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Lumenis: LightSheer, AcuPulse & UltraPulse > Lumenis Alma peri-orbital treatment success?

Local sales rep has arranged us to try out the Lumenis Alma Bipolar RF skin tightening device this week. I already own the Cutera Titan, Thermacool Thermage, and the Sciton Skin Tyte. Non of the skin tightening device work well for the peri-orbital area. I often use Botox + Restylane (Touch) to achieve favorable results. Will adding the Lumenis Alma to my practice make any financial or practical sense?

My guess is likely to be NO to your question. By the way Lumenis is not Alma. Lumenis has the Aluma. Alma has the Accent. The question for you is there are different issues with the peri-orbital region. The approach is different to a specific issue, e.g. tear trough vs fine wrinkles vs true loose droopy skin (upper eyelids) vs pigmentary changes (melasma, freckles)
It appeared to me you over-invested in overlapping technologies already. Don't let the sales reps take you alive. Also, make sure you are very proficient with whatever you already have.

01.24 | Unregistered Commenterpmdoc

Thanks pmdoc for your advice. I am constantly bombarded by sales reps. Words out there has it that I am likely to buy whatever is offered to us. I think I maybe overlapping on equipments since I offer 3 types of skin tightening equipments at my office already. The Thermacool Thermage, Sciton Skin Tyte, and the Cutera Titan. To tell you the truth none of these equipments work as well as I thought they would. My partner doesn't do a good job selling the endoscoping Endotine face lifts so I am constantly making sales pitch to our clients about skin tightening devices and Restylane fillers to close the gap.

The Lumenis Aluma doesn't seem like the answer either. I tried the device on my right upper eyelid last week. A week later both eyes look identicle. The rep told me results requires 6 treatments 2 week apart at the cost of $300 USD per treatment. The Lumenis Aluma also require the disposable tips which run around $100 each.

I'm exploring the RF and fractional options at the moment, we carry mostly Lumenis products as well. I spoke with my rep and she says she's never sold a Aluma, in fact when I go to their website and search for a provider in my area no one shows up. I live in Dallas/Fort Worth - plenty of derms, plastics and med spas - plenty of RF and fractional units at use and no Aluma. hmm...

01.26 | Unregistered Commenterksticka

Which specific service are you planing to incorporate thu?? Skin tightening or skin resurfacing??? This is most imperative to decide first rather than the other way around. That is my recommendation.

01.26 | Unregistered Commenterpmdoc

Returned the Lumenis Aluma unit back to the sales rep yesterday. My test session with 3 patients' upper eyelid showed disappointing results. I will not be addint this equipment to my office anytime soon.

01.30 | Unregistered CommenterKenneth

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