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Dermacare Laser Clinics: Inside info.

Dermacare is having it's big meeting this weekend as I understand...

portfolio_cid_spy.gifwith more than 200 comment on the other Dermacare posts: Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics and Dermacare Management: Carl Mudd & the lawyer, it's getting crowded over there.  Dermadoc, Double Dermadare, Dermacareless and other franchise's have already commented that they're going to post their thoughts on this event. I was emailed with the helpful idea that I should offer this event it's own thread from DD, DCL, and DDYs fan club, so here it is... I'll be that Carl Mudd is on his best behavior.  Hope there's no blood shed.

Reader Comments (7)

Ha... I love it. I'll bet Dermadoc has his lapel button spy camera all ready to go.
Let's get ready to Rock and Roll....
If any of you guys are here in Scotsdale, we are going to be taking up a colllection to buy Carl an alarm clock so he can be on time.

This morning was 'strategic partner' morning - ie: buy my laser, it's the best thing since sliced bread, but don't ask for specifics on how it works. Very Karma-ish... if you laser it, it will tighten. The Cutera salesmanager doing the presentation was very effective in avoiding answering questions about what they are going to do about mis-representing the results to many frustrated docs.

Some docs are heading out already, they are going to miss the cocktail party tonight!

Have I picked up a few pointers, yes. Have I been relieved of all my frustration with the chaos at Corporate, the vendors who sell and run, and the results we promise our patients that don't materialize... very minimally. It was amusing to hear one of the vendors confirm some of our frustrations in dealing with Carl!

So far the best part is networking with some of the other docs/franchisees who have the same issues that can give you some feedback or vice versa. Maybe next year we can have the conference with just the franchisees and no Corporate people or vendors. Hmmm...
05.19 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc
OK, here's the skinny -

Location - so-so. Overpriced Pseudo-Resort. Good food though.

Attendees - all the newbies. Conspicuously absent were the oldest and most respected franchises. Apparently a few were 'not welcome' according to Carl. All the big names were there to be greeted with lots of fanfare for all the great work they are doing. Some great folks overall, but I wonder if they have caught on about the whole package sale domino effect yet. Impressive numbers for sales, but no one really had coherent ideas about how to make their idea work for the rest of us. Sharing effective marketing ideas was one of the reasons I went and amounted to a fake consultation where of course everything went perfectly. A few pearls but not much meat.

Carl was present some of the time, readily adding his two-cents to clinical conversations. Avoiding the issues when discussing some technology over-hype that has cost virtually every franchisee a lot of money.

A new software vendor with some admittedly great ideas who had to explain that, despite how it was presented to us by corporate, Carl will NOT have direct access into our business accounts. He will be able to electronic debit our royalties when we release them.

The new attorney was also conspicuously absent, sharpening his scythe I assume.

Someone finally got carl to see the light and he has released his grip on some of the aspects of the business, I think to everyones' benefit. A new Corporate Medical Boardof Directors to keep everyone safe and review the technology. On first glance, the members all have very good integrity. Let's see how that stands up to the test of time and pressure from the vendors who are offering the biggest kickbacks. He has also hired back a 'right-hand man' to do some work on what sounds almost like an IPO. Interesting concept and would bring in lots of cash, but I fear leave the franchisees out in the cold.

Overall, an hour conference call with the franchisees would have done the same for me.

Sorry, no bloodshed or huge conflicts. Everyone was well behaved and only mildly vocal about the issues which we all know well. I understand the concept of passive resistance, but this seems more like turning a blind eye. Perhaps everyone is more focused on their own operations than what the home office is suffering through. Perhaps that was the design - keep us all on our toes trying to build a business while the wolves run out the back door with the sheep. Can you say 'Enron'?
05.21 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc
Well that was less than the ship burning I was looking forward to.
05.23 | Unregistered CommenterVexed MD

I understand your disappointment. I was half expecting there to be an announcement that Carl sold out to some venture capital folks ( he did allude to it a few times that it was on the table), I think the saving grace to prevent the chaos that quite a few of us were expecting was that we are all still trying to develop a business and we wanted to get as much about of the conference as possible. There were many comments that most people go around Corporate to get anything done so lets just communicate with each other directly. I am very curious about the medical board of directors and how much sway they will have if Carl decides he wants to use a certain vendor or technology. I don't want to say they will become puppets, but tiem will tell. Altogether it was quite anti-climactic and a waste of a couple of days in Scotsdale.

Sorry Vexed, I wish I could share more stories of shouting and upheaval, but it really was pretty lame.
05.24 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc
This is very informative information, thank you for posting, since you all seem to be in the AZ area if anyone can shed any light on how I can find some aestheticians that would be greatly appreciated. Trying to figure out how these folks find jobs.
Thank you
05.24 | Unregistered CommenterJK

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