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The Medical Spa MD Physician Report
Medical Spa MD Physician Report


The FREE monthly Medical Spa MD Physician Report gives you specific answers from leading physicians and cosmetic practices.

The Medspa MD Physician Report researches and tracks all aspects of what's working in cosmetic medicine (and what does not).

So, we're not an agency, consultancy or other vendor seeking your business. All of our research is published for the entire Medical Spa MD community to benefit from. Our goal - to give physicians and clinicians the information, stats, and inspiration to improve their medical (and business) results.

Do you want to know how other clinics are choosing technology, attracting new patients, or compensating their staff? Would you like to discover what's the most effective settings for your new fractional laser, and how to avoid problems and complications? Could you use more info about how successful clinics are growing their business, negotiating with vendors, or saving money?

Answer yes to any of the above you'll love this free monthly report.

Each month, a new report contains answers about what other laser centers, skin clinics and medspas are doing to manage their business, save money, and increase profitability, from opinions on IPLs and software, to marketing, staff compensation, and specific treatment modalities. It's the inside scoop on what other physicians and medical spas are doing, and what they think.

Medical Spa MD researches what works in cosmetic practices through exclusive case studies, surveys, interviews and data analysis. Then we publish and distribute the report monthly to more than 5,000 Medical Spa MD Member Physicians as well as online and mainstream media. You can join Medspa MD to receive the report here.

Read the FAQ below or become a Contributing Member.


Become a Contributing Member

Complete this form to contribute to the report.

If you're a licensed clinician and would like to be included as a Contributing Member, please fill out this form. You will then be added to our Contributing Members and receive a monthly questionnaire. (Submitting this form does NOT mean that you're a Medical Spa MD Member. You'll need to join Medspa MD to receive the report.)

After completing the application form you will be contacted by our team.



Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How Do I get The Report?

Medical Spa MD Physician ReportJust join Medical Spa MD. It's free, which is a terrific price. (Members are able to download archived reports from the Members Only Area.)

What's in the Report?

Specific answers from other physicians and clinics. Each month, we email specific questions to physicians practicing cosmetic medicine and compile their answers into an easy-to-read Report that's then distributed to our Members. It's easy to read and provides information about what physicians practicing cosmetic medicine are thinking and doing to manage, control and grow their business.

Can I contribute?

Yes. If you're a physician practicing cosmetic medicine, you can become one of our Contributing Members by submitting the form above.

Are Contributing Members Personally Identified?

No. Contributors are not individually identified inside the report. While clinicians can choose to identify themselves as a contributor on their own website by adding one of our badges, our process ensures that individuals are not associated with any specific response so that they can be absolutely candid in their responses.

Who are Contributing Physicians & Clincs?

Contributors are the clinicians that are in the trenches. They're the physicians and clinicians who own and run skin clinics, laser clinics, medical spas, plastic surgery centers, and cosmetic dermatology practices. Many of our contributors are Medspa MD Members.


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