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IPL & Laser Treatments > which IPl for hair removal and why

hi fellow members

i'm a dermatologist who just started his practice in a relatively small city , during my residency and fellowship training i used only lasers , now i decided to started with laser hair removal because its the most profitable procedure BUT the problem is most dermatologist here are using light in this city , so i'm afraid by buying a laser i would pay alot of money and i dont know even if i will succeed in my clinic or not

so which ipl device do you guys recommend , are they all the same or is there somthing that i should look for in an IPL

thanks alot

"Cooldoc80"-- If you provide an e-mail address I can send you a number of helpful articles I have collected on the subject. I have been in the industry for over ten years and owned and operated a high volume med spa from late 2002 through 2006.

hi there , thanks for your help this is my email


I would recommend investing in a used laser platform. Almost any IPL costs about as much, if not more, as most used laser systems. If you go cheaper, you will end up with a non-FDA approved model with no support system.

Mickey; A year ago I would have agreed with your comment. It is no longer true. The world is changing and several decent lower priced IPLs have been developed and been cleared for marketing in the USA. Some of them-- or at least one -- will achieve results comparable to the outrageously expensive devices. Not all are produced in China either. A practitioner can actually purchase an adequate (and serviceable) IPL for under $20K today.

dear mickey and spa guy

thanks for your replies , i thought the ipl is a cheap instrument that you could start off when you start but i discovered after contacting some companies as lumenis and palomar that there basic ipl is around 80 thousand!!!! if i can find a decent ipl which is 1/3 this price i would defenetely go for a brand new laser hair removal as it will be the same price and i'm more comfortable using it and I'm sure it would give me more results in type III patients

i wanted to take your ideas about this device
its called ipulse300 and it supposed to be manufactured in australia wt do you guys think of specifications?

Light source:
twin Xenon lamps
Wavelength range: 530 – 1200 nm
Spot size on tissue: 8.9 cm²
Pulse duration: 10 – 110 ms
Pulse sequence: single or triple pulse flash
Triple pulse: 5 – 20 ms on-time
7 – 30 ms off-time
Repetition rate: average or 0.25 Hz
Energy density (fluence) range: 0 – 20 J/cm²
Cooling: fan, air-cooling
Dimensions: 345 mm high x 305 mm wide
x 505 mm deep
Dimensions for trolley version: 1025 mm high x 305 mm wide x 505 mm deep
Weight: 25 kg (table-top)
38 kg (with trolley)

the price is 30 thousand?

@med spa guy- Which IPL are you referring to? $20K is still a ridiculous price for an overpowered flashlight with a filter. IPL is merely an imitation of LASER. The cost of repair is equivalent, and not worth the up front savings in the end (if you are, in fact, saving).

@cooldoc80- I would never recommend an IPL to any of my customers. I have not heard of an IPL that can replace both the value AND physical properties of a laser. For $30K I can get you a decent laser with a 12 month warranty. (I actually just sent quotes for various options under $30K for Certified Pre-Owned systems with 12 month warranties).

Can you email me ( your contact number pls.

11.14 | Unregistered CommenterMH

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all your posts. I am also currently researching the IPL machines. I currently offer Light-Medium Peels and microdermabrasion. I would like to tap into the hair removal market, as well as treat acne and pigmentation.
I have looked into the ELOS Lite, Alma Harmony,and Bella Louche Supra? I am impressed with the Syneron IPL, as it is my first encounter, However I dont want to be naive or caught up with the bells and whistles of the IPL and RF combination. Is it as good as they say it is? Because Syneron has the Patent to that technology? It makes sense to me.....
I have been told by more then a handful of people to stay away from ALMA as there is a lot of "sneakiness" behind the scenes....
Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!

My budget is $35,000 CDN

03.3 | Unregistered CommenterLeah

I think I have an even better idea. Lutronic has a diode laser that is fast and is availble in the US. I have used it recently and have been very impressed with the speed and results. I was given a quote for 40K for a brand new system. Not sure if anyone else has seen this or used it. The system is the Advantage. Would love to hear back from anyone else on input.

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