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Medspa MD Manners: Be nice or be gone.

There's been a disturbing increase in the tone of comments lately.

Nice_Logo2.gifDisturbing to me at least. Use of all caps. Pejoritive terms like 'Dermboy' used. And lot's of holier than thou lectures.

Certainly I may have prompted at least a little of it since I'm generally free with my opinions, but I'm not interested in running a site where people get shouted down or are hesitant to comment since they might be flamed.

Karen, who posted her displeasure with DermaCares customer service emailed me and asked for her email to be removed. She was honestly fearful that she may be retaliated against in some way. That's not constructive.

So while passions may get inflamed, please keep them in check. Post what you want but try and remain civil.

That being said, the comments are often the best read. But those that I think cross the line may be edited or removed. I constantly have to remove spam comments and references anyway.

Reader Comments (3)

MedSpa Md,

Just wanted to step up and apologize to anyone I may have offended somewhere along the line. It's definately not what I'm about or why I'm here.

I think it's easy to get caught up in the little world of the blog though. Technology has allowed us to enter this microsphere in which we're surrounded by people who share our same interests/professions...this sometimes causes us to be loose with our statements...

In partial defense to some of the debates and language I am reading...

It is my opinion that being a physician is not a mere career... It is WHO YOU ARE. Hence, when someone takes a stab at your medical speciality (plastics vs. derm etc..), they are indirectly attacking a part of your identity. It is human nature to take offense. And let's face it...this is not a career that stems from a four year college program. Physicians sacrifice almost two decades of their lives if not more to practice.

I am not defending the behaviour, I am just giving due respect and analysis of its origin.

I understand Karen's concern and feel terrible that she felt threatened in anyway, but patients need to claim more responsibility for the care they seek and become PROACTIVE with educating themselves and doing their research. (Didn't we cover the accountability thing earlier...? lol..) By not confronting Karen's post, which I believe unjustly grouped all Dermacare docs together, we are ENABLING patients like her to continue with that behaviour. She has/had/and will continue to have CHOICES. This empowers her as a patient, and this fact drives this industry as a business.

Vowing to play nice in the

03.12 | Unregistered CommenterMidwest
Cant we all just get along ? :)
03.12 | Unregistered Commentermd
To All-

I add my apologies to anyone who felt offended by my reactions to Karen's post. Midwest is eloquent as always in describing the psychology behind the posts and I could not have said it better. I was offended but also tried to show Karen her options besides a rant, even if that is all she felt she had available. I truly hope she gets a chance to work with the doc at Chesapeake who by all accounts is a fine provider and will no doubt do his best to correct any disatisfaction.

Wow, just had a flashback to being called to the principal's office...
03.12 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc

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