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Physicians get the consultants they deserve. Part 1.

uncool.gifThe following recommendation was made last night on the comment thread of  What's wrong with medical spa franchises & medspa consultants?

"One of the best consulting companies is ____________. The physician who owns the company had his own Medical spa and sold it for a substantial profit and it was very profitable. He has had experience in implementing over 100 medical spas in the last 3 years. His references are very good, his fees are reasonable and customized, not a cookie cutter. Look on his web site, _______ and you can get some information. I had the same trouble with Med Surge trying to load up equipment and their consultants are MBAs who never owned a spa or worked with one. - goldfinger"

 Wow. Excellent references, profits, reasonable fees... I want to hire this guy myself. Look at that. 100 Medical Spas in only 3 years. That's 3 medical spas open a month and without any cookie cutting. Better yet, he's a physician and understands how difficult those MBA's at Med Surge can be in trying to pile on the technology they get kickbacks from. Look at that signature.. 'goldfinger'. Where do I sign up?

Unfortunately, I had to remove the comment since it was left by the ' medical spa consultant' it was promoting...  _______, B.A., M.D., FACOG who is _______ and a member of the Republican Presidential Task Force, 1989-present.. Surprise.

How do I know this? Let's say that I'm absolutely sure and wouldn't make an accusation like this unless I was absolutely, positively, 100% certain. (I can see the IP's of all comments.)

So, as with everything, buyer beware. I have no doubt that ___________ will be happy to take your money and give you 1.3 weeks of time on his way to his next 100 medspas. The question is, would you be happy to pay someone who conducts business by subterfuge?

And for those who want to be sneaky on my site, don't.

Reader Comments (3)

Holy hell! Remind me not to get on your bad side Jeff.

I have to say that in my opinion, you're totally justified in outing this physician if he's the commenter. I can only imagine his embarrassment when he reads this.

07.16 | Unregistered CommenterVexed MD

It definitely sounded like a commercial.

07.17 | Unregistered CommenterLH

LH, I'd say it sounds like much more than a commercial. It was obviously meant to be a fake testimonial. The fact that he pretends to be a consumer of his own business and bashes Med Surge only makes it more egregious. I find it just as unethical as if I made up fake patients and posted their testimonials on my site to trick patients into thinking that these testimonials are real.

I say good for Jeff for outing this type of thing.

There's a difference between shameless self promotion and blatant untruths. A link and an "I can help" is the former. This comment was the latter.

07.17 | Unregistered CommenterDermgal

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