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Dermacare Management: Carl Mudd & the lawyer.

Dermacare has a page on their web site showing Dermacare's management. Guess who's there. Carl Mudd and Dermacares lawyer. That's it.

Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics Management Team: Carl Mudd & the lawyer.

logo.gifDermacare and Carl Mudd have taken some heavy hits from current and former Dermacare franchisees and Dermacare corporate mployees. Even I've received a cease and desist letter. I felt special until DermaDoc let us all know that evidently Dermacare sends them bulk mail.

Now I can see why. There's no one in Dermacare management other than Carl Mudd and the Dermacare Lawyer.

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. 

Reader Comments (37)

I saw this on the FAQ on that page:

": Have any clinics closed?

A: No. Of course that may not always be the case, but as of today we have a 100% success record and we have not had any closures."

Brooklyn Heights?
04.19 | Unregistered CommenterMark
Also from that page:

While building the Dermacare business, Carl has proven to be a relentless industry champion...
...Carl is passionate about every aspect of the Dermacare business and the skin care industry. "Our goal is to be the national leader and dominant company in the aesthetic skin care industry."

Guess all you guys are wrong. Carl's wearing a white hat and he's just misunderstood.

All the 'good guys' at corporate that he's fired were less devoted to ethical conduct and couldn't uphold his high standards. (hiccup)
I'm wondering how the Dermacare Franchisees view this article:

"Mudd’s ultimate financial goal is to reach $100 million in gross revenue by 2010.

Carl Mudd
AGE: 46
FAMILY: Children Rachael, 15 and Carl Jr., 16
BUSINESS: Founder and CEO of Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, a franchiser with corporate headquarters at 4835 E. Cactus Road, Scottsdale

KEY ACHIEVEMENT: In 2001, started a skin care franchise company with seven employees and an initial investment of $500,000 that today has 33 employees, 50 franchise clients and gross revenue of more than $25 million.

SUCCESS PHILOSOPHY: Master the technology, marketing and complex legal aspects of the growing skin care industry, then build a company that will endure. The company goal is to serve 500 clinics nationwide and internationally."
04.19 | Unregistered CommenterNEMD
I will possibly close this next year. Its not all what Carl Mudd tells you. Live and learn. Dont get burned.

I'm very sorry that you may be closing. I know we have been through ups and downs, mostly downs, and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet either. I too have much to lose if we don't survive as most of the franchisees do. Not many docs these days have an extra half-million laying around, and if they do, they probably don't want to leave the practice they were in to start with. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to build patient relationships and procedure options which put you outside the realm of the competition.. I am talking about minor procedures, global acne packages (blu-u therapy has been great for us) where you do office consults, medical management and include whatever modalities you have available for a set cost so patients don't feel they are being 'sold-up' on something they don't need. Botox events are good door-openers and offering esthetician services for hte evening at free or reduced cost can be a nice little pull for people to come back. There are lots of ideas on how to be the name people come to for the services we offer, it is just a matter of setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Sorry to sound a bit preachy, but I truly hate seeing someone fall prey to Carl's megalomania. You have to do what is best for you of course, but thinking 'outside the box' can bring some great opportunities.

Good luck, I hope you are able to make it to the convention next month.
04.24 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc
Who all is going to the Convention in May? I don't want to go if there isn't going to be a good turnout. Is there somekind of agenda to this event? I'd like to know what will be covered before I spend more money.
04.26 | Unregistered CommenterCurious
Curious -

We have been getting e-mails on a daily basis from corporate with agendas (some hidden of course), specially arranged meetings with 'strategic partners' (think time-share sales pitch tactics), and an invite to a golf outing / shopping outing on SUnday 5/20. (I can only imagine how many people were offended by that - well, if you don't golf, then you must be a woman who wants to go shopping in Scottsdale - woohoo!)

If you are not getting the e-mails, call Sally the office manager at corporate this week. She may be able to resend the info to you, or at least get you some details. Generally the hours are supposed to be 9 - 6 on Friday and Saturday. There is a full agenda so they say, although I imagine a lot of it is going to be related to how we've all been bad boys and girls and are making Carl look bad by not following his System for success. I honestly can't imagine it is going to be a large group considering there are about 50 franchisees plus 30 or so corprate folks. I am not going to be sitting around all day listening to sales pitches however.

I wouldn't miss it, if just to look the Big Guy in the eye. Plus it's a few days in Phoenix.

Hope to see you there!
04.26 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc
You're going to have to relate every jot and tittle since I won't be there. I can't wait to hear what the perception of this site is since it's obviously non-gratis in AZ. I'm also anxious to hear how Carl portrays all the back stabbers (including you) how just don't know how to run the 'system' and then point a finger at Mudd. This should be good.

PS. Has corporate identified you yet? I'll bet they've got a satellite with your name on it.
The cease and desist letter that Dermacare sent to this site has got to be one of the dumbest things Carl's done.

I investigated Dermacare before going with Radiance (almost equally stupid). Fortunately, I was smart enough to avoid the 'Muddslide'. Certainly I wish all the Dermacare Franchisees well. Perhaps you'll follow the Radiance lead and file a class action suit. Tomorrow's the day when Radiance loses 23 franchises.
04.26 | Unregistered CommenterRadianceMD
The end of Radiance as Chuck E. knows it is near. The masses have spoken.
04.26 | Unregistered CommenterMD
First I have to say I love the phrase 'jot and tittle'. And yes, I will be reporting back on the goings-on as it appears there may not be too many of us present. Carl is sending out e-mails daily reminding us all that it is sooo vitally important for us to be there. The registration deadline was supposedly some time ago, but here we are less than 4 weeks away and yes - if you hurry! - you can still be registered and pay the $290 fee for attendance. That one sticks in my craw big-time but I am going to use it as an entertainment expense.

I don't know if you have heard yet or not, but the marketing guy I raved about a few weeks back has left corporate. I know, I know, we are all stunned that someone who is so good at their job and responsive to the franchisees would be let go, but there it is. Of course he must have done something very bad, like helping a franchisee in such a way that Corporate couldn't charge them for it.

I have no idea if Corporate has identified me or not, and I feel somewhat ridiculous being so tight-lipped about it, but I have my succession plan in place in case I meet Carl in a dark alley somewhere. I am sure he would not be very happy with me, although that presumes he wouldn't actually accept responsibilty for the issues that have been brought up here in the first place. It will be interesting to hear the buzz about this site while I am there.

04.26 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc
Radiance: We are all anxiously waiting to hear what happened in court with the Radiance franchisees. Did the court issue a decision Friday? Did anything else of note take place?

04.28 | Unregistered Commentermedspa guy
Just so you all know... It's only Carl Mudd.. he and his lawyer will be parting terms shortly per Carl's request....

I guess now its only the Mudd-meister without his attorney. Why doesnt someone call corporate in Phoenix to speak with "CORPORATE COUNSEL"? You will discover that there isnt one! All new staff, everyone in deep training, like acupuncture pain seminars and aroma therapy. GET OUT WHILE THE GETTIN'S GOOD!!!

I know this is old news to you guys but, I want you to know I feel bad for all of your bad luck...Where is Carl now? Does anyone know? Just curious, because there is no longer a corporate existance. Did you all change your names now? I'm sure there are a lot of lawsuits on the table... "Carl's World" is no more. Our nightmare is over...

Anyone who pays Royalty is BRAINDEAD!

Please forward this to Dr. Smith and Dr. Barkley and Dr. Keverline.

Carl has not been heard from for a while.

These are the rumors. Carl is:

In Costa Rico with his son (Carl, Jr) on vacation
In the hospital with pancreatitis
In Jail serving his 30 day Drunk Driving Sentence
In Costa Rico to evade his 30 day Drunk Driving Sentence
Burning in Hell

If Carl is in the hospital, it is:

With real pancreatitis from alcoholism
Faking pancreatitis to get powerful narcotic pain medications
Faking pancreatitis to avoid going to jail for 30 days
Faking pancreatitis because his life is so F’ed up, he can’t deal with it

Finally, the Dermacare email system has gone down because Carl has not paid the bill. Are you paying Royalty? Are you braindead?

There are fewer clinics on the website (only 13). Did more get terminated? Did they stop paying Royalty? What happened?

This is your Dermacare Reporter from keeping you up to breast the best we can. Chow.

“Couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy!”


are you saying that carl is doing anabolic steroids?

07.10 | Unregistered CommenterBraindead

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08.31 | Unregistered CommenterBruceQW

Carl is currently working at National Future Benefits located in Scottsdale, AZ. He is between the headquarters in Scottsdale and their location in Henderson, NV working in the life insurance industry. You can view his producer license at:

09.9 | Unregistered Commentert.p

Carl is back and he just found a new lawyer.

He is suing all of his former franchisees for $40 milllion dollars.

Only in America can you bail on the folks who bought into your business model and then turn around and try and sue them because you screwed up. Here's Mudd In Your Eye

12.22 | Unregistered CommenterSBJ

Today's Date is 3-13-2010

Dermacare Franchisees have been sued by Carl Mudd and his attorneys. The Franchisees are uniting to put this evil monster to rest once and for all. The forces of good are gathering in the East and battle is eminent.

This is what I am wondering. I understand why murderers should have attorneys to defend them and I understand why attorneys do this.

What I don't understand is why any attorney would take on Carl Mudd as a client to sue and harass innocent people who have lost their life savings and are in personal despair. Does an evil monster have the right to an attorney to sue former franchisees who he has driven bankrupt with his flawed system and oppressive nature? What is the moral basis which allows an attorney to bring suit for a man like Carl Mudd?

In my opinion, Carl Mudd's attorneys are just as bad as Mr. Mudd.

I am going to name his attorneys so that everyone knows who these coercive, oppressive, base men are.

Maybe they can come on this blog and explain how they can participate in this evil action against these innocent franchisees.

Peter and Doug, please explain your contemptible actions against good men and women.

1. Peter Akmanjain
Udall Law Firm
4801 E. Broadway Blvd, Suite 400
Tucson, AZ 85711-3638

(503) 625-9696
(503) 840-0000 (Cell)
(503) 625-5095 (FAX)

That last post is awesome! I doubt the attorney's will come here to explain themselves, and likely would present a 'we are representing our client who has been wronged by his trusted associates and feel it is our duty to protect his interests... blah, blah, blah' defense. However - it's a great idea to put that questionable doubt in their minds about who Carl is and what the likelihood is that they will win anything, especially a countersuit. Well done! And when Carl runs out of money to process the case, hopefully they will refuse to hold it on contingency when they see how weak it is to start with.

We need battle-theme music!

03.13 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc

I just checked out Doug Smith's website. Seems that he has his two sons working with him. I wonder if they are scum just like their old man. They look like Hitler youth.

I hope Mr. Smith comes here to explain himself. I will be holding him and his family accountable to my biblical standards because he not only attacks me, but he attacks my family. One must always carefully consider what they do, who you they do it for and the consequences of their actions.

03.13 | Unregistered CommenterKing David

Pursuant to our filing the above referenced complaint we are now seeking the Internet Protocol (IP) address and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for each of the following bloggers on your site:

Mr. Bob
Just Another Ex
Passive Conduit
Jennifer D
Mr. Freeze
Bastard Son of Dermadoc
Maxwell Smart
The Clinician
The Real M. Smart
John Galt
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
The Passive Conduit
The Riddler & The Joker
DoubleDermadare You
Mad Max
Manic Max
Mad as Hell in Dermacare Hell
A current Franchisee
Thomas Jefferson, Jr
T. Jefferson, Jr.
The Joker
Mr. X
Please provide the IP address and ISP for each of the above names no later than Friday, January 18th, 2008. Should you not provide the requested IP addresses and ISP by this date I will be forced to have you served with a subpoena to obtain this information.

Hey Peter and Doug, you may want to contact Mr. Skiba to find out why he QUIT the case after only a few months with Mr. Mudd. This is his contact information for your convenience.

John N. Skiba
One North Macdonald Road, Suite 201
Mesa, Arizona 85201
Tel. 480.361.5643
Fax 480.704.3071

Great posts above.

Attorneys and politicians are such scum bags.

Mr Mudd seems to be worse than them.

I see Mudd is at it again. You guys need to band together and sue the pants off this Mudd guy and be done with it.

The forces of good gather in the east and prepare for battle.
"Fair is foul and foul is fair"

Carl Mudd and his attorneys are in for a blitzkrieg that they will never recover from.

We are strong, we are prepared and we are fightin' mad.

This is total war and there are no rules. We plan to carpet bomb the cities and take out civilians.

03.16 | Unregistered Commenterpissedoff

Peter Akmanjain
Udall Law Firm
4801 E. Broadway Blvd, Suite 400
Tucson, AZ 85711-3638

I hear that one of the prinicple of this law firm is a former Senator.
It makes sense because most politicians are a bunch of lying weasles.

The biggest assholes of the bunch are Barach Obama and Ron Emanuel.
Look what the jerks are trying to do to our healthcare system.

So Senator Udall, you are a f'in asshole and you will rot in Hell.

I have my voodoo doll out and i am sticking you with pins and chanting evil spells to curse your family!

Was Jeff Barson named in the new law suit Mudd Dober has out.

03.22 | Unregistered CommenterSBJ

Better lawyer up good, boys & girls. Y'all will need alot more than name callin' & trumpin' the moral high ground to 'suede a judge in yer favor...(liked the comment 'bout Obama & Emannuelle...).

From what I know about the ex-dermacare owners, even without the state of the economy they have no more money left. The dermacare system or lack of a system took it all.

Wasn't it Dermacare who closed the corporate office and left the franchise owners high and dry.

04.8 | Unregistered CommenterSBJ

Want to win a war? Get to know the enemy you're facin'. In this case it ain't Mudd, it's Michael Schafer who's pullin' the strings. Question is: what's in it for him? Answer is: nothin' unless he wins & you lose! Better lawyer up good, boys & girls!

I already lost the war. Lost it all and filed bankruptcy and had to move on.

04.13 | Unregistered Commenterdermaloss

I'm with you brother. I learned my lesson the hard way with franchises. Hit me hard in the pockets, HELL I have no pockets left.

04.15 | Unregistered CommenterJK

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