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IPL & Laser Treatments > Dr. Ben Johnson' s statement on IPL

Are any of you familiar with Dr. Ben Johnson? He started a popular skincare line "osmosis" and makes a lot of claims that are widely parroted on the internet but which I can't seem to find actual data to back up. (He sells pricey holistic supplements that I just can't imagine are more than snake oil for things like melasma for example, but he has amassed a pretty large following nevertheless)

What do you make of this statement (from the linked in aesthetics group)? I'm an aesthetician at a medical spa and am considering going back to school for nursing, and it's very important to me that I'm well-versed and up-to-date on the science behind our industry.

"Ben Johnson, MD
Ben Johnson, MD
President of Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare

I think every discussion of IPL (or lasers) should include how we think they are working. It was less than 5 years ago that IPL was stated to be great for all types of pigmentation and now it is contraindicated. If you recall the history of IPL, they launched "photofacials" claiming that they increased collagen production...that claim was retracted within a year.
IPL creates heat damage in the skin and often closes micro-capillaries in the process. The heat damage causes DNA damage to many cells, destroys some melanocytes and wreaks havoc on the DEJ. The result of this process is 1) Swelling which temporarily tightens the skin, 2) Improved skin tone from the closure of visible capillaries and areas of redness on the face, 3) Increased epidermal turnover which further lightens certain areas of pigmentation.
My problem with IPL is that the skin is already losing capillaries every year as part of aging and these micro-capillaries are working on chronic wounds, collagen production and skin maintenance. When you close them you are literally starving parts of your skin. While some are replaced within three days, some are not. Secondly, the heat damage ages the skin, full stop. So the net effect of IPL is older skin that may or may not look better temporarily.
I owned roughly 20 IPL's in my medi-spa days. They need to be retired from service."

He has many ipl/laser damage victims to back up his claims. Read the stories of those harmed: You may also check out the thousands of FDA MAUDE reports.

There's a difference between saying a technology has harmed people and saying it is a harmful technology. IPL can of course cause damage, but that wasn't my question.

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