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Cosmetic Medical Abbreviations For Physicians

Some of the humorous acronyms and abbreviations found in medical spa charts.

If you have an addition, add it as a comment to this post and I'll bump it up. No complaints that physicians shouldn't ridicule their patients.


ADR - Ain't Doin' Right.

IWF - Imaginary Wrinkle Finder 

ATSWWT - Always Thinks Something's Wrong With Them.

CTD - Circling The Drain.

DAAD - Dead As A Doornail.

55W - Fifty Five & Wrinkly

BPC - Botox Poster Child.

WICDM - Wish I Could Do More. 

NMTBD - Nothing More To Be Done. 

FLK - Funny Looking Kid.

FOS - Full Of Stool.

FTD - Fixing To Die.

DSFD - Doc-Shopping For Deals.

FTW - Friggin Train Wreck. (Patient with multiple problems)

GFPO - Good For Parts Only.

GGTG - Gomers Go To Ground (they fall out of bed or gurneys).

GLM - Good Looking Mom.

TYTLFSS - Twenty Years To Late For Sun Screen. 

GOMER - Get Out of My Exaimining Room.

LOLINAD - Little Old Lady In No Acute Distress.

MFC - Measure For Coffin.

NFFM - Normal For Full Moon.

O2T - Oxygen Thief.

ODD&DDR - Out 'De Door and Down 'De Road.

PBBB - Pine Box By Bedside.

FFOBR - Forty Feet Of Bad Road. 

PITA - Pain In The A**.

SALT - Same As Last Time.

SWAG - Scientific, wild-A** Guess.

RTNIFL - Refer To Newbie Internist For Laughs.

TOBAS - Take Out Back And Shoot.

TTGA - Told To Go Away.

WDWNF - Well Developed Well Nourished Female.

Humorous Medical Abbreviations

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