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Medical Spa Embezzlement & Employee Theft Scams Report

Embezzlement, theft, & scam stories from physicians & medical spa owners.

In a recent study, more than 82% of medical clinics reported experience with employee theft or embezzlement... that they were aware of. This new 40 page guide to beating embezzlement and employee theft schemes uncovers the hidden tactics behind how these scams work, and how you can find them before they capsize your business.
Great report! It should be required reading for
all doctors — even for those of us who've
been around!
Marguerite Barnett MD FACS PA, Mandala Medspa
A very eye-opening and sobering report.
This is a must read for everyone!
Windie Hayano, The Skin Inc. Dermatology and Laser Center
Opened my eyes! The information in this report is invaluable! I hadn't even thought of some of the scams mentioned in these testimonials!
Lori Robertson FNP, Skin Perfect Medical Rancho
Great! ...after reading others experiences I realize that you just cannot be too careful when it comes to the financial security of your business.
This report will help other centers avoid going through what we had to endure and overcome.
Brian Sidella, Founder, Forever Young Medspa

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What you'll find inside.

The Medical Spa Scams Report includes dozens of first hand embezzlement and employee theft stories submitted by physicians and managers who have been the victims of scams. This is a must read for everyone working in cosmetic medicine.

You will learn:

  • Different schemes; from complicated accounting fraud to simple product theft.
  • How different scams are set up.
  • What types of tactics are employed.
  • How you may be enabling fraud without knowing it.
  • How embezzlement and fraud schemes work.
  • What motivates thieves and how you can remove that motivation.
  • Which types of embezzlement can hurt your profits, and which kinds can bankrupt your medical spa or clinic.
  • How to improve your business systems to prevent problems.

You will also get answers to important and practical questions like:

  • What to look for that might indicate that you have a problem.
  • How to monitor your finances to find red flags.
  • What are the most effective tactics to combat theft.
  • How to train your staff to prevent problems.
  • How to protect your client database.
  • How to prevent cash payments in the treatment room.
  • How to prevent ordering fraud and credit card schemes.
  • What big tips might actually mean.
  • Why you want to be aware of changes in spending patterns or new vendors.
  • How to help your staff remain honest.
  • What you should do if you suspect one of your staff or team members.
  • How to identify the warning signs.

Here's what each chapter covers...

Why Embezzlement & Theft Are Rampant In Medical Spas & Clinics.

In a recent study, more than 82% of medical clinics reported experience with employee theft or embezzlement... that they were aware of. Understand why fraud and theft happens so often in cosmetic medical clinics and how your clinic is at risk.

Is An Employee Running Their Own Business Inside Your Clinic?

Taking cash payments in the treatment room, stealing Botox and fillers to inject their own patients, ordering fraud, trading extra services for large tips, or stealing your client database to sell or use.

Drug & Product Theft.

Uncover the tactics that thieves use to steal, from simple pilfering of skin care products to injectors stealing Botox and fillers to sell on the side.

Financial Theft.

Stealing cash payments, cooking the books, credit card scams... financial theft can do more than just make you less profitable, it can bankrupt your clinic.

Signs You're Being Embezzled.

Identify the signs that you may have a problem like changes in revenue or expenditure patters or payments to unfamiliar vendors.

To Catch A Thief.

Now what? Know what you should do once you identify embezzlement, theft, or fraud.

Quick Reference Guides.

4 different quick reference guides give you multiple checklists to detect and prevent fraud, theft, and embezzlement in your clinic.

What People Are Saying

What do you think about embezzlement and employee theft? Let us know.

Contribute your story.

This report is an ongoing project that we will continue to add to as we receive new stories and submissions. Do you have a story that could be included in the next edition of this report? Please take a few minutes and submit your story here: Tell us your embezzlement or employee theft story.

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