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Skin Type: Pigment & Complexion > Annoying brown spots

Anything new for brown spots on dorsal hands and face?

01.7 | Unregistered CommenterElla

IPL. They turn black and fall off. Works great. (Intense Pulsed Light)

01.9 | Unregistered Commenterlcd

Acanthosis nigricans. Supposed to be due to hyperinsulinemia - which is due to insulin resistance. I have seen very few patients get rid of them by improving their insulin sensitivity

01.18 | Unregistered CommenterLando

Brown spots do not have the same etiology or histology. Sometimes IPL, laser (Q-switched 532nm, 694 nm), fractionated resurfacing, hydroquinones, sometimes a mix, sometimes nothing works. Avoiding further sun exposure is pretty much (almost always) an element in the reduction and elimination of brown spots.

01.24 | Unregistered CommenterCrutche

I have a question. I recently noticed some kind of a mole under my tongue. Should anything be done about it? It's approximately 3mm.

02.1 | Unregistered Commentercber

I've heard some doctors use liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill brown spots. Maybe that can help Ella? What is the name of that procedure?

02.21 | Unregistered CommenterJana

Acanthosis Nigricans is a totally different thing and has nothing to do with the lentigenes on the dorsum of hands.

02.26 | Unregistered CommenterMDMETA

Have you noticed skin changes (color, size, shape)? Yes? Biopsy first. Melanoma is sneaky.

06.7 | Unregistered CommenterSharina

Candela eMatrix and Gentle Max Laser both work great for removingthe age/brown spots on hands and chest.

08.7 | Unregistered CommenterErin

Photofacial remedies, skin treatment, also referred to as IPL, Extreme Pulsed Gentle Abbreviation, work well, no down time, safe means of removing pigment, or dark brown spots as well as broken arteries or pores and skin excess face.

08.8 | Unregistered Commenteradi

We are currently using Laser360. It s a resurfacing and rejuvenating treatment. It is recommended for discolorations, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. The only downside is that you will experience reddish skin, flaking and itching within 48 hours post treatment. Full recovery is expected in 5-7 days.

I recommend using a facial cream that contains hydroquinone. This has skin lightening properties that will help get rid of brown spots on your face. In extreme cases, I recommend a cream with add'l ingredients such as cortisone and tretinoine. If none of these helps, you should resort to chemical peels/ laser. Consult your derm.

01.21 | Unregistered Commenter117tammy

As a certified herbalist and nutritionist, I've used herbs, essential oils and nutritional supplements to help my clients with many skin issues. The herbalists in Chinese medicine have used nerium oleander for thousands of years to treat different problems, such as wrinkles, acne, eczema, psoriasis and brown spots...NeriumAD cream is so far the best natural anti-aging product I've ever seen with an average 30% improvement in just 30 days! Watch this short video: What Do Skincare Professionals Think about NeriumAD

05.8 | Registered CommenterHelen Fu

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