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Liposolve Mesotherapy

Sculpt your body with the newest medical technology to permanently remove unsightly or unwanted fat - without surgery.

Liposolve micro-injections are a physician-administered treatment that uses an organic human compound to gently dissolve fat cells anywhere in the body without the surgical trauma of liposuction surgery. Common treatment areas include under the eyes, abdomen, thighs, necks, jowls, and- of course- those ever-pesky love handles. Best of all, there’s no recovery time and the fat cells are gone forever. Three to four treatments are usually scheduled at intervals. This “time lapse” method provides many advantages during the course of treatment to achieve optimal results.

Liposolve micro-injections are a form of mesotherapy designed for body sculpting. Mesotherapy was originally developed in France in the 50’s with the objective of delivering medicines directly to the treatment area. There are currently more than 15,000 European and South American physicians practicing mesotherapy for a variety of conditions.

Liposolve got its start from an unusual direction for cosmetic treatment. A life-saving treatment designed to dissolve fat that had been released into the bloodstream and caused a blockage of the arteries in the lungs and brain. The forerunner to Liposolve was injected directly into the blood stream to dissolve these fat emboli. Surface adapted and refined this treatment to dissolve fat cells anywhere in the body.

Liposolve works by disrupting the cell wall of Lipocytes (fat cells) at the injection site. Disrupting the cell wall kills the cell and releases the cells contents into the bloodstream where it is excreted harmlessly in the urine. (To prevent the body from reabsorbing the fat, patients are instructed to reduce their caloric intake by around 500 calories a day.) The destroyed fat cells are gone forever. The patient experiences some tenderness and swelling that disappears after a few days.

Liposolve: Key Points
• Liposolve can be used anywhere in the body.
• Liposolve eliminates liposuctions surgical trauma, scarring and uneven results.
• Liposolve is an organic physical treatment, not a surgical one.
• Liposolve is a “gentle” treatment in comparison to liposuction. (Liposuction is more like a chainsaw, Liposolve is more like whittling.)
• Liposolve can be combined with other treatments like Surface Pointé Lifts for even more dramatic results.
Liposolve: Key Benefits Compared To Liposuction
• No surgery. Liposolve is an injection therapy, eliminating surgical trauma, scarring, recovery time and complications.
• Preformed without incisions or general anesthetic.
• No physical recovery time. Liposolve patients can resume their daily activities immediately.
• Cost less than traditional, surgical liposuction.
• The results are permanent.
• Liposolve injections leave no visible scars.
• The chance of complications or infection is greatly reduced.
Possible Complications with Liposolve Treatments:
• Liposolve complications are rare. However, as with any medical treatment in which the skin is broken there is the risk of infection. The risk of infection from Liposolve is much less than surgical techniques.
• There is some tenderness and swelling that disappears after a few days.

More information and before and after pictures are available online at

Reader Comments (5)

I recently had liposolve on my stomach and love handles and experienced quite a bit of swelling. I am not able to fit into any of my clothes. I am 5'8" and weigh 117. I don't know how long the swelling will last! Please tell me it goes away!:)
08.24 | Unregistered Commenterjenny j
You should really go back to the doctor's office where it was done and express your concerns to them for the best answer. I have seen swelling last up to a month in some patients. Wearing a tight girdle helps.In my experience the people who tend to get lots of swelling also tend to get the best results. Hang in there!
hey there!! I was wondering if there is just one type of lipsolve or if there is a special kind for liposuctions and another one for mesotherapy. I'm asking that because I have price problem with the injection. and how much it will be the box of five in Dollars.
Thank you
01.12 | Unregistered CommenterVanne
I would like to know the side effects of using Liposolve Mesotherapy? I weight 90kg & how much Liposolve Mesotherapy will i need & how mush does it cost per treatment & is it available in South Africa?
05.15 | Unregistered CommenterFAZ

How is the compound of liposdisolve different from the meso compound. I have seen far worse side effects than benefits in the medical spa I work in.

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