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Sciton: Joule & BBL > Help me understand the dual flashlamp

Hi. I'm in the market to update IPL technology and seriously considering the sciton joule. I was told that one of the primary benefits of the joule is the dual flashlamp feature, which allows for a more even energy level over the treatment area. How is interference prevented? Obviously, the light is incoherent, but monochromatic incoherent light can still result in incoherence. I'm worried that treatments from such a system would actually be LESS even than treatments with one flashlamp.

Can someone explain how this works and how the two lamps interact?

Marketing hype.
Coke bottle with opening from both end.
A pen that you can write on both sides.

Understanging the laser physics is essential.
Also when time comes for service and flashlamps replacement, you will need to pay twice the amount because you need to change both lamps instead just one.Even though, the left shoe is perfectly fine, but your right shoe has a hole, you still need buy a new pair.

Welcome to suckers corner.

10.27 | Unregistered CommenterDr.G


Perhaps it was not clear from the initial post, but I have not purchased anything yet.

My question was: Does having two flashlamps CREATE unique problems? Specifically, does it result in a striated pattern of hot and cold due to interference?

Was there something specific in my original post that made you think I don't know much about laser physics/photonics?

The main benefit of 2 lamps in the hand piece is it increases the life of the HP over 300x which reduces your cost over time. Imagine touching a lit 100 watt's very hot and you'd probably have to lick your fingers to unscrew it. Compare that to 2-50 watt bulbs. They run very cool which increases the life significantly.

Regarding the hot or cold striated pattern the simple answer is no, it doesn't. Two Incoherent flash lamps with mirrors surrounding it will actually be more even. A simple way to look at it is of you are sitting in front of a mirror with 1 lamp from the will get shadows. Sitting in front of the same mirror with lamps illuminated from each side eliminate the shadows. This is why in all Hollywood studios, the lamps are all around the mirror

10.30 | Unregistered CommenterKyleW

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