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Does Thermage work? Let's take a poll.

Termage is making strides in improving their Thermacool TC treatment.

  • Thermage treatments offer skin tightening with non-invasive radiofrequency energy
  • Thermage claims to tone and tighten sagging facial and neck skin
  • There is no downtime after Thermage, but maintenance treatments may be necessary

As a medical treatment, do you think Thermage works?

Reader Comments (73)

I'm suprised to see that the split seems oddly even. I thought that Thermage had a much better reputation than would be indicated by this result.
11.3 | Unregistered CommenterMDLurker
Six months post treatment, I can honestly say that NO, thermage does not work. There has been no change whatsoever. My surgeon is extremely frustrated as none of her carefully chosen patients achieved results. I could have had some serious work done for the money that this cost me...I'm disgusted.
02.28 | Unregistered CommenterDonna
I had exactly the opposite experience Donna. I saw a little difference immediatly. I was a little worried after two to three months because of little change. At four months I went in and had post pictures taken. The difference was amazing! Did you have pictures taken before and after?
03.7 | Unregistered CommenterLisaNE
My experience was similar to LisaNE. I didn't see much difference right away, but when I looked at my "before" photos a few months later, I could really see improvement!
Because the changes were gradual and very natural, I sort of forgot what I used to look like.
03.7 | Unregistered CommenterLooker
I have had this done twice and have seen great results! My face looks thinner and more shapped because my jawline has been redefined. It did take 6 months to see the best result.
03.7 | Unregistered CommenterJoan

Before my current position, I used to work under a female PA and male derm who ran a literal Thermage factory! lol... My boss was a strikingly beautiful woman who mesmerized patients into buying packages of services way beyond what they needed, in my opinion. (the morals and ethics of this situation proved too trying for me and I ended up leaving in the end...)

Regardless, this gave me a great opportunity to see the outcomes of around 300 patients. Some of these being woman who opted for a treatment #2 and #3 at 3months/4months/6months. My responsibility was pre care (application of grid etc), notating the energy used for each area of the face during treatment, and post care.

Here's my humble opinion:

1. Everyone looks better immediately post. This is not the work of Thermage...this is your body defending itself from an intruding stimulus. Slight edema in the cheeks can 'tent up' the rest of the skin pulling the extra surface area it needs to expand from the trouble spot we're targeting...therefore making you believe you've had instant results. Think of the last time you were sunburn/windburn...that slight swelling of the skin that actually looks kinda nice?

2. Number one makes sense if we think about what elements of our skin its technology is attempting to target. If we're prompting a change in collegan and elastin fibers, hold your horses!...that is an extended and rather amazing process. Hence, yes! it's frustrating because you need to wait patiently for optimal resutls. Think of how long it takes a simple cut on our elbows to heal, with a technology like Thermage, we're riding on the same premesis...wounding to heal. Although, we're looking to maintain all the 'good stuff' that is prompted by the healing process in our skin.

3. I am a believer that there is a 'SPECIFIC' patient who is suited for Thermage. Unfortunately, I dont' believe she is who the company markets to. The loss of elasticity and the 'turkey gobbler' effect under the chin is so discouraging for women. Oftentimes it's genetic and we know we're doomed from the I observed a certain type of skin getting great results from Thermage. A) She was between the ages of 35 and 55 years old. B)...this is hard to articulate, but she has beautiful volume in her face already, it's just that through aging and time, the weight of that volume has pulled that panel of the face south. C)She is NOT the soft/thin/crepey/loose rubber band type skin where when you give it a pull, it literally stays where you pull it.
Does this makes sense and has anyone else noticed this? Now..YES I have seen some tiny little thin women with the crepey loose skin get results they were happy with. It's just that I SAW the most amazing results with women who had some volume and robustness to their skin to begin with.

4. You are at the whim of the skill of your provider. I am convinced that over half of your outcome with Thermage is due to the skill of your provider, their technique of heating the skin on the pattern of the grid, and pulse count. I think some MD/DO and nurses just have an eye and skilled hand at this technology.

5. In conclusion, I believe that for the price (unless you have a lot of pesos to play around with) Thermage has to high of a maragin of error. The risks:

A) You are not the right patient for Thermage, but it's retail medicine and you better bet your purse that someone out there will tell you that you are and sell you on it anyways.

B) Regardless if you're indicated for Thermage you may end up with a provider who just doesn't have the skill set.

C) Even if you do find a skilled provider 'technique wise' they still might want to economize and not open up another box of tips to give you the number of pulses you need. These tips are extremely expensive.

What kills me reflects on the experiences of Donna from above. If this procedure ends up doing nothing for you..well...that's about $3,000+ that could have been put to a more surgical approach that the patient may have been more indicated for in the first place.

Again, this is all my opinion based on observation. There are plenty of patients out there who are ecstatic with their results and it's the perfect non-surgical approach for them. But, there are also a lot of patients out there whose hard earned dollar went right into the garbage with the Thermage grid.

Take it or leave it... I've opted not to introduce Thermage into our clinic. I really care about these women and would rather provide services that I trust will give EVERYONE a result they can be happy with.
03.7 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
I think "Midwest" made some valid points about the variability of Thermage results. It really depends on the individual and the skill of the doctor or nurse doing the treatment.

However, isn't this true of just about all of the non-surgical options? If you want something closer to a guaranteed result, you have to have actual surgery with the pain, risks,higher cost and recovery time that comes with it. I've talked to lots of doctors about this. They say that Thermage has the best track record and their new treatment methods are more likely to produce results. I don't think any of the other non-surgical approaches have proven themselves any better (despite some pretty amazing claims by less scrupulous providers). The key is finding a reputable, experienced doctor who will be honest with you about your chances for a good result, and who is up to speed on the latest treatment methods.
03.7 | Unregistered CommenterJoanie
I have had Thermage done two times. I am very pleased with my outcome. The results are slight at the beginning but get better with time. For me a true indication was when I went to get my drivers license renewed I saw a huge difference between 4 years a go a now. It was worth my money because I am not willing to go underneath the knife and be worried that I will be to tight from surgery and not look natural.
04.24 | Unregistered CommenterCindy
Not a specific comment about Thermage, but about many of these procedures in general - for what we are paying for these machines and what the patients are paying for the procedures, it would be nice to have had the laser/technology company actually do the legwork for us and show us the proper patient selection, treatment parameters, etc rather than go thru a year of trial and error because the guidelines we are using are the first thing the company came up with so they could print up their PR piece.
Frustrating, sorry to vent.
04.25 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc
After using Thermage for more than two years, we've decided that it's just not worth the hassle. Our patients are seeing little result and out physicians have stopped believing in the treatment since they really only see the patients who are unhappy. It's really been an uphill struggle and Thermage as a company isn't really helping much.

I'd like to stick with it but I'm not the one paying the bills.
04.25 | Unregistered CommenterDermPA

I have seen the results with a friend of mine and she looks amazing, Thermage is wonderful....but make sure that the MD doing it knows what he/she is doing. I think the provider makes all the difference. I had it done last Friday and I will let you know what I think in a couple of months. Right now I am still swollen.

10.8 | Unregistered Commenterosans

I am quite upset with my derm, because he talked me into having thermage on my cheek so that i would lose my under eyebags. my under eye bags were the things that were bothering me, but now that i got thermage (3 months ago), the under eye bag didn't go away and my face is just bloated and puffy. everyone who's looked at me told me that my cheeks look very bloated. I don't know what to do now, because I read so many things about thermage thinning the face, but it's just doing the opposite. I don't know if it's because of edema, but it has been 3 months already! I regret getting thermage and I'm only 24 years old.

04.8 | Unregistered CommenterWeiya

I am rather sure we came to the wrong Thermage lizensed doc in Germany (dec 06) and we both were damaged. The report of Midwest explains clear a lot - much better than the abstracts of the payed studies I read > Pubmed.
We (over 60) both slim and healthy before the treatment. My wife has a very small face. I have a full face and my skin were too thin. My wife had immediate fat loss (we can see this on the photos we only got with help from a attorney in 2008. Later on fat loss became stronger and a lot of deep wrinkles - forehead and cheeks - occured. Dents in the temples. Problems with the teeth (both!), flashes in one eye of my wife. In march the FDA published the detailed report. My face resistet severel month. Since sept 07 the structure of my cheeks became grotesk. It's hard to shave in such a mud. My eyelids (both!) came down so I my face printout changed into negative. The rf caused also a lot of inner problems like high blood pressure, tireness, unrest. The settings (each 400/3cm2) for my wife were modest if we can trust a multi lying doc. I found 7 on my damaged cheeks. We both feeled a lot of (too much?) pain but we thougt otherwise we had no chance of improvement. Later one we heard from the top (?) beauty clinic in Germany that they a) do not treat people over 50 and b) never treat peeple with small face.
Thanks the homepage of Thermage Inc I found a lot. Like: "Bony prominences create an insulator and can amplify heat". In my opinion this means that the BONE DENSITY is also very IMPORTANT. So young peeple have a high density... In our case we also have this because we use since several years a pulsed magnetic therapy (under the mattress - we use this about 10 mins in the morning). We informed the doc. He has also this device but it doesnt work on him. This device works at about 67% of the people. I know a lot of doc's will only smile. We have heard from a pc that fat can a little bit renew starting a year after a heat damaging. We were also frustrated that nobody can help when this happens. So we can only hope our magnetic therapy can help us to renew slowly the lot of broken cells outside and inside our bodies. But our good condition before this unnecessary desaster we will never reach. Still its downtime ...
Thank you for listening.

04.30 | Unregistered Commenterpuzzle

I had the procedure done just about a month ago. So far I don't see any

05.29 | Unregistered CommenterKay

I've had the thermage procedure twice. I've spent over $5,000 and the skin on my face keeps sagging. The doctor is so "surprised" that it hasn't worked for me. I'm in my early 40's and I've been asked a number of times if I'm enjoying my retirement!! Trust me, it doesn't work. Save your money.

07.14 | Unregistered CommenterMary


You can not make a blanket statement like you have. It does work but better for some than others. There are some individuals that I will not even attempt Thermage on such as smokers, patients on certain medications and patients with severe solar damage.

I have done 50 to 60 cases and have not had one where it did not work at all. Some patients have responded better than others but I always tell them the possibilities before they undergo the procedure.

I did notice that you said you are in your early 40's and your face is sagging. In your early 40's in most cases you should just be starting to show "sagging". If you have significant sagging at your age it tends to come from significant sun damage and something called solar elastosis and smoking makes this worse. It makes me think you were a poor candidate if people are confusing you for someone of retirement age. If that is your case, I would not have even attempted Thermage on you.

Also, it is important for the doctor to understand your expectations. If you are expecting the equivalent results as you would get from a facelift then you for sure will be dissappointed. But, if you are expecting some tightening and improvement in skin quality and no downtime or incisions then Thermage would be an option.

07.15 | Unregistered CommenterLH

I'm considering Thermage...or at least I was until I read Midwest. I know there are studies to determine whether Thermages helps fillers like Radiesse, Rystalane, etc. or whether Thermage breaks down the fillers, which would be a waste of money. Does anyone know the outcome of this study? Are there any professional opinions out there? Have any of you Thermaged patients who have fillers?

08.22 | Unregistered CommenterDiana

I had 1 treatment of Thermage 2 yrs ago, it was extremely painful on my neck where I had the procedure done. It was burning pain almost intolerable. The dr. said only one other person had the problem. Never new why that happened to me. I did get some help with the jowl line but never again. In a yr the tightening was gone. The other procedure was fat removed to put in my cheeks, I swelled up like a allergic reaction for 4 months..These procedures were all very painfull for me and my face looked hideous. Trying to do it natural is still something for u to check in thoroughly.

I had 1 treatment of Thermage 2 yrs ago, it was extremely painful on my neck where I had the procedure done. It was burning pain almost intolerable. The dr. said only one other person had the problem. Never new why that happened to me. I did get some help with the jowl line but never again. In a yr the tightening was gone. The other procedure was fat removed to put in my cheeks, I swelled up like a allergic reaction for 4 months..These procedures were all very painfull for me and my face looked hideous. Trying to do it natural is still something for u to check in thoroughly.

I had Thermage done 7 months ago. I see no result from the procedure. After being assured that I would experience little to no pain, I found the pain intolerable. Now, after seeing the minimal results of my before and after photos, my doctor is telling me I need to repeat the procedure a couple of more times for optimal results. I paid in excess of $3,000 for what I consider to be no noticable benefit. He thinks I have results that will become more noticeable with more procedures. I think his bank account has benefitted the most. Ladies, this is a big con game feeding off our desperation to accomodate our culture's warped expectation of beauty. I'm 53 years old, why can't I just be good with the fact that my face is sagging a little? I have wasted far too much money on this endless pursuit of my past beauty.
Women are far too concerned with their looks. If we took a tiny fraction of the time, energy, and money we lavish on our appearance and spent it on things like poverty, education and the environment, women could change the world!

01.15 | Unregistered CommenterBlondecor

I had this procedure done several years ago. There were before and after photos taken. NO results. The nurse at the facility informed me she refuses to sell this procedure anymore since she has not seen any good results. As stated previously in ones comment, first swelling which is often mistaken as an immediate result. This gives the appearance of tighter skin and less wrinkles. I would highly recommend passing on this procedure and save yourself the expense.

01.16 | Unregistered Commenterkc

I had Thermage on my eyes a year ago and was very pleased with the results. I had the eyes done again last month and also did the face. The results are noticeable but not drastic. Any future work I have done will be surgical as I think the results are better and last considerably longer. I do not think I wasted my money. Instead, as a woman of 45, I wanted to test the non-surgical options before diving in and having more invasive procedures done in my fifties. I do think the skill of the practitioner is important. My procedure was performed by a trained RN who runs her clinic out of her facial surgeon husbands medical office. She used the latest equipment by Thermage and was very careful to use the grid to cover the area completely. Still, the cost is too high for such subtle results.

01.25 | Unregistered CommenterAMG

Thermage or fractional C02, which offers superior results for skin tightening?

01.26 | Unregistered CommenterInquisitor

I am considering thermage on the back and outer area of my thighs. I am fit and do not have sagging skin, but I have a lot of dimpling cellutlite in these areas that I can't seem to improve through exercise. My muscles just bulk up and push it to the surface more. All of the posts reflect the treatment on the face and neck. Does anyone have experience with thermage elsewhere?

02.5 | Unregistered Commenterds

I had a rejuvenation "binge" between January through end of February. In combination, I did the following: A lower facelift to complement a four year old midface lift. To enhance the result of the muscle/tissue realingment of the lower FL, I had a Thermage to rejuvenate the collagen underneat my skin. For the outer layer, I had a fraxel peel and to round it all off, I had my "11" fixed with botox (which I get every 4 months on that spot) and Perlane filler for the naso labial folds. I was reminded that the Thermage's result will not be until 2-6 month after the procedure. Because of the logic behind the Thermage proceduret, I do not expect an immediate result. In any case, I have learned earlier on that any rejuvenation, even facelifts do not give you the "awesome!" results right away. Already though, I am told over and over again about how younger I look from even last year's looks. I also notice that past the swelling of the Thermage, (I did it 2/26/09) my face is starting to have sharper contours, much sharper than when I just did the lower facelift. I think when done with combination of smart procedures Thermage will give good results. I thought of these procedures, studied what one does. Thermage promises repair or generation of collagen--but if it is the muscle that is sagging below the skin, then Thermage could only produce collagen on a skin that sags along with the muscles. I so agree with Midwest' posting. Also in fairness, I am 52 years old with still very good skin volume. My procedures are not drastic make overs but maintenance through the years. I am very energetic and I have an Asian mocha color skin, I mention only because I have no issues with sun damage so what I have, I am just trying to preserve.

For dramatic results, do not ever think that a procedure can be a stand-alone procedure--try to understand the limitation of the procedure and make it last by loving it, maintaining it, and pairing it with other procedures to make the results last longer! Good luck and I will post again when I get my final results!

Becca Goodwyn in MD

i just had my 3rd child 9 months ago lost preety much all of my baby weight but i am left with sagging skin on my stomach i am considering thermage . will it work?

03.14 | Unregistered Commenterava

Will Thermage work on your tummy after third child delivery? I doubt it, seriously doubt it. I think for your money, you should ask about an honest to goodness tummy tuck. Thermage is not the answer to loose tissues and skin although I know that it is being touted for the tummy as well. I have not done a tummy tuck but a friend of mine did, they took off fats and skin off her tummy. When you have a tummy tuck or a lipo --if you do not watch your diet and exercise, the fat will grow back somewhere else. My friend said hers came back with a vengeance on her back. And she told me that her surgeon harvested some of the fat off her back and injected them on her crow's feet. She looks good. And she does not live in the USA. She is in Asia and they are constantly on the cutting edge of beauty procedures.

My doctor told me that her philosophy is this: let her zap all the fats and then I work out like a maniac. Other docs will suggest exercise first and then surgery as last resort. Well, I did that and I became a smaller version of my self--skinny with a love handle so I had a liposculpture of my upper and lower abdomen and I have great results, I went from size 8 to a 2 and that has been over 5 years ago. I have the lumps though :-( , something I am not too concerned about at my age and for the fact that I usually am dressed when I go out in public :-)

There are two things you can consider and I strongly suggest a consult with a plastic surgeon, not anyone else but a board certified plastic surgeon and ask if tummy tuck is better than lipo for your case. Lipo will suck out the fats but the tummy tuck will also take off skin along with fats. Both will give you dramatic results. Good luck!

I am 48 and work out all the time. I am not heavy, but my skin is strating to sag on my upper legs. A spa that I visited today thought that I would be a good candidate for the thermage percedure. Has anyone had the upper legs done and have had good results?

04.9 | Unregistered Commenterbab

Thermage--Most have moved on from this treatment. It does work, but the off-the-record stats among plastic surgeons is that it was touted as having a 30% improvement in those treated. What it really has been is that 30% of those treated get a result and of those 30%, there is only about a 30% improvement. Better options today for skin tightening are the Alma system or the Sciton Skintyte system. Titan also works. The Velashape/Velasmooth systems are showing good promise for cellulite and skin tightening combos, but the real excitement is in a system called Ultrashape. Very popular in Europe and getting consistent results. It is going thru FDA approval now in the US and hopefully will be out by the fall. That machine is felt to be the one that will change the shape of skin tightening and cellulite--no pun intended.
Follow me on Twitter, LMilgrimMD

Of the treatments mentioned. I think Thermage is the best. Titan stinks, I know that for a fact.

"The Velashape/Velasmooth systems are showing good promise for cellulite and skin tightening combos, but the real excitement is in a system called Ultrashape." -- not sure what UltraShape is, but Velashape and Velasmooth don't work. Not ready for prime time.

Be very careful when you are talking about skin tightening and cellulite.

@ Dr. Epstein,the post is informational, Thermage may be good in your hands and you should be applauded, but in general, it is felt there are other units, and newer ones coming down the pike. I have used all, except for Ultrashape which I sampled at a Plastic meeting in England, and truthfully, if you want to get rid of fat, then make an appointment for lipo.

Guru's do not exist in this specialty as of yet. Patients should check the training of all specialists and reasons that a particular MD's use his particular system.

Laurence Milgrim, MD

Hey Dr. Milgrim,
I agree 100%. BTW, I just started to Twitter because of you. Thanks!
Fat-lipo is best (LAL is good)
Tighten Skin-Focused Ultrasound is coming and putting the needles into the skin and using radiofrequency is coming.
Cellulite-nothing that works well at this time.
The ASLMS discussed all these current and coming technologies.
Big business for us all once we get devices that work better than the current devices.
Current devices may work, but do they work well enough to produce happy patients?

Agree, not really, look for Ultrashape, good results so far.

I had the treatment done on my entire face, including eyelids 5 months ago. One hour before the treatment, I put the anesthetic cream on, but I could still feel the pain, the pain was almost intolerable. I noticed that the doctor shot the same spot repeatedly for about 4 to 6 times until I really felt the pain, she explained that she needed to heat the tissue so as to be effective. At the end, altogether 700 pulse applied on my face (the maximum of pulses of a course of treatment, according to the doctor).

The doctor did explain that only about 20% of improvement could be expected, (if your sagging is about 2mm, only 0.4mm could be uplifted/tightened). It’s not the kind of treatment that can take away all the extra skins on your face. I’m in my mid 50s, oriental, kind of the right patient for the treatment. The most significant result is my eyelids, the skin used to sit on my eyelashes, now back to normal. The face generally tightens a bit, you still can tell that I’m in my 50s, but a good looking 50.


04.12 | Unregistered CommenterMaryAnn

I did a lot of research on thermage, though I hadnt seen this site, and thought I knew all about it. I visited a cosmetic surgeon in london and told him i wasnt interested in a surgical procedure so what non-surgical procedure could he recommend for my sagging face. I had brought along a photo taken in my thirties so he could see how my face had changed. He recommended Thermage to lift and tighten my face. I was leaning towards thermage anyway, so he just reinforced my view. I was surprised when I was told that its the nurse who would be carrying out the procedure, but on speaking with her she ssaid she has done many of these procedures. Well, no one had told me about the pain. I couldnt take it and she kept on saying that I would get better results if my pain threshold was higher. I also hadnt realised that I would have to wait at least 2 months to see any results, as everything I had read about Thermage seemed to indicate that you would see results right away. The receptionist had also told me that the nurse would do one side of my face first and show me so I could compare it to the other side of my face. This would indicate to me that there would be visible changes but the nurse didnt do that anyway. I am really disappointed with the treatment because I wanted to enjoy the summer looking better than I do now. I also didnt like the fact that the nurse gave me all these disclaimer forms to sign just before she started to work on me. I had been sitting in the waiting room for 20 minutes prior to the procedure, so why couldnt i have been given them then, so I would know what I was signing. The end result is that I've probably signed away any rights, or claims and I may have thrown three thousand pounds (yes pounds, not dollars) down the drain. If I had read the comments on this site prior to having the procedure, I probably wouldnt have opted for thermage. I am so disappointed. This is something I have been researching and considering for some two years. Anyway, whether I see results or not, I hope to write about my experience so that others can be informed. I'll keep you posted.

07.11 | Unregistered Commenterjane

I just had it done yesterday and I am already seeing improvement! No negative side effects. Wow! I am very pleased and can't wait to see what the end result will be since it is supposed to improve over the next few months. I had a very good and experienced doctor. I think that makes all the difference!

07.15 | Unregistered CommenterT

I tried Thermage a few years ago. I have a fairly high pain threshold, so that wasn't an issue. But several sessions, several thousand smackers and several months later, the results were imperceptible.

My dermatologist has an outstanding reputation and I trust her expertise. However, even dermatologists can be sold a bill of goods or, in this case, Thermage equipment. Meanwhile, I'm saving my hard earned coins for a facelift!

08.5 | Unregistered CommenterKAB

I looked 45 when I went in to have a full face thermage (just before my 56 b-day). Six months later I look 35. I had my thermage done at THE DAY SALON at the Lloyd Center in PORTLAND, OREGON. The lady who performed my procedure was great. She had it done herself and seemed to be very good at what she did. She gave me 900 "hits" it cost 1800.00. I controlled the setting depending upon how it felt.. It was uncomfortable but not intolerable. I knew when I went in that I would be a good candidate. I take care of myself and live a healthy lifestyle. I will probably have it done again in the future. I have lost about 15 pounds since my Thermage and my skin still looks great!! Yes I know that it isn't for everyone but it turned back the hand of time for me.

How desperate would somebody have to be to spend all of this money on a procedure that probably wont work and could cause fat loss?

08.7 | Unregistered CommenterNOC

OK all you who got great results - tell us who you saw!

09.8 | Unregistered Commentersmk

I had thermage done over a month ago...i just turned 32 and already had (at least in my eyes) sagging jowl lines and deep nasolabial folds that were assured to me would be gone almost instantly....well, ive seen NO FREAKING results, and im ticked......they showed me a bunch of photos of great results and even looking at it online, i felt this would be a great option......the only thing thats keeping me from getting overly angered about it, is i got it offered at a thousand dollars off to do just the lower face, but it still cost me $1,500 to do the lower face.....wished i would have just socked that away to put towards a mini-face least i know THAT will work!

10.15 | Unregistered Commentermad_dee

Thermage does not work - save your money I threw $5,000.00 out the window - go for the surgery if you want results. I did not get any results . The Dr. never took before pictures, I had to insist that she take phots after the procedure - and you could clearly see - there was no differance from photos I had of myself before thermage.

Nothing in life is a guarantee. Some of you will love the result and some will think it was a waste. But what in life is a guarantee? Any sugery can turn out badly. Thermage is no different.

You win some you lose some. It really depends on your appetite/desire to look for solutions to improve your look and image. If you really cannot afford it, don't do it.

11.20 | Unregistered CommenterDerm

I had thermarge 11 months ago, my friend went also we were charged £3,000 each and both agree it was rubbish.
I contacted Philip Connel who did the procedure and they just do not want to know.

11.23 | Unregistered CommenterT

Boy! Were you guys robbed!
I haven't paid anything like this amount that you are talking about. It worked, absolutely no doubt about it, and fairly instantly too. I had 10 shots the first time after the dermasound and special creams first. The dermasound first made a big difference and then the Thermage to the train track like ravines above my mouth smoothed. Then another dermasound and a 2nd lot of Thermage. The only downside was the large pore on my lip that I hadn't seen in years is showing, (big deal but further proof), and I now realise that the lines were actually 2 ravines joined rather than one. They are nearly gone now after the 2nd treatment.
On the 2nd visit I saw the brochures in the waiting room and if that was the best result I could have hoped for I wouldn't have spent the money on it. Id say its taken 15 years off my face at least- others say I look well but I haven't told them I did this. I find that they are looking at me differently now, and its given me a huge confidence boost also. Have the dermasound first and use the products they advise.

Obviously it must be associated with the skill of the operator, who admits to experimenting on the settings.I paid $150 for the Thermage. PS I smoke like a train so I really don't buy that as an excuse for non results.

11.24 | Unregistered Commenteraussie

I had Thermage done last week. So far no results to speak of and even though I wish I'd read these comments prior to ungoing Thermage I still think I would have had it done. I went to see a noted plastic surgeon re having a face lift and what he said actually convinced me not to go through with such a dramatic procedure. I'm in my fifties but still have very good elasticity in my face. It's my neck I hate. So I opted for Thermage. Wether it works or not is yet to be seen. I'll leave the final judgment until six months has passed. I think I agree with several comments posted and that is it is all in the operator.

I had thermage done when I was 39. I was developing loose skin on my neck, below my chin. I was also developing jowels. At first I saw no improvements, but within a month my jowels were gone and the skin under my chin was tight. I am now 45, and am pretty much back where I was at 39 before the treatment. I'd say it lasted five years. Remember, my face was just starting to sag. I didn't have a huge turkey gobbler and deep nasal folds. I do think the procedure might have actually reduced some of the volume in my face. I used to have a full face, and after the procedure it seemed to be narrower. I wonder if Thermage can actually dissolve fat in your face? My weight hasn't fluctuated much over the past ten years.

I am at the point now where I am considering Thermage again, or a mini-lift. I am still researching. I guess you can get mini-lifts that are called thread lifts. I'd love to hear how people feel about them. I would love to try Thermage on my tummy, to see if it would tighten my baby belly.

My facial skin always looks kinda dead/dull. What would be the best cosmetic procedure for me.
Anybody,pls reply.
I already had Thermage few days back with no positive result.

03.30 | Unregistered CommenterRaja

I had excellent results after visiting Vivia Medspa and Dr. Feisee in Mclean, VA. She charged me only $1,800 and I have seen dramatic results around my eyes nearly 3 months later. Dr. Feisee is truly an artist and has done hundreds and hundreds of procedures. I guess I got lucky.

05.3 | Unregistered CommenterKatia K.

Thermage is a big waste of money. It does not work!!

06.19 | Unregistered CommenterRonni

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