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The Medical Aesthetic Practice Association (MAPA) + Medical Spa MD.

Medical Spa MD is pleased to now be providing services to MAPA, The Medical Aesthetic Practice Association.

MAPA members have been using this site for some time to organize events and schedule chat sessions. We're happy to provide additional capabilites to MAPA by building out a portiion of the site that will allow MAPA members a single place to stay up to date.

Read the new MAPA Blog, participate in a live chat or read the transcripts, find reviews of medical spa technologies, or contact MAPA.

About MAPA from Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD:

The Medical Aesthetic Practice Association has been formed to advance the Clinical and Business practicies of Medical Aesthetics by facilitating "information exchange" among clinic owners and medical practitioners who work in large and small communities all around the world.

This organization is about taking the information we get from the laser companies, product companies, lumenaries and experts and putting it through the "real world" grinder of everyday experiences in busy clinical practices in order to perfect and polish the final informational product. We hope this will lead to safer treatments with better clinical outcomes.

The MAPA area will grow increasingly robust over the coming weeks with forums, a library and archive and additional features.

I'll note here that MAPA is an independant organization and not owned by Medical Spa MD.

Reader Comments (6)

I'm happy for MAPA. I'm sure, many good things will come through this helpful organization. More information and open communication as well as excellent services.

01.25 | Unregistered CommenterRose

It's interesting that the executive-director of this new association owns a cosmetic physician training center. I guess its a good way to get the users of this website to sign up for his training. I would also think anyone who would say they have a "Cosmetic Dermatology Practice" would be boarded in Dermatology or Plastic Surgery, which doesn't appear to be the case with Dr. Epstein.

02.12 | Unregistered CommenterDr_JR


It's interesting that you are so critical of Dr Epstein. I do have to agree with you on one point; it is a very good way to get the users of this website to sign up for his "training". The training consists of email exchange, live chat discussions and two conferences per year for the exchange of aesthetic and business practice. There is no cost to the attendees, in fact I am sure Dr. Epstein incurs personal cost in preparations, use of staff and facility to host these gatherings. There is a fee to join the new association, MAPA, it is one dollar. This is surely symbolic in nature. If Dr Epstein can go through the time and effort to start and maintain this free service, users can take the effort to put a buck in the mail. I have never seen anything here that gives the ruse of paying for training.

I'm sure Dr Epstein likes to generate revenue like us all, but it seems like he prefers to get it from good results and satisfied patients.

Doctor, I have to say not everything and everyone's motivation is chasing dollar bills.

02.17 | Unregistered CommenterFlorida PA

I am a "MAPA" member and over the last few months, I have only been amazed at Dr. Epstein's energy and generosity in starting this group. I was not even aware that he offers training for a fee. I have been enlightened by the numerous email exchanges from the group members on various topics. I have been invitied to attend FREE seminars at his office which I have not been able to fit in my schedule yet. I think everyone involved in MAPA is looking to help grow their practices and expand their knowledge. It's a wonderful collegial atmosphere where any question can be asked and anyone can offer their opinion.

Regarding the statment that training only be offered by "core" physicians, let me tell you that "core" physicians often close their doors to "non-core" physicians such as myself (IM). I have been denied access to the ASDS meeting. A few years ago I was able to attend with a letter of sponsorship from a member (Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick of SkinMedica!) It was a great meeting . The next year, the rules had changed - "Core" physicians only, no exceptions. I believe the "Cosmetic Boot Camp" is restricted to "core" physicians. I have personally been turned down for preceptorships.

I received my Botox training from an expert injector and Family Practioner, Dr. Mark Bailey of Canada. I did my first filler training with a PA in the Phoenix area. I've had numerous additional training sessions with the trainers from both Juvederm and Radiesse. None of them were core physicians. A year ago, I spent a very expensive day in a Plastic Surgeons office who offers training. While it was interesting, I did little more than look over his shoulder all day. What matters most in training is how well does the trainer know his/her stuff and how effective of a teacher are they!

For us physicians (core and non-core) who are dedicated to learning and perfecting this art and science, MAPA is a godsend. For those looking entering the Medcial Spa field to make a quick buck, they would not be interested in this exchange or Dr. Epstein's training.

02.17 | Unregistered CommenterInnovaMed

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Is Dr. Epstein's training still available? His office phone # is disconnected.

09.28 | Unregistered CommenterDoc

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