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IPL & Laser Treatments > Delayed burn after IPL

Hi. Has anybody experienced delayed burn after IPL? I have met this complication with three concurrent patients, type 4 fitz with freckles. Using Emax Syneron, parameter is chosen based on test spot before. I did one pass for full face, and double or triple pass at lesions. At the end of treatment, we've met the recommended end point (slightly erythema with darkening of lesions). However, after 30 minutes, there were some wheal around the cheek, forehead and jaws, and it keep on progressing. The machine is in good condition (so the technician says). I am open for discussion, thanks in advanced guys.

08.18 | Registered Commentersupernova

It will only get worse.
Perhaps you should ask your local clinical trainer or distributor what is the best approach to deal with other issue.
Don't delay the treatment. I have seen some very nasty and permanent hypo pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation arise from the zebra.

08.21 | Unregistered CommenterMaggie

type 4 fitz is dangerous. It was is too much energy. the burn will normally show after 30 min- 1h. it hardly shows when you are doing the treatment. always ask client does it burn, where, does it get more or less. it takes my 1 h to do the face treatment just because we do not want to burn.
you should have could pack in your clinic and you should put Hydrogel Burnshield first 4h and ASP painkillers can prevent little bit blister developing. Hydracortisol is very good also.
at least 4 h cold.

10.11 | Unregistered Commentereu

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