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IPL & Lasers from China

I've certainly been getting a lot of IPL & cosmetic laser companies from China contacting me lately trying to get on the site.

I haven't seen one yet that claims FDA approval for their lasers. Does anyone with a laser clinic or medical spa outside the US have experience using lasers or IPLs from China? Are lasers or IPLs a workable solution for clinics in Europe or Asia?

Im guessing that a very large majority of the componants that are used by Palomar, Cutera, or Thermage are manufactured in China already.

Reader Comments (4)

You may go to, there's a ton of them. Most of them are dealers from some factories there.
Regarding about laser and IPL quality, don't ask for last long or durable from them. Usually machine's life is around 1 year. If you're searching for more reliable equipment, you may try Korean machine.

not the same quality yet (i tried it on myself - lots of problems on the safety side and the efficacy is also low)

I've a past experience in importing a few medical devices from China and Korea: LED, Q swith Lasers...
Do be honest, they are lots of risks in doing this

- You are not sure the CE approval/FDA approval papers are real. Some factories use one CE certificate (medical device) for all the collection of their products. In Europe, when you modify a machine (even a small modification) you need to re-certify it. A few Chinese factory do this.
- With Chinese factories, the major problem is to get a constant an regular quality. You always have something missing or faulty. When you have that, the nightmare starts as it is rather impossible to get parts and proper servicing
- I imported LED: the 2 models I imported are not perfect (a few LED diodes are dead in the first model, in the second it does not even provide with the right wavelength. :) ) .
With china you have to handle such surprises. In most of the cases, the risk is too high. I personally do not buy anymore from china unless equipment at low price which to not have any risk when you do a procedure. Saving a few $$$ to increase your patient's dissatisfaction risk or side effects risks is not worth the deal. Court will not understand you wanted to save money buy getting low-cost equipment with no servicing contract .

Chinese employees turnover is high also, you have to face this problem

Chinese factories often work in network. You are never sure you are buying from the real factory and may only buy to a reseller pretending he is the mother factory. Now if you need a advice, a part, a modification made in the software .. you face people who do not have the perfect knowledge and do not want to give you the direct name of the true factory. A long ping-pong match then starts.

Now Korean are better quality in general. Bought Carboxytherapy equipment 2 years ago and several diagnosis equipment. Most of the CO lasers come from Korea also (they are rebranded buy the biggest laser brads in the world). Now the main problem remains: you get a machine you have to get sure the CE/FDA approval is valid. You deal with a machine with no servicing teams in your country. What happens when you need to repair ? need to find parts ? need to do the annual preventive maintenance ?

After these experiences, I no more import lasers , IPL, LED from China. I import from Korea only if the technology is simple and only if I have a qualified repair service here to take care of the equipment. Or I import when the device has no contact or no dangerous with the patient: photo scanning equipment for instance.

Could you tell me which companys you have bought your lasers? Im interested buying too.

01.20 | Unregistered Commenterrutsnei

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