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Kansas State Board of Healing Arts outlaws Lipodissolve

Kansas State Board of Healing Arts outlaws Lipodissolve except in drug trials

By JULIUS A. KARASH - The Kansas City Star Story

bumIn a first for the nation, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts on Saturday greatly restricted the use of Lipodissolve, the controversial fat-dissolving injection.

The board said patients may not receive Lipodissolve unless it is authorized by a physician as part of an investigational drug trial.

“We have to protect the public from the potentially disastrous effects of unproven drugs,” said Mark Stafford, the board’s general counsel, who noted that Lipodissolve is not approved for treating fat by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Kansas restrictions are expected to take effect in mid-to-late September, Stafford said. The board’s unanimous action covers the most common form of Lipodissolve, consisting of phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate.

The action drew criticism from Matt Taranto, owner of Leawood-based Aesthetic Consulting Group, which manages AesthetiCare Medi-Spa & Lipo Dissolve Center in Leawood.

Taranto said in a phone interview that 10,000 to 50,000 such treatments are administered every month to patients throughout the United States.

“I have yet to hear of a serious reaction or side effect from Lipodissolve,” Taranto said. “It’s an effective way to address localized deposits of fat. The majority of people who have it are happy.”

But Stafford said the board has received at least half a dozen complaints about facilities that give the injections. He said the complaints, which are under investigation, involve problems with business practices and patients suffering side effects such as nodules, infections and nausea.

Lipodissolve is a trademark name. The injections are not designed to treat obesity, but rather to flush out fatty deposits from various parts of the body when patients can’t get rid of them through diet and exercise.

In May, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery warned against the use of Lipodissolve and similar treatments. “We do not have definitive information on injection fat loss treatments,” Foad Nahai, president of the society, said in a May 14 statement. “The bottom line for patients is this: Don’t allow yourself to be injected with an unknown and untested substance.”

A placebo-controlled study of Lipodissolve is being sponsored by the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation. The study, which will be conducted under FDA supervision, will follow 20 patients for 46 weeks to evaluate the efficacy of the procedure and collect data on reactions and complications.

It is not clear how many Kansas businesses will be impacted by the new restrictions and to what degree. Stafford said the board did not have firm numbers on Kansans who have received the injections or the number of Kansas facilities that administer Lipodissolve.

However, Stafford said the Kansas City area has had one of the heavier concentrations of Lipodissolve clinics, and the board has been aware of perhaps a dozen such facilities on the Kansas side of the metropolitan area recently.

Taranto estimated that Lipodissolve is dispensed by about 20 facilities in the Kansas City area on both sides of the state line.

The Kansas board in April passed a temporary regulation that required a physician to perform a physical exam, record the patient’s medical history and write a prescription before a patient was injected with Lipodissolve.

The board held a public hearing on Lipodissolve last month.

“Other states have been watching to see what we’re doing, and some are contemplating taking action,” Stafford said.

Mark Tucker, president of the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, has said that Missouri might consider stricter regulation of Lipodissolve if necessary.

Hat tip to Ron for sending this to me. 

Reader Comments (13)

I think this is a good thing. Hopefully they will get some decent research out of this. The only thing I do not like is that it will likely be plastics running the research and many of them do not want the Lippodissolve to work. They have direct financial interest in this as it could decrease their numbers for liposuction. So I hope they have good oversight with non-plastics/derms. My biggest concern is having bias with the researchers.

08.21 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Really, the big question is: when is this action going to ripple through the rest of the country?

08.27 | Unregistered CommenterTF

Please refer to for the real facts of lipodisove/mesotherapy. Check research by Adam Rotunda, M.D., Diane Duncan, M.D., and others who are scientific about the real facts.
While this particular group of clinics may have problems, stop them not the entire practice of the procedure. While some medical boards are "well meaning", they remain controlled by vindictive attorneys who prosecute cases for them.
Medical boards must remain open minded to the true scientific facts. This is the sad shortcoming of allowing non science based attorneys to influence medical boards.

Don't blame the substance blame the technique. Some facility do not go through the proper certification processe and what do you get COMPLICATIONS!

09.13 | Unregistered CommenterHM


Apeals court in Kanas overturned this position on Friday 9/14/2007.

Thanx to Dr. Fig.


09.17 | Unregistered CommenterJRAMD

I had lippodissolve done it will never leave my system without lipposuction is there any way there is an attorney who speacializes in this case can contact me Thank You


I am not sure what you mean by "it will never leave my system"? It will definitely leave your system. Lipodissolve is a combination of 2 medications. They are phosphatidylcholine and deaoxcholate. The PPC is found in our cell membranes and the DC is a bile salt. Both of these substances are naturally found in humans.

If you are having concerns with your injections you need to talk to your physician that did the injections and voice your concerns. I have never seen a lawyer fix side effects from a medication.

11.14 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Has anyone heard the outcome of this investigation / research?

05.10 | Unregistered CommenterNancy

This article is bogus! Kansas has not "outlawed" Lipodissolve! The Board went against ONE company that was advertising Lipodissolve in Kansas, Fig, and objected to the manner in which the company mislead patients and handled the treatments without a physician being present, Lets not associate Fig with Lipdissolve; the company was a conn and had a modified treatment. No one can get any serious effects from soy lecithin which is what lipodissolve is. You have soy in practically everything you consume or use today. Fig used other medications and this is why they had odd reactions. Injectable soy has been researched for ages and ages without adverse reactions and even been safe for use on kids.
Lets get the facts straight here, will we?

05.24 | Unregistered CommenterRCraig

damn what an ass!

09.8 | Unregistered Commenterdamn

Damn right, I fapped to that ass

11.15 | Unregistered CommenterEugene

The real issue here is LOOK AT THAT ASS. Wow. Id have fun with her.

09.12 | Unregistered CommenterJdog

Ive never wanted to be a tape measure till now

09.17 | Unregistered Commenterchris

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