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Lipodissolve, Mesotherapy & Fat Melting Injections.

The plastic surgery community has come out strongly against physician injectable mesotherapy treatments that are often referred to as Lipodissolve and main stream media's taking a look. Is this quackery? Is it medical fraud? Will it effect liposuction incomes?

what-is-mesotherapy.gifI know a number of plastic surgeons who regularly use Lipodissolve in conduction with their liposuction surgeries. Why? There are inherent problems with liposuction that lipodissolve can address.

The plastic surgeon societies state that it's not 'proven'. True enough. But unlike treatments like featherlift, lipodisolve ends up with happy patients. The market is validating it as 'wanted' and the plastic surgery societies are trying to sweep back the ocean with a broom. Anyone know if there are studies ongoing?

Disclaimer: Surface performs Liposolve.

The Wall Street Journal weighs in on Mesotherapy: Popular Treatment That Aims To Melt Fat Draws Scrutiny

Last month, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery warned that the shots are "scientifically unproven, lacking any objective data on safety and efficacy." The surgeons' group, which is sponsoring human tests to evaluate one such treatment, urged the public "to steer clear" until more data come in.

Physicians who offer lipodissolve say the injections can be effective in skilled hands. Diane Duncan, a plastic surgeon in Fort Collins, Colo., cites a 2006 retrospective study that she co-authored in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, based on data submitted by 75 physicians in 17 countries from 17,376 patients. The study found that roughly 12% of patients expressed disappointment with the aesthetic result. The authors concluded that the treatments have a good safety record; complications included temporary hyperpigmentation, pain and allergic reactions.

Hat tip to PS 101 

Reader Comments (6)

Good article - I found another site with information on Lipodissolve at

11.30 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer

Yesterday, Friday, 12/7/07, fig closed all it's lipodissolve centers across the US, filed bankruptcy and went out of business. See the St. Louis Fox News article linked below.;jsessionid=49A10297C054B97B2EAA99F0D773FC20?

(edited: correct link inserted)

12.8 | Unregistered CommenterPro Docs

FIG was not a genuine medical clinic but was operated by venture capitalists. The company was squatting on another company's research and business name to pose as if their treatments had a proven track record.

I've seen some truly excellent results from lipodissolve from colleagues. Quite amazing considering how easy the procedure is, and how cost effective it is rather then spending thousands on medical equipment. I spoke with colleagues at a meeting a few months back; unlike some press claim the treatments are not at all painful but mild with manageable tenderness. Lipodissolve clearly has some great advantages which is why it seems to get so much attention, so much copying from all and sundry, and conflict. Remember the early days of Botox and the controversy? And if the treatment would not be extremely promising the plastic surgeons would never waste time and money on doing research on it if it was not truly worth it... Have they ever made efforts to do research on Thermage, Vela smooth, Ultrashape, Accent and so on?

I was warned though, that with Lipodissolve make sure the medications come from the right source to get best results and least discomfort. There seem to be a difference in gold standard versus ordinary standard medications for this procedure although the base is soy-cholin.

05.27 | Unregistered CommenterDrSmith

Anyone using collagenase/ hyaluronidase injections as a treatment for cellulite, as opposed to fat reduction?

05.27 | Unregistered CommenterTF

We need to have a discussion about mesotherapy. Is it safe? Does it work? How do you learn how to do it? Should I learn how to do it? Is it for fat or cellulite or both?

Is it illegal in any states? Why aren't their standard doses and standard protocols? Is it FDA approved? Does it work?

12.19 | Unregistered CommenterMDR

i have had 5 sessions of mesotherpy (sessions were spread out every week or every other depending on the bruising) i lost on average 2 pounds of fat per session. After the 1st treatment there was no noticable reduction, it just felt more mushy, like the fat was breaking up. But after the 5 sessions spread out over a few months I was down 10 pounds and 1 jean size. Its nice for spot reduction, i know diet and exercise alone i would have lost that weight elsewhere before seeing my belly go down.
The treatments are not painful, but they are also not the most pleasant experiance, i mean you are getting a series of injections all at once. About an hour after the injections you will experience a warm sensation under your skin, it will be warm to the touch. The treated area will also become itchy and swollen (i recommend sweat pants). The itching only lasts the first day really. The swelling and brusing can last up to a week depending on how fast your body will bounce back.
I would recommend the treatment to friends if they had a problem area that is bothering them. But i would also warn to go in to the procedure not expecting miracles, this is a process the more you do it the better results you'll get. But do not expect to lose inches after the first treatment.

01.13 | Unregistered Commenterecw

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