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Pointé Lift

The alternative to plastic surgery.

Pointé Lifts were developed to provide an alternative to traditional surgical lifts (face, brow, neck, thigh, breast and even the derriere) without cutting, stretching, stitches or recovery time.

This new technique involves placing a small, special suture under the skin through a tiny needle hole. These sutures hold the skin in the desired location in much the same way as surgical techniques. After the procedure the skin quickly flattens out with its own natural tension. Local anesthetic is all that is required for the procedure allowing the patient to resume normal activities immediately.  

The result is a completely natural-looking lift without cutting, scars, recovery time or the “stretched look of traditional surgical lifts.

Combining Pointé Lifts with other treatments like Thermage skin tightening can produce even more dramatic results. And unlike surgical lifts, Pointé Lifts are completely reversible.

Pointé Lift: Key Points

• Surface Pointé Lifts provide an alternative to traditional surgical lifts without cutting, stretching, stitches or recovery time.
• Pointé Lifts can be used in for brows, necks, lower face, thighs, breasts and other areas.
• Pointé Lifts give a completely natural look.
• Pointé Lifts can be combined with other treatments like Botox, Cooltouch, Fotofacials and Surface Pointé Lifts™ for more dramatic effects.
• Pointé Lifts are completely reversible.
Pointé Lift: Key Benefits Compared To Surgical Lifts
• Provide “lifts” very similar to surgical techniques.
• Pointé Lifts are performed without cutting, stretching, or stitches.
• Preformed without incisions, general anesthetic.
• No physical recovery time.
• Looks completely natural.
• Cost less than traditional, surgical facelifts.
• The results are very long lasting or permanent.
• Pointé Lifts leave no visible scars.
• Pointé Lifts can be removed and replaced.
• The chance of complications or infection is greatly reduced.
• Pointé Lifts are completely reversible.
Possible Complications with Pointé Lift Treatments:
• Pointé Lifts complications are very rare. However, as with any medical treatment in which the skin is broken there is the risk of infection. The risks of infection from Pointé Lifts are much less than surgical techniques.

Reader Comments (9)

How do we learn more about performing the pointe lift?
03.25 | Unregistered CommenterLH
The short answer is... you can't.

There are certainly a number of other lifts that you can get training in but we only train physicians who are directly affiliated with Surface in the Point Lift. (Our clinics in the SE, headquartered in Nashville, is calling it the 'Surface Natural Lift' but it's the same thing.

MedicalspaMD is suppose to be an open unbiased forum for all healthcare providers involved in aesthetic medicine. It was started by a "Surface" physician. I call into question the motivation and rational behind this website if you are not willing to share what appears to be a fantastic procedure. It makes me question the validity and credibility of medicalspaMD.
By the way, if this Pointe lift is as good as it appears, the more physicians who do it, the more publicity you will generate and the more clients you will have.
This is not about competition. Our patient base is virtually unlimited. Less than 3% of the eligible population has gotten botox for example. That means that of the 5 million or so people who have received botox injections, 150 million haven't. Thats an aweful large population pool to draw from. And for most of these medspas all it takes is 1000 patients to make a nice living.
I could understand your hesitancy to share information if you were selling some copywrited technology over the internet or on TV, but, you're not. A patient must come into the office to receive treatment. That in and of itself will limit the number of patient's. Unless of course this website is all about selling Surface franchises under the guise of being an unbiased forum. If that is the case, then shame on you. Lets keep this professional, non-competative, and unbiased, otherwise you will undermine the credibility of this web-site and our profession.
03.27 | Unregistered Commenterbotoxdoc

First: Medical Spa MD is my site alone. I started it. I run it. I pay for it... I also started Surface. You'll notice that this site is an 'open resource', not that I don't have an opinion or am unbiased.

Second: I'm not a doc.

Third: Surface does not sell franchises. All Surface clinics are company owned.

Moreover: This does have something to do with competition. Surface now has 6 clinics in three states and will be opening up another 12-16 or so in the next two years. (At least that's the plan.) We don't teach Point Lift because it is a trade secret and a competitive advantage. Certainly our physicians understand why we don't give away this type of information since they benefit directly from it.

Where an individual physician who develops something is forced to give away that information (You're right, one clinic can not treat everyone.) usually in the form of paid training, real businesses don't do that. Since all the physician who know how to perform Point Lift are bound (rather harshly) from disclosing it, they can't. When I do train physicians (and I do) Point Lift is not among the procedures we teach. So... you can't get trained in it. It's not a big conspiracy.

So, I'm sorry. If you think that because I won't teach you how to perform a treatment that took us years to develop undermines my credibility, I'll accept the shame. Certainly we could make another million or so a year by training docs. But that's just not good business sense. (You'll also notice that I took the time to answer your inquiry. Where I grew up it's not nice to walk into someones home and piss on the rug.)

If you'd really like to learn Point Lift, just click that green button along the left and send me your CV. We are looking for docs in the SE. If you're hired, you'd learn it... But you wouldn't be able to teach it to anyone else or practice it on your own. That's the deal going in.

Certainly from your past comments you add to the site and are welcome. Happy to have you stay or go as you see fit.

I am a little dissapointed to hear that. I appreciate your running this site and our ability to talk about the posted issues. I will just wait. I promise you that you will not be able to keep it a secret if it truely works.

I was just looking for some alternatives to the contour threads and the feather lift. They are not that great and they do not last long enough.
03.27 | Unregistered CommenterLH
Certainly I'm aware that Point Lifts will be 'reverse engineered' at some point, but it won't be easy since they're not a point and shoot procedure. And my comment above might have been a bit too blunt since botoxdoc questioned my ethics. You are right about thread lifts and the like. It was just that realization that encouraged the development of Point Lift. But as I said above, we can't train other docs. Not being petulant, just practical.

Glad to have open conversations.

If you change your mind let us know. I just want to say that I am concerned about the business verses medicine in the cosmetic side of things.

I went to a conference last night and talked to a derm and he would not train anyone except another derm. I then talked to 2 FP physicians doing a lot of cosmetic surgery and some that I want to learn. They basically said come on down and we will teach you. No questions asked no payment just education.

That is the way it should be.
03.29 | Unregistered CommenterLH
I'd agree if we were talking about non-elective, non-cosmetic medicine. Certainly if you were to develop a life saving treatment and then protect or gouge for it that would be unethical and reprehensible. (sounds like the drug makers) But that's not what we're talking about. The reason you or any other physician would want to learn Point Lift is to make money, not save lives. This is capitalism.. which has been good to docs.

I'm not trying to be a hard ass or anything. It's just that everyone is legally bound.

If Point Lift training is ever offered, you'll be the first to know.

My comments were not directed at you. I was just discussing the difference I have seen within the cosmetic world. I am amazed at some of these "cosmetic surgeons" that are always at the different conferences teaching. I am not sure that they even practice.

I am also amazed at the cost. I can go to the AAFP conference for about $700 and get up to 50hrs CME as well as be trained in many procedures including some of the aesthetic procedures.

I was invited to a thermage breast lift conference and it was $3000 just to attend and it is not even proven.

03.30 | Unregistered CommenterLH

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