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Dentists = Botox + Restylane + Juvederm?

Came across this news story of Dentists administering Botox, Restylane, Juvederm and other fillers.

I could easily be mistaken, but as far as I'm aware, of the 4,000 or so Medical Spa MD physician members... there' aren't any Dentists.

Does anyone have trouble with Dentists performing Botox injections or plumping up lips with Restylane? Do Dentists have enough training to do this safely? Is cosmetic treatments at Dentist's offices a threat to medical spas?

Here's the transcript:

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The same person who fills your cavities also could be filling your wrinkles—with Botox.

Some dentists now are offering cosmetic procedures such as Botox.

Dr. Michael Firouzian started offering Botox and other dermal fillers after some of his patients asked about it.

“I found out that it’s something within our scope that we can do. I went down to Florida and did some training, and I had a plastic surgeon come in for a whole week and I trained with him,“ Firouzian said.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson said that a week of training can’t compare to years of training required for board certification in plastic surgery.

He said patients should stick with plastic surgeons for any cosmetic procedure.

“From my end, a plastic surgeon has specific training in cosmetic services and reconstructive services. It’s the safest bet to have those procedures done,“ Donaldson said. “Materials like Botox injected into the wrong anatomical area can cause things like eyelids to drop and different facial expressions to disappear.“

Firouzian said he knows and understands the risks.

“As dentists, we are fully trained in knowing all the anatomy and knowing where all the nerves are. This is a service we offer to our own patients with a full understanding that there are certain guidelines we have to abide by,“ Firouzian said.

The Ohio State Dental Board has ruled that treatments, such as Botox, are within the scope of practice for dentists as long as they are limited to the facial areas.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons said Botox falls squarely within the practice of medicine and should only be done by a board-certified plastic surgeon.


Reader Comments (10)

The plastic surgeons are territory guarding for patients. I have been treating facial trauma for 20 years. Doing cosmetics daily for 20 years. I think I know facial ana. My wife just had juvederm and botox done. The results are fantastic. The treatment was not done by the surgeon but a nurse. She was very good. She did an adequate block, and did a very thorough job. My wife is seeing a plastic surgeon who"s office did the work but the physician was in another town during treatment. If the physician is so necessory one would think one would at least be in the bulding.

Actually, speaking as a plastic surgeon, I'd rather have the dentists doing botox than most family practitioners or internal medicine MD's...they do know the anatomy, and usually have some good hand skills.

And once again, enough with the "turf guarding" comments....

12.5 | Unregistered CommenterTF

IMO competition is unavoidable. It forces one to get better. Good injectors are ones with knowledge, dexterity and aesthetic vision. But the best injectors are often the ones who do it frequently.

Perioral rejuvenation, botoxing the DAO to upturn corners and injecting facial fillers is well within the scope of dentistry. My friend finished her DMD a yr before I entered med school. She was fortunate to take over her father's thriving General Dental Practice and build it into a 'Cosmetic Dental Spa' with high end veneers, botox and fillers. Because I don't practice in her state she has given me a few helpful tips.

12.8 | Registered CommenterAMP

AMP is right on. There are people who want to have the convenience of getting their Botox with their teeth whitening. Others want to go to a specialist. Still others want to inject themselves evidently.

12.11 | Unregistered CommenterCross Doc

Price shoppers use a Dentist or inject themselves. Certainly not the type of patients I'd be looking for in the first place.

12.11 | Unregistered CommenterMontauk MD

@ Hate Me I"m A Cosmetic Dentist
(chuckling) Ok, I'll give you that one. I don't know any either.

12.11 | Unregistered CommenterCross Doc

Since when did the injection of Botox and fillers fall under the scope of practice of dentists? Some don't have advanced certifications!

03.2 | Unregistered CommenterPBRack

DMD's & DDS's routinally inject Botox for TMJ- it certainly falls within their scope of practice.

Well, nurses in other states can inject Botox, so why can't Dentists do it too right?

03.15 | Unregistered CommenterMRobertson

Dentist's should absolutely have the right to inject Botox and Dermal Fillers. They are probably the most knowledgeable about facial anatomy and physiology , next to the Plastic Surgeon, of course. I do believe this is not a case of whether Dentist's are qualified to administer these products, because they CLEARLY are....but a case of "Bogarting: these treatments and the accompanying financial gains obtained through these treatments, by the Plastic Surgeons. Why would the Plastic guys want to spread their bounty even slimmer?? Aye Aye all you Blue Beards. We know the REAL score.

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