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Dermacare: Best Investment Opportunity for a Physician?

Dermacare Laser Center Franchises sent me this solicitation email.

I'm wondering what they're thinking? Is anyone else getting these emails? You'd better hurry. Dermacare still has a few territories available.

Best Investment Opportunity for a Physician: Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics
Become a leader in the aesthetic laser and skin care industry
Has your practice become subject to managed care restrictions, paperwork and rising malpractice insurance rates? Is it meeting your expectations? You can get paid upfront and lower your liability by turning to non-invasive, cosmetic procedures - a $4.5 billion industry.


Establish a non-surgical, cosmetic medical practice with the nation's leader in physician-based laser and aesthetic cosmetic skin care, Dermacare Laser and Skin Care Clinics®. They have a proven business model that will help you establish a practice that runs smoothly and generates a substantial cash flow.


Dermacare is backed by an elite Medical Board comprised of their finest board certified physicians. The board members are on the front-line, ensuring that Dermacare is constantly reviewing the latest technology, safe practices and progressive procedures commensurate with Dermacare's standards of proficiency and "safety first." Dermacare clinics are not "Med-Spas;" they are individual practices, run by qualified physicians.   


If you're looking to open an aesthetic practice or if you want to start from scratch, Dermacare now has the perfect opportunity available for you. The number of clinics available is limited due to Dermacare's dedication to exclusive territories, so this is a time-sensitive opportunity! Remember, Dermacare provides elite "hands-on" technical and management training, as well as a strategic marketing plan according to your demographics, so all you have to worry about is getting the territory you want.   


Make Dermacare your practice partner today!

Dr. Abraham Sayegh, Dermacare N. Scottsdale

"Reimbursement hassles, rising malpractice premiums, long hours and the threat of frivolous litigation have all affected my quality of life. Only Dermacare met my stringent requirements for a medically-based business opportunity."

Dr. Sidney Smith, Dermacare Tri-Cities

"The Dermacare system made opening up our clinic essentially into a turnkey operation.  The tested & proven marketing and the state-of-the-art equipment for all the procedures made it easy for us to open and generate a cash flow from day one."

 Call 877-700-0788
to see if your territory is available
Martin Kupper
Franchise Sales

Dermacare | 4835 East Cactus | Suite 345 | Scottsdale | AZ | 85254

Reader Comments (10)

...Jeff....Jeff....come to the dark side.... you'll be much better off as a voiceless victim than a proactive business owner...

LOL - somebody should check their mailing list!

08.17 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc

Hi Martin, I saw your ad for franchise. I'm an agent and I have a Spa space in Utah that is available for rent. It's in a newer retail center with strong freeway frontage. Between Tenant and the owner of the building, they spent $100k on buildout but Tenant ran out of money and went belly up. So now this location is ready to go but vacant....must see it. It's in Layton, Utah.( fast growing county), and this location is right off downtown busy freeway exit. Rent is very reasonable - cheaper than what you can find anywhere because Owner wants it leased! ( $3000 per month + $2.75 cams, or $3400-3600 total for 1900 sq foot fully build out ready to go. Let me know if you have any interested applicants. My number is 801.671.8887 ( we do offer finders fee up to 1 month rent)

Here are more info - you can find pics at the link above. Thanks!

Wow, amazing $100k build out, it's all yours for free! Tenant ran out of money but did a fabulous job building out this end cap unit this year. Everything brand new, gorgeous italian ceramic tile, hardwood floors, crown moldings, designer paint, beautiful lightning, new commercial grade carpet, 6 sets of new cabinets and 6 new sinks, new bathroom, and much more! It was built out as a Medical Spa - so everything is in place to operate a spa, a dental office, cosmetic surgery office, physician's office, or just offices, or retail. This is huge savings and great deal for someone who wants to start their spa/medical office/nutrician center. Co-tenants include a hair salon, state farm insurance, weight loss center and Optimetrist shop.

The location is amazing with fantastic freeway expsoure - you'll see it right as you exit 332 ( antelope Drive) on I-15. One of the busiest exits and only few blocks from Layton Hills Mall. The strip center is in a perfect location, right next to several hotels ( right next to Marriot Field and Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn), several restarants ( next to Outback Steakhouse, Crack Barrel, Golden Corral, Marie Callenders, and Tona Romas), also retail shops/centers ( Target, Lowe's, Barnes and Nobles, Old Navy and much more. The positive is this unit faces the freeway right along Heritage Park Boulevard.

The Unit is a end Cap - 1706 North Hertiage Park Blvd Suite #1 Layton, Utah 84041

* Building was built in 1995 - well maintained and landscaped
* Plenty of parking front and back
* About 1900 sq ft of amazing build out
* 4 rooms with hardwood floors and brand new individual sinks/cabinets
* 2 rooms without sinks
* Receptionist Area - with open waiting room and office and new sink/cabinets, and ceramic tile
* 3 closets/ dressing rooms
* 1 large common area - 20x16, carpeted
* 1 brand new bathroom with hardwood floors
* 1 kitchen/cafeteria/ storage - new hardwood floors, new cabinets and sink
* 1 office right by the receptionist area, carpeted
* Design lightning with dimmers
* Wired for Alarm
* Central Air
* Also spots for speakers/music in the rooms too
* Must see to appreciate

Rent is $3000 per month plus $2.75 per sq ft for Cams. Total around $3400-3600
Flexible show time - welcome to drive by. Call Amy 801.671.8887 stone brook real estate or email me anytime. ( should respond fast by email 24/7, call up to midnight, I could be in and out of meetings but will return call fast)

Looking for occupants anytime or by Nov 1st.

Need first month rent, last month rent, and deposit equal to first month rent ( $100 non-refundable)

08.24 | Unregistered CommenterAmy


Meet with some Medispa personnel at a Laser demo this weekend and heard that:

1) The NJ Dermacare location has left the franchise and changed it's name.
2) Additionally, several other franchises have stopped paying royalities and are contemplating leaving the franchise.
3) Mr. Mudd is reporting to jail after lossing a court appeal.


09.16 | Unregistered CommenterJRAMD

Chula Vista (California) clinic has closed and there are judgements against Dermacare on the Maricopa county website; one from an ex-employee.

09.17 | Unregistered CommenterAnother Ex

I am still trying to figure out how these franchies are just up and leaving the organization. There is a contract that binds us pretty tightly, so unless they have a huge breach from Corporate, I can't figure how they are managing to walk away. Any ideas?

Supposedly the story from Chula Vista is they wanted to move to a better location but the Mudd-master sold the rights to the new area from under them. I've heard about that mess from a few people that are appalled about it (shocking, I know).

If Carl is incarcerated as your post says, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations? Does anyone know if there has to be something filed to turn over controlling interest while he is wearing an orange jumpsuit? How long and what are the chances for early release for good behavior? Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot who I was talking about.

Yes Virginia, there is Karma.

Honestly, I think it sucks that all the press about Dermacare is about the management mess. I still truly believe that it is a valid opportunity, we just have to protect the name and do our best locally to draw attention to how we can help people, and support the business opportunity rather than tear the company down. I know that may sound a bit hypocritical, but whatever I post about is pretty much directed at the Big Guy. I have often said there are some very good people working at Corporate, they just don't usually stay long enough to have a positive effect.

And now that Cherry Hill is out of the family, and Carl is out of the public domain, I am guessing there are several franchisees who have travel plans to New Jersey they are ready to cancel.

09.17 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc

If anyone has links or a real update I'd be interested in finding out what exactly is happening to Dermacare.

I heard they are all going bust.

09.19 | Unregistered Commenterbill boxer

Speak for yourself Bill, we're doing fine and growing every month.

09.19 | Unregistered CommenterDermaDoc

Go to the current thread of comments.

This one is boring.

Exciting stuff.

Jeff Barson, how do they get there. Your site is very difficult to navigate.

11.30 | Unregistered CommenterBob

06.14 | Unregistered Commenterintenturl

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