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Skin Type: Pigment & Complexion > Jessner"s vs Modified Jessner's Peels (New Combo)

We ordered 2 chemical peels from Henry Schein:

Jessner Peel: Lactic 14%, Salicylic 14% and Resourcinol 14%
Modified Jessner Peel: Lactic 17%, Salicylic 17% and Citric Acid 8%

Has anyone every heard of this "modified Jessner"? They have replaced the resourcinol with Citric Acid, my question is would you neutralize this peel? For a Jessner you would not, it is self-neutralizing, but if you would do a "fruit acid" or AHA peel (which the Citric would be), that would be neutralized, so when they are mixed together, I'm not sure what to do?
These peels come from the pharmacy and do not come with instructions, just wondering if anyone knows if this peel would still be self-neutralizing with the Citric Acid??

Any help would be welcome, thanks!

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