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Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 12.16
Via Medical Economics: Concierge Emergency Care? T hese days, the soft-spoken, but formidable family physician is mixing it up in the role of healthcare reformer. Three years ago, Wood began advertising that his clinic would provide unlimited primary and urgent care for a monthly fee of $83 for an ...
Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 11.5
Marketwatch: Boutique & Concierge Medicine Boutique Medicine: Patients pay a flat annual fee to a primary-care doctor who caters to a smaller group of patients. There has been a lot of media attention on the supposed rush into concierge medicine by unhappy docs. I haven't seen much of a rush. T ...
Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 05.15
Starting a concierge medical practice ? So's Conciergedoc . Of course he's less than thrilled with the thought of doing laser hair removal as this post attests: Removing hair from unmentionable parts of ladies in Westchester County is how my friend Jerry spends a good part of his week. Not that ...
Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 11.12
Is concierge medicine the way to get out from under insurance companies? Remove $300,000 in overhead every year? A t his old practice, he estimated his overhead at $350,000, and he believes that most of it went toward meeting the needs of health insurers. He needed experts to read his charts an ...
Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 10.30
No end to physician problems : -- The top five factors contributing to low morale were identified by the survey respondents as: low reimbursement, loss of autonomy, bureaucratic red tape, patient overload and loss of respect. "I think that it is safe to say that no physician is optimistic ab ...
Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 09.22
By Greg Bledsoe MD One of the most rapidly growing clinical practice models in the US these days is Concierge Medicine. In Concierge Medicine, a physician cuts out third-party payers and contracts directly with his or her patients. The patients pay a retainer and the physician agrees to limit t ...
Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 07.26
Want to know how to start your own concierge medical practice? Well, you can attend the Medical Fusion Conference and have a chat with Steven Knope MD , or you can tune in to Royal Pains on the USA Network and see what the media makes of a concierge practice setting up shop in the Hamptons. (I've ...
Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 03.9
By Steven Knope MD Some of my medical colleagues who champion the cause of “social justice” bristle when they learn that I practice concierge medicine. They fervently believe that it is somehow more noble to practice Soviet-style medicine in America than it is to take professional r ...
Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 03.5
Futuristic new startups in concierge medicine could really put the screws to competitors as they expand their offering. Silicon Valley is rife with startups looking to disrupt all aspects of healthcare, moving from traditional approaches to entirely new delivery systems and business models. The re ...
Journal Entry by Medical Spa MD on 10.16
In this episode from the podcast , Dr. Steven Knope brings up-to-speed on Concierge Medicine . We discuss how to open and operate a concierge medical clinic. Concierge medicine, retainer medicine, direct medicine and boutique medicine are all terms used to describe a new form of medical service in ...

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