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Thermage coming to Medical Spa MD?

thermage-sigmacon.jpgIt looks as though Thermage may be adding some content to Medical Spa MD for members who may be interested.

I've had a number of phone calls with Thermage it looks as though they're going to get together some materials that will only be available to Medical Spa MD members. (If you're not already a member you can join Medical Spa MD in 30 seconds.) 

I've been waiting to distribute these reports until I have a medium that can handle the content which should be available shortly.

You can read more about Thermage through these links:

Today I had lunch with Clint Carnell, Vice President of Domestic Sales for Thermage. I  met Clint over at a local pub in Park City and we sat down to chat about Thermage and Surface. (Clint didn't know about this blog.) Clint is a fairly recent addition to Thermage's management team as the Vi...
Thermage's response to physicians purchasing reactivated tips from abroad.   Clint Carnell, VP of Thermage, asked me to post Thermages position on reactivating tips. I have posted it in it's entirety and have added an addendum to the previous post on the supposed study in question. You'll not...
It's surprising to me how polarizing Thermage as a treatment seems to be. There are 5 threads on Thermage going on in the Physician to Physician discussion area. While the 'pro' Thermage docs seem to be relatively calm, the 'con' side is much more strident in their views. ( It appears that the docs ...
As business models: Thermage is commission, Titan & Fraxel are hourly. (Thermage + Fraxel discussion threads) I had lunch with Clint Carnell, Vice President of Domestic Sales for Thermage today. While we were talking about the current state of the medical spa market he referred to the Thermage ...


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Well at last, I for one am happy to be off of Dermacare for a post or two.

01.23 | Unregistered CommenterHappy

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