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Medical Spa MD {7} Part 1 - Jessica Wadley - former COO of Spa MD

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This episode of the Medical Spa MD Podcast introduces us to Jessica Wadley, who brings years of Medical Spa business experience to share with our members.

For over 12 years, Jessica Wadley has been coaching, speaking to, or helping salon/spa and medical professionals build their businesses and advance their careers. Her unique ability is “to lead and energize people by using quick, intuitive alternatives to build action plans and outline career paths that reverse engineer their dreams.”

Jessica is one of the country's most innovative spa and salon industry leaders. She was a leading force behind one of the most successful medical spas, La Jolla Spa MD, where she was Chief Operating Officer for just under five years. Her innovative business leadership enabled La Jolla Spa MD to gain international notoriety while being ranked the “Top Medical Spa in America” by American Spa Magazine and nominated as one of the “Best places to work” by the San Diego Business Journal. During her tenure, the company served as a training facility for top dermatologic companies such as Allergan, Lumenis, Medicis, and Cynosure. Jessica helped this leading edge company grow from $2 Million to $11 Million in revenue in 4 years.

In part 1 of this episode we discuss a host of issues around medical spa operations and staffing. We've got some agreement and you'll want to listen to how our thoughts (and strategies) differ around commission structures for staff and internal operations and training. 

Some of what we talked about in this episode.

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Medical Spa MD {1} Gregory Bledsoe MD & The Medical Fusion Conference

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In this first episode of the Medical Spa MD Podcast we showcase an interview with Greg Bledsoe, MD MPH, founder of the Medical Fusion Conference.

In this episode, we kick the first podcast off with a general discussion of how Medical Spa MD functions as a hub for physicians who are looking to gain greater control of their medical practice, business, and lifestyle. 

We move on into some discussion about creating some forums exclusively for physicians and discuss the pros and cons of having protected content.

Next up is our interview with Dr. Greg Bledsoe, founder of the Medical Fusion Conference. Greg discusses where the Medical Fusion Conference started and talks candidly about his desire to provide physicians with the very best information and resources for adding additional career opportunities to their existing practice.

This interview was pretty long so we only included the first part that deals with the Medical Fusion Conference. We'll look to add the rest of the interview where Greg's discussing more of his expedition medicine adventures to another show.

Some of what we talked about in this episode.

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