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Smoothmed New York: Botox on the go.

Botox will now be available as a walk-in, no appointment necessary treatment in midtown Manhattan.


Smoothmed, a retail medicine concept started by two plastic surgeons, will be opening it's doors on East 59th Street. My guess? It'll do fairly well and may be the largest Botox account in the U.S.. Of course it could go the way of SkinKlinic.


 From the New York Times: The Little Botox Shop Around The Corner.

Smoothmed, scheduled to open next month, will offer only one procedure: Botox injections to smooth wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, lips or neck. Its owners said the idea is convenience, competitive pricing and standardized care.

“Botox-on-the-go is the way we like to think of it,” said Dr. Andrew I. Elkwood, an owner of Smoothmed. He and his business partner, Dr. Michael I. Rose, are plastic and reconstructive surgeons who practice in Manhattan and in Shrewsbury, N.J.

Botox Cosmetic, a diluted form of botulinum toxin, is used to temporarily paralyze the muscles underlying wrinkles. Dr. Rose said that making injections easily available would expand the market.

“It will appeal to people who took a few hours to shop at Bloomingdale’s, to secretaries on their lunch hours, to people who live and work in the neighborhood, and we will be getting visitors who think on a whim, ‘I wouldn’t normally do this at home, but we’re in New York, so let’s try it,’ ” Dr. Rose said.

Reader Comments (9)

Question: Why wouldn't they offer a filler also?
04.20 | Unregistered CommenterMichMD
My guess, they go the way of Skinklinic. That's like opening a restaurant and just serving French Fries. A poor idea at best.
04.20 | Unregistered CommenterMedspabuzz

...Im the best...

Bryan Lee M.D.

(This comment has been edited for violating our spam policy.)

Any bets on how long it takes Jeff to clip Dr. Lee's message.

08.13 | Unregistered CommenterMark

not long

I agree. The vision for this place is shallow. People who want botox want fillers. People who want fillers want botox. I do both and am not affiliated with these people. You clipped my comments thats fine but I was just opening a forum for discussion for whats cutting edge in non invasive procedures in NYC along with a tiny bit of self promo. I think your opening analog about Smoothmed's place of business is a good forum. If you want to limit it to bashing then you wont make a positive difference or make as many people happy.

Health and Friendship,

Bryan Lee M.D.
"The Fine Art of Beauty"
Specializing in Non-Surgical Facial Enhancement
Hey Smoothmed Lets Talk

08.16 | Unregistered CommenterBryan Lee

Bryan Lee MD,
While new readers of this site tend to think that some of the policies may be draconian, it's really not the case and there's no real animosity or desire to shape the discussion. You're welcome to add content of voice any opinion but please know that the desire of everyone on the site is to build something of value that doesn't generally exist since it's drowned out by spam, flaming, and companies who are promoting their own agenda. If you do a search on some of those topics I think you'll find some examples.

No one's opinion is censored as long as it is identified and doesn't promote a change in the site to simple bickering. It's often a judgment call on my part and I'll accept the criticism if anyone thinks I go to far.

I don't understand how a cosmetic treatment goes retail and still have quality care associated with it? Can someone explain to me how the business objectives of making money and possibly reducing time spent on each patient helps each patient get the best care from the medical practitioner?

I actually see the "vision" that these physicians have for the Smoothmed concept. I believe they are trying to take the "mystique "out of Botox and open the market to the "every-woman", the baker, the tailor, the candlestick maker, in the neighborhood. It is also a lot less intimidating going your first time to a "drop-in" place, less premeditated, less sneaking in the back door of the doctors office to get the Botox injected, in the eyes of a lot of women and men....spend a little time on a blog such as ASK YAHOO, or any one of the hundreds of beauty question and answer sites, and it is absolutely amazing how many women think Botox is thousands of dollars for a few "drops", or that it is so very dangerous and could eventually build up in the body and cause a "botulism-type" death, or that it is something that only women in their 60's or older should worry about, they are the only ones who can afford the luxury. I know this seems a little overwhelming naive and uninformed to those of us in the profession who have been injecting it for many years, but there is a whole big world of people out there who this type of concept , the Smoothmed idea, may really appeal to, and the every-man and every-woman just might be the biggest untapped target market in the industry. i disagree with the fact that all women who want Botox want fillers, and vice-versa. Some just want to be introduced to the concept with their favorite girlfriend, on their lunch hour, or after a two- glass- of -wine lunch... I actually think this business idea has potential... I for one will be watching with interest.

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