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Skin Type: Pigment & Complexion > post hyperpigmentation

Hi there, I am not a physician but I registered here because I really need to get help from the experts. So here is the story. I am 25 and I am asian and my problem is that I am dying to have a clear skin. I had a clear skin when i was young then when I finished college I had breakouts, pimples, acne and they left a mark on my face( they are red in color by the way) which is really embarrassing and people were saying what happened to my face coz i used to have a clear skin. ive gone to many treatments, chemical peels, IPL, microdermabrasion, laser genesis..ive used obagi but nothing happened! I am so desperate on having a clear and beautiful skin but I do not know how to achieve it. And by the way I am most likely impatient when it comes to products and procedure. Now I am back on doing microdermabrasion and I will probably finish 10 sessions. But anyhow do you have any suggestions on how I can have a clear skin? Thanks in advance!

I am wondering if nobody answered your question because you do not say what skin type you are. Asian is pretty broad.
Are you pale, olive, tan? You may have to go deeper than IPL or peel (I don't also know how deep your peel was). Is your acne still active? Your best bet may be to go with a melanage peel or fractionated Pearl laser treatment. You should probably stay away from CO2 if you are darker. Hope this helps.

07.13 | Unregistered Commenterspamd

What IPL machine brand is good for Asian and tan?

08.13 | Unregistered Commenteranna

Look up Fitzpatrick skin typing. See where you fall as far as skin type. Also, tan skin if you mean tanned from the sun or tanning beds or self tanner should almost never be treated with an IPL because the melanin that is now sitting in the upper epidermis will just create a high risk for a burn and further hyperpigmentation in the long run. If you mean a darker skin, again your skin type needs to be identified and then a qualified clinician can help you. There are some IPL and lasers like fractional lasers that can be safely used on skin types I - IV. BEST advice seek out a Medical Spa or Plastic Surgery Office with licensed and trained clinicians in Laser treatments.

Should I stick with home made peels for hyperpigmentation?

01.25 | Unregistered CommenterPatty

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