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Hello, I am looking to start a new practice initially focusing on tattoo removal, with possible branching out to other procedures like skin resurfacing, etc

My question is:

1. What is your experience with the laser machine companies as far as maintenance, service, etc? Which ones are the most reliable? There are so many but I don't know which is most reliable

2. What is an ideal startup laser machine for tattoo removal? For example, does getting more wavelengths (e.g. ruby laser) or more power really matter? A ruby laser costs more but will it really add more patients and boost revenues?


Hello. I will try to answer your questions as best possible.

1- I was a customer for nearly ten years before I became a technician. I am familiar with most laser service companies and manufacturers. Reliability is dependent on their specialty, but the most important factor is whether or not your servicer follows FDA rules when servicing your laser. There is a blog called "Superior Laser Service" which talks more about this. I can't place the link here.

2- Medlite C6, or any older version. Ruby lasers should not be too expensive if you are buying used. There are many old systems on the market that do exactly the same thing as the new ones, but most ruby systems on the market are used. If you are looking to purchase a used laser, there is another blog called "Purchasing a Used Medical Laser" you can do a search for.

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