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America's best paying jobs. Guess who's at the top?

rich_doctor.jpgFrom America's best--and worst--paying jobs.

"When we first looked at America's best- and worst-paying jobs a year back, we asked the question, "Why do financially pushy parents want their children to marry doctors?" Our answer then: Because, as Willie Sutton said of banks, that is where the money is. Still is.

The medical profession continues to dominate the top end of our list of the 25 best- and worst-paying jobs in America. Anesthesiologists have flipped places with surgeons to take the top spot, but the next eight places are firmly in the healing hands of various sorts of specialist practitioners."

  1. Anesthesiologists - $184K
  2. Surgeons - $184k
  3. Obstetricians And Gynecologists - $178k
  4. Orthodontists - $177k
  5. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons - $165k
  6. Internists, General - $161k
  7. Prosthodontists - $159k
  8. Psychiatrists - $150k
  9. Family And General Practitioners - $150k
  10. CEO - $145k
  11. Physicians And Surgeons, All Other - $142k
  12. Pediatricians, General - $141k
  13. Dentists, General - $141k
  14. Airline Pilots, Copilots And Flight Engineers - $140k
  15. Podiatrists - $118k
  16. Lawyer - $114k
  17. Air Traffic Controllers - $110K
  18. Engineering Managers - $110k
  19. Dentists, All Other Specialists - $108k
  20. Natural Sciences Managers - $108k
So what are the conclusions? My friend Chris says:
  • Education pays.
  • The medical profession is still where its at.
  • Being a air traffic controller must require more skill than I first thought.
  • Being a pilot seems to be the best paying job with the lowest barrier to entry. They need no advanced degree. Pilots beat out lawyers who didn’t even make the top 15.
  • In my book, net worth is a better measure than income to define wealth. You could make a lot of money but have no net worth. Remember, 40% of all wealth in this country is held by first generation small business owners.
Does anyone else feel the hush in the room? Now what's going to happen? I'm considering opening up an anesthesia spa.

Reader Comments (4)

true, surgeons make a decent living, but you need to look at what age they begin to take in these salaries. for instance, a CT surgeon may not begin his actual career until he is in his late 30's. his counterpart in a business career may have been earning for 10+ years at that time. plus the surgeon may have over $200,000 in loans by then. these factor are much more telling than a list.

Where do proctologists rate? I would think there would be some financial incentive for choosing that specialization.

09.16 | Unregistered Commentermlankton

I admire the fact that not only are you rewarded finacially but you are repected and are able to be proud of what you do. The eduation, loans etc. are worth it.

I'm considering opening up an anesthesia spa.

So you would put people to sleep... then what just wake them up. Michael is spinning in his whatever they buried him in. LOL

I wish that nurse practitioners were somewhere on that list. While we don't go to school as long as docs, we are starting to make a significant contribution to health care in areas that are not just general medicine. I know several NP's working with cardiologist and oncologist who do their rounds and write orders for these docs, but still are looked upon as a "simple" nurse. Oh well maybe in a few years.

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