop in power, then something may be broken. You can also buy a power meter to test the output at the fiber end very accurately. But best to get a (non-DEKA) tech to check it out.

06.18 | Unregistered Commenternospam

As a service technician, I have not had any power issues with the SmartLipo beyond a damaged fiber. Power issues occur when the flashlamp ( in the 1064nm ) degrade. The company I work for also has the upgrade from 6watts to 10 watts which decreases the amount of time for procedures.

I am so glad I bought the CoolLipo with the 1320 wavelength fiber. The company is so focused on having a best equipment out there that provided an improved way to hold the fiber and another device that will laser and suck the fat out at the same time. Does anyone out there use the CoolLipo?

Update :
The distributor in my country discovered the cause of low power problem with my Smartlipo 10 watts.
They said it's because the malalignment of focusing lens which cause defocusing problem.

They managed to change the new machine for me.

Thank you for comments above.

you wouldn't have any problems if you were using the liptron 3000

08.1 | Unregistered Commenterunknown

In addition to the issue you had with the fiber focus lens, the cleave of the fiber is very important.!
Cut/cleave the fiber and check the mode for concentricity using the aiming beam.
It must be very circular with no "satillites" or you will have a significate drop in power output.

04.28 | Unregistered Commenterps

I repair all these issues everyday.
I can bring your SmartLipo back to new specs.

10.30 | Unregistered CommenterPS

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