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Medical Slang: How doctors insult their patients and each other.

The terms by which physicians insult patients and each other.

homersbrain.gifMore insulting terms for patients, diagnosis, and general physician slang.

Terms for physicians:


  • Acades vulgaris - medical students.
  • Adminisphere - where hospital managers work, reckoned to be "another planet"
  • Ax(e) - surgeon
  • Blade - Surgeon: dashing, bold, arrogant and often wrong, but never in doubt
  • Blood Suckers - those who take blood samples, e.g. lab techs
  • Bones and Groans - non-specialist general hospital
  • BoneHo - an off-service resident working in Orthopedics
  • C&T Ward - Coma ward - "cabbages and turnips"
  • C_nts and Runts - Maternity and Paediatrics
  • Captain Kangaroo - head of a paediatrics department
  • Freud Squad - psychiatry department
  • Gasser, gas passer, gas man, Gaswallah - anaesthetist
  • Slasher - surgeon
  • Short-order chef - morgue worker
  • Knuckledragger - orthopedist
  • Overpriced Carpenter - orthopedist
  • Orthopod - orthopedist
  • Flea - internal medicine doctor
  • Humpty-dumpty doctor - a physiatrist or rehabilitation physician; referring to verse from the popular nursery rhyme that "all the king's horses and all the king's men could not put humpty together again."
  • Stream team - the urology service collectively
  • Pecker checker / Cock Doc- urologist
  • Pediatron - paediatrician
  • Baby catcher - obstetrician
  • Rear Admiral - proctologist
  • Unclear medicine - nuclear medicine
  • BoneHo - off-service resident working on Orthopedic service
  • Osteopath - D.O., Doctor of Osteopathy--a physician licenced to practice medicine and surgery who is trained in osteopathic medicine
  • Hearts and Farts - unit specialising in geriatrics and cardiology
  • Inbreds - doctors whose parents are also doctors
  • Larry - Locum, as in "doing a Larry"
  • Raisin Farm - old person's home, geriatric ward etc (also Raisin Farmer - person who runs old persons' home)
  • Removal men - dept of care of elderly people
  • Rheumaholiday - rheumatology (considered by hard-pressed juniors to be a less busy dept)
  • Shadow gazer - radiologist
  • Sieve - a doctor who admits almost every patient he sees
  • Cath Jockey - A cardiologist that catheterizes every patient they see. Or one that does cardiac catherizations.

Hey, I didn't make these up. Many are not even included due to good taste.If you have been insulted by a medical proffesional speak to Alexander Harris and find out more about clinical negligence.

Reader Comments (9)

how is osteopath a derogatory or insulting term? isn't that what they call themselves?
05.26 | Unregistered Commentereldan

I'm a doctor and I haven't heard any of these terms...other than maybe orthopod and stream team and I don't think they are insulting at all. Inbreds are people who stay in the same institution for their entire training (med school, residency, fellowship) not people who have physician parents.

04.4 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

I don't think that Jeff meant that they are actually insulting in a harsh way. I read that as more tongue in cheek.

04.5 | Unregistered CommenterDermgal

Thanks for this post its not a real as I have never heard a doctor using these slangs for insulting their patients and each other. But If someone wants to learn about medical terms then I would recommend a new medical terminology dictionary that is simple to understand and get clear defination about all the medical terms. Hope this will be useful for other medical communities.

I would appreciate a little help re: a slang term expressed by a nurse in an orthopedic facility. Our mom was in a serious auto accident and is now in rehab. My brother and I went to FL to be with her and perhaps we spoiled her with our attention to her comfort. She is 87 and has up to the accident been a very independent woman but now that has changed overnight and she may be in rehab for three months.She seems sound of mind for the most part but she is behaving uncharacteristically belligerent, often rude to her nurses and CNA's. One of the nurses said that she feels that our mother is "juicin' " us, meaning taking advantage of our intentions to try and make her comfortable. Does anyone out there have any idea of this slang term? If so, it may help us understand the psychology of her unusually rude behavior.

01.16 | Unregistered CommenterRichard


You pretty much have the complete understanding. Its a street term that refers to someone getting over on another and taking advantage of them without concern for the other person usually in a financial matter. i.e."that girl be juicin him big time." I would guess that nurse believes your Mom is making a bigger deal out of her recovery in order to obtain your complete attention.


01.16 | Unregistered CommenterMark

Has anyone ever heard of the term "bagled". As in the patient bagled? Symptoms were reduced heart rate, low blood pressure and fainting.

03.1 | Unregistered CommenterDonna

I am also a doctor, and the only terms on this list that I have every heard are "flea", "osteopath", "orthopod", and "gas-passer", but these are not considered insulting. They are more affectionate than anything else.

Our medical director IS a D.O. It's his professional designation - Doctor of Osteopathy. As opposed to M.D. Licensed equally, but training geared more towards a "whole body" approach. Board Certified none the less. I think people confuse this with O.D. - opticians, NOT licensed to practice medicine.

07.10 | Unregistered CommenterBeth

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