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Medical Spa MD is a world-wide physician community for clinicians in skin clinics, laser centers and medspas with thousands of physician members around the world. By using this site you agree to our terms of service and fine print.



Here are the answers to many of the standard questions that I'm asked or that come through email or comments. If you have a question that should go on this list, just add it in the comments below and I'll bump it up to the list.

What is Medical Spa MD?

Medical Spa MD is an open resource for all physicians involved in retail medicine. I started this site in response to the deluge of emails and inquiries I was receiving from physicians around the world. After becoming frustrated with the lack of any portal for relevant and balanced info, I decided to start one.

What is retail medicine?

Opinions may differ but the definition I'm using for retail medicine is any cosmetic medical practice (plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, medical spas...) and some other practices (concierge medicine) that forego third party reimbursement.

How does Medical Spa MD differ from other sites?

In general, most sites are built on advertising models and they can't write anything that might offend potential advertisers. Although there are some adwords on this site, that barely pays for the hosting. Since I'm not beholding to anyone, I'm free to post what I actually think and let others do the same.

Who writes Medical Spa MD?

All of our Contributing Authors as well as those who send us guest posts.

Why doesn't everyone identify themselves?

There are a number of reasons for this. First, many physicians don't like to post any type of medical information in which they may be identified as the author. Physicians are extremely nervous about anyone being able to identify them. In many cases they're posting information about companies or technologies that they're currently dealing with. If it's unflattering info, they'd rather not be identified by the people they're dealing with.

In general, authors on the main blog are know to me although they may not be publicly identified.

What's that RSS feed thingy up in the corner?

RSS is a technology that allows you to 'get' the information without having to visit the site every day. You can also subscribe to the comments feed if you want to hear what everyone else is saying without being bothered by what I post. You can also receive posts by email if you're old school. 

How should I use the site?

However you want. There is a huge amount of information and it's continually growing. There are also a lot of people who are in the same situation you are and are willing to share their experience and know how. If you have a relevant question, just post it in the appropriate discussion areas (over there on the left). If you'd like to comment on a post or thread, there's a link at the bottom of every post.

Most people start out by lurking (reading without participating) and later join in the conversation. If you read the site you'll get to know savvy contributers by their moniker. Contribute when you feel comfortable. 

What do I get with a 'membership' if I join Medspa MD?

If you join medspa MD, you'll gain access to anything that happens with or on this site first. I've got plans and have had some discussions with companies who would like to reach the thousands of physician readers about providing some kind of discount. (If you're a company in this space that would be willing to offer a discount to members just email me.)

How do I contribute to the site?

Most contributions come in the form of comments on posts or in the discussion areas.

If you would like to write an article or post that has real information and isn't a press release or shameless pitch, you can send it to me here. I'm happy to post almost anything that I think will be of interest to those reading the site and authors are always credited and linked to.

What are the policies about what can be posted on this site? 

No spam. The comments like 'I found a great new skin cream that really works at" get deleted so don't even try. The 'I've got all the answers over on my site' or get canned too. Just add real content or thoughts and we'll all be happier. The posting of links with 'What do you think?' comments are also sent packing. If you'd like to post a link and then actually have some thoughtful comment on it, go ahead. In this case I'm the judge. All opinions are welcome.

What don't you post about? 

I could get in some trouble here because there's a lot of information I have that I don't post about. I try to keep the posts above board and generally on topic. No personal attacks, nothing that I've been told in confidence. I also don't post about confidential informaton like Surface's treatments, business practices, or expansion plans.

Are you making money from this site? Is it a conspiracy? 

Er... Kind of. There are a few adwords on this site that generate a few cents when somone clicks on them and pay for the hosting of the site. (IE... Not much). I'm also aware that having this many physicians in one vertical and one place is extremely attractive to those trying to get in front of them. (I have to continually remove the spam that goes along with this.) This site was started with a blend of altruism and capitalism. At some time I may put advertising on or find some other way to monetize the site but I don't expect that to change the content.


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