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IPL & Laser Treatments > Mickey A. Couvertier - Feedback

Hi Everyone,

I am from Australia and recently purchased a laser and used Mickey A. Couvertier as my technician and "go between" to arrange the laser purchase. Previously, I only had contact with him through his blogs on this website. I would encourage anyone, both domestic and international, considering purchasing a used laser from the US to contact Mickey.

In the laser business it is difficult to know who is trustworthy and who will actually give you the correct advice - because it is correct and not because it benefits them. Mikey is of the highest personal character and his integrity throughout my dealings with him has been unquestionable.

I hope this give some of you a go-to person if you need some questions anwered if purchasing a new laser, or if you need a really really good third party technician for your machine. I know how getting the right information in this industry can be so difficult!

Please contact me if you need any further info



01.29 | Registered Commenterhappypappy

Thank you so much, Kim! Wow! I really appreciate the feedback! Thanks! ;)

We have contracted Mickey Couvertier for a few laser repairs in the past with no problems. Unfortunately, our most recent business transaction has turned out to be extremely unpleasant and unprofessional. We sent our Laser hand piece to him for repair, along with a money order for several thousand dollars as per his request. After waiting more than two weeks and not hearing back from Mickey, we tried contacting him for a status update. We tried reaching him via his email and his phone numbers. He did not respond to any of our messages for days and all of our email messages to him bounced back as undeliverable. After numerous failed attempts, we finally heard back from him claiming that he has been in some sort of financial trouble, HAS NOT AND CAN NOT pay the third party for our hand piece repair and is unable to return our handpiece to us until he raises funds to pay the third party technician. Yes, we got screwed by CRC Biomedical. Their website, email and phone number are basically non-responsive. We have lost our laser hand piece and the several thousand dollars of repair money we gave him. Sadly, this problem has turned into a fraud issue which will have to be resolved by legal means. It is a shame for all of the parties involved to lose business and revenue because of this. Very High Risk to work with. Please contact me if you need any artifacts. email.. payment info.. additional info to help you to make the right decision.

10.10 | Unregistered CommenterRay

Uh oh !

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