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Sciton: Joule & BBL > Sciton Micro Laser Peel Parameters

My protocol for Sciton's 2940 Micro Laser Peel.
1st treatment at 4 - 8 micron with 30% overlap
2nd treatment at 10 micron with 20% overlap
3rd treatment at 10 micron with 30% overlap

I may use the resurfacing mode if I need to get deeper.

The treatment sessions are spaced 1 month apart. I encourage patients to use vaseline on the skin surface after MLP procedures.

I am hesitant to go deeper than 15 micron on these MLP procedues for my skin type 4 patients. The down time typically last 4-5 days on my treatments.

What are your thoughts and your personal parameters for the sciton microlaser peel

What skin type is your typical patient? Asian? On darker skin types are you using a hydroquinone or hydroquinone like product?

Why the change in overlap?

We commonly go deeper than this, but we have moved quite a bit of mlp's to profractional. Do you have the profractional?

02.20 | Unregistered Commenterdexter


I am considering the profractional for now.
The majority of patients I see are type II-IV skin. Most of my patients are on Hydroquinone 4% 1 week prior to MLP and continuing for 2 additional months after MLP.

I can feel the difference between 20% and 30% overlap on the MLP treatments. Patients with 30% overlap need an additional day or two to recover from the redness. I haven't seen any PIH from these treatments yet. But I am affraid to go deeper than 15 micron for MLP.

What are your parameters for Sciton MLP procedures?


The best results we see are doing a MicroLaser Peel and ProFractional together. With a zimmer chiller and proper use of a topical AFTER a light ablation, we do these txs pain free. We choose the depth based on downtime. This combo tx has a very high patient satisfaction.

I typically do a tx of MLP at 20-30 microns with 30% overlap followed by Profractional with 200micons and about 10% area coverage. pt's tend to be very pleased and have nice results with this combo

I have never tried a 4 micron MLP before so last night I thought I would try one on my wife and see what the results would be like. I usually do 10 or 20 micron peels. When I tried doing the 4 micron peel it would stop after a second and give me a warning of low energy or low intensity pulse. I would clear the screen and tried to continue and it kept warning me. Has anyone else had this problem. My joule seems to be working well with level 1, 2 or 3 peels.

02.11 | Unregistered Commentertorresmd

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