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Medspa Legal & Legislation > Florida Student purchased a Med-Spa

I am currently a student at a school for electrolysis and laser as well as eshetician, recently i was approched by the owner of the school about purchasing her spa buisness located in the school which offers laser hair removal ,co2 ,tattoo removal and facials. My husband and i purchased the buisness from her and now things are not exacly the way we thought it would be. I think we kind of was targeted in a way and need help with figuring out what are rights and responibilities are. Are we legally obligated to honor packages that were paid in full to previous owner? We purchased her 5000 client's as part of the buisness and they are coming in wanting services for packages already paid to old owner. My contract with her states that the buisness has no debts and we are not responsible for any debts that the buisness has aquired. treating clients with services still needing to be rendered seems like debt to me. Legally are we responsible to treat the clients? And as a student can i stll perform services on new clients for a profit? Also we have no signed agreement with a doctor or medical director previous owner said that because we are inside school and school has a medical director we are under there protection. Is that true or should I sign with a MD before we conduct buisness? I need help

Dear Very Concerned: You are right. You need help big time-- and soon. If you provide an e-mail I can give you some coaching as I am an attorney AND I "sold" my med spa some time ago so I understand the nuances (such as the prepaid "packages" which can be a nightmare).

Dear Very Concerned: You are right. You need help big time-- and soon. If you provide an e-mail I can give you some coaching as I am an attorney AND I "sold" my med spa some time ago so I understand the nuances (such as the prepaid "packages" which can be a nightmare).

This post is for med spa guy. Please contact me at I am a newcomer and need advice.


12.4 | Unregistered Commenternewcomer

What school is this? 1)You cannot do tattoo removal in the state of FL. only a Dr. can. 2)You need a medical director, but because it's a school, they don't have to be on site. Just close by. So you are protected by the school, but you need to find the contract with the MD to see if he is still part of the deal. I would make sure I had my own contract. The MD still has to agree to cover you, and you still have to pay him a monthly fee plus liability. 3)They are obligated to finish out any packages with existing clients, or pay you to do it, however, a client base of 5,000 is good, so you wouldn't want to make them angry. If they won't pay you to finish them off, I would just do it and push for as many upsells on them as you can, OR, let the students perform the treatments on them. You don't pay students who are performing treatments. Just have the clients sign a waiver saying they agree to letting a student work on them. I don't think you are legally bound to finish out packages though. 4)If you are still a student, you can't perform treatments on a client for a profit. Talk to a lawyer about setting up your husband as his own entity and pay him the profits.

01.10 | Unregistered Commentersc

Very concerned, are you in Tampa? If so, we probably have some legal issues in common. I have done extensive research and worked with my attorney on this and may be able to help. Please email me.

I find it astonishing that someone would purchase a medical practice without any formal medical education. That must be some intelligent doctor to sign on the line their reputation and license for s "student" to frolic with peoples lives, wellness and safety

10.21 | Unregistered Commentergm

Also yes when someone purchases a business they take on all outstanding debts and credits.

10.21 | Unregistered Commentergm

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