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Lipodisolve: Mesotherapy Horror Posts!

ringus-1.jpg&usg=__79pxaAQjEwxqEL3g6bre0y0F-Ow=These posts about mesotherapy were taken from discussion threads on this site.

The individual comments have been removed from the discussion threads for obvious reasons but are reposted here:

Yono writes: I am a nail salon owner and learned it from a friend. It works great and you do not need a prescription ! Go online for the best prices and instruction. Mesotherapy is great for anyone and you don't have to go to France!

JJlin writes: Anyone can perform mesotherapy. I tell people its cheaper to inject yourself in the comfort of your own home. You can purchase sterile needles and mesotherapy injectables online, compounding pharmacies, just about anywhere. Instructions online as well.

Aestheticianspa writes: I perform manicures, mesotherapy, botox, and laser hair in my garage transformed into a spa like office. I think anyone can do it as long as you have a doctors lisc. Just send em the check every month. :)

And Cosmo: Its pretty safe and effective. You can pick up the solution at any compounding pharmacy or online and inject it yourself. I tried it many times on a friend. Real easy for anyone. Go for it.

JJlin again: I agree w/ Cosmo. Who cares if it works or not? Everyone should get into Mesotherapy. Its cheap, easy and good cash.

Where to begin. It seems hard for me to believe that this kind of activity is actually happening let alone there are those who are posting that injecting yourself or others in the comfort of your home or garage is a good idea. The stupidity is overwhelming.

If you are injecting anyone and are not a licensed medical provider you are practicing medicine without a license, a felony in every state. If you are injecting yourself you are just plain stupid and should be removed from the gene pool as fast as possible. It's no wonder that mesotherapy has a hit-and-miss reputation for being pseudo-garage-science.

Reader Comments (78)

The Darwin Awards:
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Looks like the short list is above.
07.25 | Unregistered CommenterMessoMD

Like many women, I was intrigued with the lastest techniques for non-surgical fat reduction. I had heard wonderful stories about women who reduced cellulite and fat from stomachs and thighs. Even though I dieted and exercised regularly, I still felt that certain areas of my body could be improved.

My husband (a physician) knew a registered nurse that had opened an aesthetics clinic offering Mesotherapy. She had years of experience, was licensed and had been trained on Mesotherapy by leading industry experts. The medical director of her clinic was a well known surgeon. I went to see her and she explained that Mesotherapy was safe. While different labs created different formulas, the basic ingredients were FDA approved(This was not exactly correct, no drug is approved by the FDA for mesotherapy, I found out later) I was told that in very rare instances, one might have an allergic reaction to Hyalurondase, but Benedryl would take care of that right away. I decided to give it a try. The injections were mildly painful, nothing too traumatic. That evening I noticed that the injections had a diuretic effect on me. I felt fine and the diuretic effect made me feel lighter. The following week, I had the second treatment. Almost immediately, I developed circular inflamed areas around the injection sites. It was very itchy and painful. I was instructed to take Benedryl until the itching went away. I also had to use a topical cream. The pain was constant. It was difficult to walk and I had very unattractive swelling. It took more than two weeks for my legs to look normal again. However, the legs felt bruised for over a month.

It didn't realize that the nightmare was just beginning.

Soon after I stopped taking the Benedryl, I started to develop painful urinary tract infections. At first, I was treated with antibiotics. When the urinary tract infections kept coming back I went to an urologist. I had CT scans, I was scoped and was subjected to a series of uncomfortable medical tests. In the meantime, my life basically stopped. I was in constant burning pain. I could no longer exercise, work effectively and I had difficulty in completing the most basic tasks. I became very depressed. My doctor could not find the cause of my symptoms. Finally, he asked if I had any allergies. I said that I didn't suffer from allergies regularly (I am usually not allergic to anything), but that I did suffer an allergic attack after the Mesotherapy. Based on the time of the attack and the onset of my symptoms, he felt that my bladder may have been affected the the injections. Apparently ,chemicals can linger in the lining of your bladder for a long time. I now live on Antihistamines and pain medication. I am still far from healthy and I had to adopt a very bland diet. If I am lucky, I may recuperate in a month or so. However, it is possible that I may have developed Interstitial Cystitis-- a chronic and painful bladder condition that has no cure. Some urologist believe that allergies may be one cause of this disorder. While there is not direct evidence that the allergic reaction caused my bladder condition--my urologist believes that it is a strong possibility.

My doctor and I are not the only ones with concerns about Mesotherapy. The medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons issued the following warning in 2005:
“The promise of a non-surgical, permanent method for fat removal and body contouring is obviously very appealing, but mesotherapy is not proven to be the miracle cure to a thinner you,” said Alan Matarasso, MD, study co-author. “The problem with mesotherapy is the whole technique is shrouded in mystery. Liposuction remains the only proven method to safely and permanently remove fat.”

No drug is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in mesotherapy.

Although the practice of mesotherapy has been around for decades in Europe, it has only recently been introduced in the United States. There are no published scientific studies demonstrating if the effects are permanent, why or if certain ingredients work, or how safe mesotherapy is for patients. In addition, there is no standardization in mesotherapy. “Plastic surgeons are constantly researching better methods to help patients achieve their desired look; however, patients’ health and safety is always foremost on our minds,” said Dr. Matarasso. “There is no information on what happens to fatty acids once they leave the targeted area or how the various ingredients affect the body’s organs and other tissues. There is simply too much we do not know about mesotherapy to say it is unquestionably safe for patients.”

My suggestions:

After my ordeal, I began to do more research. I found it very difficult to get any physician or clinic to give you hard facts about the procedure. Most will tout it as a very safe practice. If you start investigating on the web and in medical publications, you will find that there are complications with the procedure. If you feel that you still want to try Mesotherapy, insist on a allergy test. This will require you to go the doctor's office on a couple of occasions. The first visit you would have one or two shots , the next week or so you should be injected again (once or twice) in the same area. Then have them check for signs of an allergy. Don't let them tell you that once is enough. I had my reaction after the second round of injections. Even if you are charged for the visits, it is worth it. I am not an allergy expert, but I have been told that a person could develop an allergic reaction at almost anytime. I am also not a physician or a medical professional, this information is based on my personal experience. I urge anyone interested in this procedure to do their research, ask questions of their doctors and to be tested for allergic reactions.

01.17 | Unregistered CommenterCRM
What part of the country were you in? Has your research indicated some clinics that are more reputable/thorough than others?
03.15 | Unregistered Commenterkristi
Before I entered the field of aesthetics and clinical skincare, I worked as a personal trainer, pilates instructor, and Yogafit instructor in Beverly Hills after college. Although LA didn't turn out to be a condusive geography for my personality or did love how hard my clients were willing to work to imporve their health and fitness. They held themselves accountable for the appearance of their bodies and were willing to work their tails off to improve their fitness level, overall health, and appearance.

When I moved back to the Midwest and started in a cosmetic dermatology clinic, I was horrified by the amount of women looking for a quick fix with mesotherapy. Like Thermage, I believe Meso has an 'ideal' patient...and I'll tell you what...she is no more than 15 lbs overweight (not the typical gal you see coming in with meso inquiries...let's be frank). In fact, I found her to be a thin woman who carried 'pockets' of strategically placed fat that no amount of cardio or weight training would address.

I merely assisted in the meso procedures with a zimmer and 2X2's, but nonetheless felt almost embarrassed to be present in the room this was happening in. Frankly, this procedure goes against so much I stand for. It just seems so shady...

Although I would take extra time encouraging patients to empower themselves through changes in nutrition and physical activity, I was amazed at how many were star eyed with the possiblity of a quick fix.

I am empathetic to those who have experienced weight gain or have been sidelined by a pregnancy,illness, or injury. I just wish more people will willing to WORK HARD for their bodies. They're the only ones we've got! People would rather be pumped full of wierd things like 'artichoke' instead of dieting and exercising. This is ridiculous.

I feel as though we keep returning to the principle of TAKING OWNERSHIP OF YOUR BODY, APPEARANCE, AND HEALTH in regards to patient postings on this blog. The poster above admits that she wishes she had done more research, but there exists a double standard:

Medical providers are RESOURCES. People so easily invest trust in the medical community. This is both a burden and a honor. I just can't muster the belief that there is a place for mesotherapy in a credible institution. Plus, we're denying patients the empowerment of the process and journey to better physical health through instrinsic drive alone.

Perhaps I'm being idealistic and mildly self-righteous, but I think we're sending the wrong message with an inexact science like Meso. Lipo at least factors in the skill of the provider...mesotherapy comes down to which snakes you get the oil

All of this being said, I DO respect the fact that there are probably some amazing meso providers out there, in which case I'll take my foot out of my mouth. But does anybody else get the feeling that this is the type of procedure that you see people going across the border to get and then ending up on Hard Copy with some horror story?

03.15 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
What is the latest scoop on Cynosure's 'SmartLipo'? I am reading a lot of good PR, but I know that is always suspect. Has anyone used it (US or abroad), liked it, disliked it? Sounds like a money machine, so obviously there is something we're missing from the publicity.
03.22 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc
I know someone that has one. He and others feel it is underpowered. So if you are thinking about this technology then I would wait a few months. I hear Sciton has a piece coming as well as others. You can use the 1064 or 1319 for it. So whoever already makes one of these will be making a laser lipolysis in the near future.

Rumor has it Scitons will be available soon and I will be looking at it. I hope the competition will help with pricing.

Smartlipo is good for small areas and areas not accessible for liposuction. Many are using it in conjunction to lipo and also to correct the lumpiness from previous lipo.
03.23 | Unregistered CommenterLH
I have heard a lot of radio ads in LA for the "Lipozap" procedure ( which seems to be just mesotherapy with velasmooth treatments. The clinic is located in the Galleria (yes, the old "Valley Girl" hangout) and they claim its a revolutionary technique. It appears it is all they do. Given that Meso is not an FDA approved procedure not to mention the "special injection technique" (whatever that is) I I am not sure I would advertise so heavily. Time will tell if they get any/good enough results to stay in business. Thoughts??
03.23 | Unregistered CommenterLA MD
I have had the Lipodissolve done at a Physcian Office in Atlanta on my upper/lower back.

It is not a water down version, a garage wanna-be, spa non-liscensed/non-experienced fad method or do-it yourself express mail package. I received a concentrated real deal. The first couple of days where the worst. I was swollen and very sore .. like I had worked out very hard or some had punched me several times. But all of this was explained to me before the procedure. I am 37 years old black woman and in fairly good shape. I have been trying for years to loose the fat/rolls on my back and the pouch area on my stomach after 3 kids. I have lost between 15 - 20 pounds in the last 4-5 months through good eating habits (5 small meals a day), exercise and staying active. (Beachbody varity excercise cds are the best and keep my routine interesting). It has been 1 full week since the procedure. The doctor does not recommend anyone getting the technique less than 8 weeks apart. You body needs the time to process the fat and not overload the liver. Anything more than that is to much. I am no longer soar but I am a little itchy here and there ... some days not at all. It appears to be less and less. The doctor was very open and assessed my health and physical condition before saying I was a good canidate. I do believe that if I had this done one week after the other .. the allergic reaction may have been similar to the initial posting results. I am not looking to get just a quick fix but willing to work hard for a healthy, fit, lean body that I earned ... not bought. But these problem areas .. from a 10 to a size 6 ... will not budge. So I gave this a try. In 8 weeks .. I hope I remember to come back to this site and let everyone know what happens.

Note: I did not do my stomach .. I am still willing to see if I work just a little bit harder to get this were I want it.

This has been a good experience from the doctor, to his educated staff and 2 weeks recovery ... so far so good:).

I pray that I have better news to share than others because I did my homework and I love who I am (body and all).'s all just so

I can't speak for the RF and laser modalities for these procedures, but Mesotheraphy gives me the heebie jeebies.
04.3 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
I'm curious why mesotherapy/lipodissolve gives some people the heebie jeebies... (I get the whole inconsistency of formulas and allergic reactions), but why does it seem most derms and plastics in the US love hydroquinone but it's banned in Japan, the EU, and Australia?
04.3 | Unregistered CommenterRichard

I hate tell you this but it works. I know patients have died from lipo but no one has ever died from lipodissolve or meso. It is a slower process but can work.

I think lipodissolve is becoming the treatment of choice and now has some American studies to support its use.
04.3 | Unregistered CommenterLH
04.7 | Unregistered CommenterLEE LOWE
My dad is 57, has had a triple bypass surgery (10 years ago), is an insulin dependand diabetic (type 2) and has a huge belly:) He is very good about taking all his meds (too many to mention) for hypertension, blood thinners and blood sugar. He just found out about Lipozap and works very close to the office. He wanted me to do some research and find out if this is something he should consider to lost the belly fat. Mind you, he doesn't exercise, but also doesn't eat junk food.

I hear there are risks w/ this procedure. What happens to the fat when it "melts"? Could it create build up in arteries while passing thru? Are his kidneys at risk becaus of the diabetes? Will he have many UTI's, he's had a couple a few years ago.

Concerned Daughter:)
My dad is 57, has had a triple bypass surgery (10 years ago), is an insulin dependant diabetic (type 2) and has a huge belly:) He is very good about taking all his meds (too many to mention) for hypertension, blood thinners and blood sugar. He just found out about Lipozap and works very close to the office. He wanted me to do some research and find out if this is something he should consider to lose the belly fat. Mind you, he doesn't exercise, but also doesn't eat junk food.

I hear there are risks w/ this procedure. What happens to the fat when it "melts"? Could it create build up in arteries while passing thru? Are his kidneys at risk becaus of the diabetes? Will he have many UTI's, he's had a couple a few years ago.

Concerned Daughter:)
If your father came to our office he would be denied treatment. He is NOT a candidate for mesotherapy.
One of the docs needs to seriously address this daughter's concerns. This is not even funny.

Concerned in the Midwest.
04.19 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
Your Dad has several contraindications, first blood thinners, he would be at risk for marked bleeding, he is diabetic another contraindication for infection. He is hypertensive and previous bypass again a contraindication. You mention a large protruberant abdomen, is this due to fat, weak abdominal muscle or possibly Congestive heart failure with ascites, he needs to be on a good diet, lose weight , exercise with a clearance from his cardiologists and maybe this could help his Diabetes, heart and general overall health. There is no magic cure for your Dad but he must lose weight.
I agree with southwest md.
04.19 | Unregistered CommenterLH
A lot of medical problems can be fixed by losing 60 pounds.
04.19 | Unregistered CommenterNEMD
Is there any difference between lipodisolve and mezotherepy?
If so can someone please explain CLEARLY what that difference is?
04.22 | Unregistered Commenterepte
Lipodissolve is specifically the use phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate to cause a reduction in localized fat. Used best in small areas of fat accumulation. The injections are done directly into the subcutaneous fat.

Mesotherapy is the use of many different "cocktails" injected into the dermis otherwise known as the mesoderm. Mesotherapy is used for many different things to include chronic localized pain all the way to aesthetics.
04.22 | Unregistered CommenterLH
I am new to this site and have a lot to say as I am going through the posts. I'll start with those made by CRM.
I will qualify my answers by stating that I was one of the first pratitioners of Mesotherapy in the US practicing for almost 7 years. I train Physicians in Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy and have a number of upcomming books. I am also the President of the American Board of Mesotherapy,a Physician Board Certifying organization.
1- There is mention of the fact that no medications/cocktails are approved for Mesotherapy. That is a over-simplified and mis-leading statement for a number of reasons. First, Mesotherapy is nothing more than an injection technique and a theory that basically states that you are placing the correct medication into the place where it will do the most good. This eliminates the need in most cases for oral medications. The FDA does not approve medications for theory, only for disease. Recent publications in "mainstream" medical journals prove that the major ingredient does break down the fat cell. The issue that the medication is not approved for Mesotherpy is similar for just about every medication tht physicians use. We all use and predcribe medications for "off label use" this is common practice and is legal. Aspirin is used regularly off-label Ask your grandparents what they used it for, pain & fever. Not for Heart Attack or Stroke. The list is endless.
The author quotes Dr. Matarasso, they did not quote one of his more recent articles stating that he did a study and that Mesotherapy does work.
Side effects? the most common is swelling and depending on the practitioner that you went to, pain. As there are many who do not know much taking a one size fits all mentality, they have a higher side effect profile. But there are not many side serious effects. If you search the FDA and the CDC, there have been just over a dozen cases of Mycobacterial infection ALL as a results of injections by non-physicans. What is scary as can be seen on these posts is that non-qualified profesionals are injecting the unknowing public. The bottom line is this, It works.
As for the difference between Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve depending on who you speak with there may or may not be much difference. The most important factor aside from good patient selection is the skill of the physician performing the procedure and it is a medical procedure. Personally, I would not let anyone inject me who was not trained in recognizing potential side effects and how to respond to them. For that matter, I would make sure that if it is not a physican doing the procedure, then the supervising physician would have to be trained in this procedure and on site just in case.
There are different cockyails to treat various conditions with Meso. Facts be told, there are also a few variations in Lipodissolve.
I hope that this helps.
PS I am not a member as the site would not work properly.
I hope that this helps.
Dr. Pitera
04.22 | Unregistered CommenterDr. Pitera
Can someone tell me what compound is used as a preservative in these injection cocktails? I have only begun to look into doing this and I'm finding some conflicting information. I am concerned about thimerosol or other toxic things that could be used. I may be vain, but there is a limit as to what I will do for vanity's sake. I am reluctant to ask the doctor I'm condidering for the procedure about it because when you go to a Ford dealership to buy a truck, chances are you'll be told that Ford trucks are the safest and best.
04.25 | Unregistered Commentercurious
Anyone hear about Liporaze and Smart Lipo? Any results you would like to share?
05.7 | Unregistered CommenterP.W.
It is called laser lipolysis. Best used for small areas. Some are saying to use in conjunction with regular lipo. I will likely add sometime this year. A few other companies are going to have similar lasers with more power.
05.7 | Unregistered CommenterLH
Just get liposuction. The results are instant, permanent (if you maintain proper health and exercise), with little side effects, except some pain the next day or so (take aspirin). As far as risks associated with plastic surgery, this one is a no-brainer. The risks are so few. If only facial surgery was that simple. Lipo-dissolve is totally not worth it. There is a perfect gold-standard. You'll be up walking the next day. I've had it done three times.
05.8 | Unregistered CommenterLaura

I am not sure that liposuction is a "perfect" gold standard. Yes it works. It is very technique dependent. It will often leave the areas lumpy/bumpy.

You must also remember there are risks with lipo. Some patients have actually died from it. So I would not call it "perfect". I have a patient that had lipo done somewhere else as I do not do lipo and she spent 7 days in ICU and another 7 in the hospital.

We all must make our own decisions based upon risk and acceptable outcome. I am not bashing lipo as it does a nice job but we must watch how we are presenting it to patients.
05.8 | Unregistered CommenterLH
I had lipo dissolve on my upper abdomen, I had a small pocket of fat that looked odd and losing wait didnt have any affect, I am correct BMI etc and healthy. I was assured i was an odeal candidate and it was excayly what it would work on. I went 4 time seach time tolda it woul definately work. I spent £1000 and had no impact at all not even a mm difference, I was sore after each and continued in the hope the next time would work but it didnt. Im now consiering liposmart can anyone tell me honestly that this will work, I cannot afford more treatment that does not work but otherwis eon a normal physique I have a pouch of fat that is totally abnormal.
Many thanks
05.10 | Unregistered CommenterKelly

i am not overweight but i have a tummy pouch that i got after i had my baby. i tried exercising and diet but it dont work. What would be the best thing for me to do?

06.1 | Unregistered Commenteralma

Alma, Kelly, and others,
You need to find a doctor you trust and talk to them. You're asking for a medical diagnosis. No physician who has not seen you will answer this type of question. You're wasting your time trying to elicit one. Go find a doctor you like and trust and get a real opinion.

I have a practicing lipodisolve Dr.interested in performing this service at our spa. Any advice? I am not very familiar with lipodisolve. Overall, does it work? What would the monetary arrangement be between the Dr and the spa?

06.3 | Unregistered Commenteraloha

The existing information is interesting, price ranges for the average consumer,if available would assist in the consideration of the Lipo Dissolve process.

06.12 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

After much research I decided to do Lipozap. My final reasoning was my doctor, Dr. Susanne Trout was on staff as Medical Director, and I felt, if she's backing this procedure, it's gotta be good. I started Lipozap Treatments Feb. 07. Lower abs, upper abs and back bra line ($2800), The nurses and tech’s are incredibly thorough, and their customer service skills are comparable to any 5 star hotel. My first treatment was to my lower abs. They did not lie. The procedure was virtually painless. However by the time I returned home 30 mintues later it was all I could do to get through the front door. When I complained I was told the first treatment is always the hardest. My 2nd visit was to treat my upper abs and bra line. Again, little pain during the actual procedure, but, I was in so much pain on the way to the parking lot I felt as though I might pass out and seriously considered calling the paramedics. By the time I got home the tears were rolling down my cheeks. I stayed on my couch for 3 days, trips to the bathroom were my only exercise as I couldn’t even bear eating. It was agony. The uncontrollable spasms in my legs curled my toes and made my right shoulder ache. I spent considerable time discussing my pain with the nurse who called to do the follow up. The following week I spoke with an Administrator. She stated ½ treatments would remedy the pain and swelling and made jokes about a man who'd gone snow skiing the day following his treatments. They did their best to console me. I asked for a refund but they assured me 1/2 treatments with longer intervals between treatments would remedy the situation.Treatment #3 & 4 were halved. However nothing changed. Pain, swelling, spasms. Again I spoke with nurses and Admin. The head nurse laughed and told me she'd had the procedure and not only finished her work day, but had even returned to work the following day with no pain and minor swelling. A few days later, still in severe pain I again asked for a refund. This time I spoke with the Retention Administrator who after discussing my situation for 45 minutes became thoroughly upset when I suggested getting my orthopedic surgeon involved, She went so far as to began screaming at me. After calming her down, can you believe I had to calm her? She offered to refund a VERY small portion of my fully paid treatment. Now 3 months later, with no treatments since March, "maybe" I see some results. I've spoken repeatedly with Admin. Staff, they've REFUSED, even though their advertisments state, "Money Back Guarantee if not completely satisfied". Now the interesting thing is I've had major back surgery and this procedure is causing horrible swelling in my back culminating in severe spams to my legs. To put it mildly, I hurt. The ab swelling has gone down but the lumps are still present, and my back still hurts. Since they won't return my money I had decided to continue treatment, however, yesterday (6/29) I had 1/2 treatment # 5. I feel like I was kicked in the back & yes, I do look like I'm 6 months pregnant. – I Would NOT recommend Lipozap. - TO MY WORST ENEMY! - I'm seriously considering seeking legal remedies. - Dr. Adams has promised to call me this coming Monday with info. regarding re-imbursement. - As of today July 12th, I'm still quite swollen and very lumpy, I have yet to hear from Dr. Adams or for that matter anyone on the staff including the young lady who has until this point made follow up calls. By the way Dr. Trout's bio has been deleted from the website for about 2 months . Anyone know why? - Kinda makes you wonder.................

Additionally I have suffered Urinary Tract Infections with each any every treatment.

I am on my 3rd treatment of LipoDissolve. 1st treatment, I had fever, headaches and fatigue that lasted one day. The 3rd treatment (incrase in dosage), I've had inflamed nerves (incl. both sciatic, back, shoulders, arm), bruising, bleeding and have been in incredible pain - going on day 5 after treatment. Am waiting for it to stop.

07.25 | Unregistered Commenterkems

I have had three lipo dissolve treatments at a center in the metro Atlanta area. It seems that when I get out of bed every morning I have puffiness and swelling all over my body. I am on medication for hypothyroid. Are there any studies that show if the PCDC could cause an adverse reaction?

09.3 | Unregistered Commentercurious


I'd sue them with a nasty malpractice lawyer. That is NO way to treat a patient. UTIs,false advertising, out of work, etc??? Please seek legal remedy and report to California's State Medical Board!

09.6 | Unregistered CommenterSorry

I have had 3 meso treatments so far w/someone with a mile long lists of credentials and studied in France. Visit 1 I began to shake so bad and vomited while on the table. My jaw was shaking so bad I could barely drive. I had to pull over. I was severaly bruised afterward and broke out it hives. Visit 2 I also broke out into hives 100% worse and it itched so bad I thought I would take my skin off from scratching. I put on all the creams...Visit 3 was a few days ago and he gave me a shot of steroids and I did not bruise at all this time. I am going every friday. He said patients go either once a week or once every other week depending on the bruising. I am not bruised...but I am so swollen that I can't get my clothes on. I have gained weight and inches. I have lumps (bullets) all over my tummy. I have another appointment on Friday that I may cancel and let myself heal. This last round of shots I was actually ok by the days end and could get out of bed. The first two I literally slept for two days....there would be NO WAY I could return to a job....including caring for my small children. But, this last time I didn't hurt at all! I'm just so swollen. I hope this goes away. I paid a lot to get rid of cellulite and some fat deposits. Anyone know how long I'm suppose to wait in between sessions? I've heard of people going 2x a week!

09.17 | Unregistered CommenterTLW

Reply to Dr. Pitera:

There is a significant legal difference between "off-label" prescribing, in which an FDA-approved drug is used for another indication, and the current regulatory status for phosphatidylcholine, which is not FDA-approved for any purpose whatsoever. There can be no "off-label" use if a drug hasn't been approved in the first place!

I feel that you are "blurring the line" between these two definitions, and that readers of this page should understand the difference. Users of this product are using a non-approved product - and that is something that legally and ethically should really only be done in the setting of a approved study protocol, in my humble opinion.

User beware if you have a complication. Legally, you are on pretty shaky ground. I, for one, will wait for FDA approval.

09.18 | Unregistered CommenterTF

All I know is that Brazil, Canada, The United Kingdom, and now the State of Kansas has banned lipodissolve.

If you have an upset patient or a poor outcome, any trial lawyer in the country could significantly dip into your bank account with ammunition like that.

I am a plastic surgeon, and i am really hoping mesotherapy/lipodissolve/whatever turns out to be safe- I would love to use it to touch up little areas after liposuction. It would be a great tool for my practice. I am just not willing to sacrifice my patients safety on a treatment that several countries and one state has banned.

09.18 | Unregistered CommenterRLS

Just my 2 cents about mesotherapy: in 2005 ALC entertained the idea of offering mesotherapy in their centers as it was in huge demand and you could make a lot of money off of it. ALC decided to pass because of the secrecy and mystery surrounding the ingredients. So when a company as shady as ALC decides to pass on a procedure because it is too shady for even them, there’s a problem with it.

after reading the good and the bad about meso/lipo disolve..i deciced to take the chance and go for it. yesterday was my first visit. the injections didnt hurt at all. but man oh man am i swollen this morning and I have major welches on my thighs and butt. the RN told me this would happen. It kills to sit on a chair...(i see stars!!) I sure hope this was worth it. My next visit is on 12/14/07....i'll keep you posted

11.30 | Unregistered Commenterannette

Reply to LF.
Dear T.F. You are absolutely wrong when you state that Phosphatidylcholine "is not FDA approved what so-ever" A quick search of the FDA website clearly lists a number of medications that include Phosphtidylcholine. This means that the FDA has cleared this substance for human use. For example "infasurf" "Curasurf" "Rapamune" etc ALL CONTAIN PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE. One other point about FDA approval and Mesotherapy that you must understand; Mesotherapy is a theory and an injection technique, nothing else. It uses needles and syringes just as with other injections. The FDA is does not approve how you inject but what you inject, I've already shown that the medications are approved for human use, there is nothing else to say. It is unfortunate that there is a lot of misinformation that unknowing individuals think is accurate. It is good that there is discussion but it should be based on honesty and facts.
When I read the posts, it occurs that unfortunately there are people who experience side effects. Most of them probably because of poor training of the person that did the injections. Unfortunately just like with anything else there are good and bad providers. All of this suffering that I occasionally read about is unecessary.
I firmly believe that this procedure should be performed only by a well trained Physician as it is a medical procedure. I would not recommend that anyone go to a clinic or elsewhere for ANY medical procedure to be treated by somoeone other than a Physician. Yes it is legal for others to inject under a Doctor's supervision. In many cases the Physician was never trained in the procedure to begin with. I just got a call yesterday from a Nurse Practitioner who asked me to train her, I said I would if her supervising Physician also came in for training, she refused. My point is, if the supervising Doc does not know what they are supervising, how can they supervise? Legally in the State of Kansas, after the Physician writes the prescription ANYONE can inject. So technically you could legally be injected by the local Sewer Inspector. I am sure that this was not the intent of their law but it would allow someone running the clinic to provide the public with injections for the cheapest that they can be offered.
I really regret that people have suffered. I have been injecting patients for 7 years now. It is not the procedure that is bad, in these cases it is the practitioner!

01.18 | Unregistered CommenterDr. Pitera

Dr. Pitera, I stand corrected: you have raised a valid technicality. Infasurf and Curasurf do indeed contain phosphatidylcholine.

Of course, these two products are used as supplements for neonates with immature lungs lacking phosphatidylcholine, and have not been studied or approved for direct injection into adult fatty tissues as an active agent for the purposes of treating lipodystrophy.

Hardly convincing evidence of their safety...whatever happened to "physician, do no harm", eh?

01.18 | Unregistered CommenterTF

It seems to me people are confusing Lipodissolve with personal misuse by some clinics. But this is not related to any poor safety of this treatment. I read several articles from medical journals about Lipodissolve and they were all very positive.

Lipodissolve has not been banned in Brazil. Brazil banned laymen use in hairsalons, shops and so on of some products used in mesotherapy. This does not constitute a ban on either mesotherapy or Lipodissolve in Brazil.

Lipodissolve has not been banned in the United Kingdom either. Again, this had to do with requiring licensing for pharmacies to sell the medications and has nothing to do with the treatment being "banned" or about Lipodissolve. Medications had been available overseas without prescription and shops were importing them without the required license so a ban was issued on importing the medications without a license. Licensed sellers have been selling the medications legally in the United Kingdom all along.

As far as I have been told the Kansas Board objected to nurses running clinics that were offering Lipodissolve and this is where the issue started. The board meant doctors had to be present. It was an objection of misuse, and as in the other cases, not a ban of the actual treatment or anything caused from life-threatening side effects from the treatment.

Dr Joel Schlessinger from Nebraska has published a lot of bad press on Lipodissolve on websites, in comments to newspapers, contacting medical boards like the Kansas Board and giving an all-round bad press for this treatment. I was getting concerned when my wife was taking treatments to read all these things originating from a doctor. I decided to speak with the doctor treating her. I was not surprised to hear that DR SCHLESSINGER IS HIRED BY A COMPANY COMPETING WITH LIPODISSOLVE THAT WANT THEIR OWN PRODUCT ON THE MARKET. I was also told this doctor is contacting all state boards to badmouth this treatment. Is this really legal? I went through the comments by Dr Schlessinger one by one with the doctor treating my wife and by reading the publications about Lipodissolve I found they were not accurate. Clearly one need to be careful to jump to conclusions about critique even if they are coming from a doctor.

My wife seems very happy with the treatments. She was a bit soar for a few days after but other from that there has been no problems. I have to admit I do see results but it took several weeks before I noticed anything.

01.23 | Unregistered CommenterTony

I would like to add that the doctor who treated my wife explained that phosphatidylcolin has been around for many many years and been researched through FDA as well. It is not an unknown substance but is as widely used as vitamins.

01.23 | Unregistered CommenterTony

Here is a letter from the FDA about lipodissolve. I think it pretty clearly spells out their position on this, at the moment.

01.23 | Unregistered CommenterTF

My best friend had this treatment done on Thursday evening. She spent Thursday night, Friday and Saturday in the hospital. FROM the office where she was treated, just after finishing and she had dressed to leave, they had to call 911. Heart Rate SOARED, Blood Pressure DROPPED, liver enzymes were way out of wack. She spent the first full day in the CCU. Sorry, not as safe as you say. The people in the office told her that 1 in 10 could not have this procedure done but it was not something they could "test" for before hand. Those odds are not good. She is home now, and I don't think she will be looking for any snakeoil any time soon.

01.26 | Unregistered Commenterem jay

I had my second mesotherapy treatment yesterday. The injection spots are a bit swell. I dont know when to see the effects of mesotherapy, i have a smaller midsection, but I am not sure if its a result of my no carb diet/less than 1000 cal per day. Will i literally lose pounds? i dont know where the fat goes.

01.28 | Unregistered CommenterSerena

I have a twin sister who lives in Charlotte, NC, who had three treatments of lipodisolve.

We are 5'1 inches tall and weigh 115 lbs. We are in our upper 30's and have had children. We have what we consider to be more cellulite on the back of our thighs than what you would normally see on women. Very unattrative and draws attention.

My sister no longer has cellulite. The treatments worked for her. She did complain of soreness and swelling after each of the treatments, but is very glad she did it.

I am now considering doing it myself, but am curious on what longterm affects the treatments could have on her as well as the question that has been raised by a lot of the postings on this site, which is 'where did the fat she had go?'

02.3 | Unregistered CommenterDJB

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