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Nu Image Medspa Franchise Opportunity: yeah.

Nu Image Medspas: Pay them $58,000 and  "Be Part of  the 10.7 Billion Bollar  Cosmetic Industry"


Via Franchise Works:
The Nu Image franchise business development program allows the investor to easily participate in one of the fastest growing and most lucrative sectors of the healthcare industry. Nu Image is committed to continually setting the highest levels of excellence and innovation for our clients.

Nu Image is committed to guiding and making possible the complete development of each MedSpa facility. We have assembled a world-class team of healthcare, spa and business professionals to provide clients with assistance in developing and operating their own MedSpa franchise.

  • Our Medspa Franchise Program is anchored on a framework of strict conformity with State and Federal legal and regulatory compliance requirements. No backdoor policies. No guesswork.

  • Our alliance with Candela, makers of GentleLase and GentleYag, as well as Lumenis, makers of Quantum and Lightsheer provides our Clients access to the latest in laser and light-based skin care technology.
  • Our program allows our Clients to offer the four most in-demand and highly profitable services within the medi-clinical spa industry. We make sure our Clients’ MedSpas are designed to maximize profitability without sacrificing efficacy or client care.
  • Our systems will generate considerable revenue from cosmeceuticals and other pre and post-treatment regimen. Skin care products with proven record for enhancing results were hand-picked for improving satisfaction levels and repeat visits among clients.
  • We work within established structures in the medical industry to develop a program that is mutually beneficial to medical and business professionals and ultimately, our MedSpa Franchise Clients.
  • Your initial fee of $58,500 will include the following services Business Development

    Site Location / Design / Build out
    Staffing & Training
    Vendor Relationships
    Licensing & Compliance Assistance
    Custom Marketing Development

    I read that as $58,500 for a book and 'vendor relationships'.

    Are there any Nu Image Medspa franchisees out there? 

    Reader Comments (4)

    Sounds like Solana except $22,000 cheaper up front. We had a miserable experience with Solana. They actually impeded rather than helped us. Who are the company officers? It may be Buckingham and his crew popping up under a different name....again. The claims that they are making aren't as over the top as Solana. They also picked better lasers. Solana was pushing Syneron heavily. If they do what they say, it may be worthwhile. Based on our experience I would advise people to run the other way.

    02.10 | Unregistered Commenterburned

    I couldn't agree more, many of the current crop of franchisors are nothing more than crooks who provide little to no help with the actual business. Its too bad the Radiance's, Dermacare's, ALC's and Solana's of the world ruin it for the legitimate business owners out there, but that's obviously been the case. I consider myself lucky to have ONLY lost the franchise fee to Radiance, many colleagues with that franchise and others have gone completely bankrupt. Don't walk, run, run away from the current franchisors.

    What does a good franchise look like? I am interested to know what would make it appealling?

    02.11 | Unregistered CommenterTaimi

    Good question Taimi, I would start with a demonstrably successful set of current franchisees (i.e. the owners are happy with support from franchisor and the value they receive for their franchise fee and royalties, revenue & profit numbers are reasonable and in line with expectations set by franchisor), then I would do a background search on each of the following: main franchise company, executive management team, several of the key franchisees. Become a customer for a few months and see how you are treated (it would be particularly interesting to try to get a refund for services, as it appears that is something that none of the current crop is willing to do). If anything smells fishy, run, don't give them the benefit of the doubt, its too expensive.

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