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Offer custom teeth whitening at your medical spa.

We were approched by a company providing custom teeth whitening trays for companies and organizations as fund-raisers and asked if we'd allow them to sell wholesale teeth whitening kits to our Members as a Medical Spa MD Select Partner.

This would allow you to provide a custom teeth whitening service directly from your laser clinic or dermatology practice and be able to levergage the buying power of the entire Medical Spa MD physician community.

We've tentatively said yes.

The process would be straightforward and simple. You'd offer custom teeth whitening as a service to your existing clientielle. Your staff would take a mold of a clients teeth, send it off pre-paid, and in around 72 hours a custom tray and tooth whitening kit would be returned to your clinc. Your patient could come back in to pick this up, or for an additional fee you could send it directly to their home.

The cost is still being worked on but it should be viable at about 1/3 the cost that dentists are currently charging for this service. What you charge for this would be up to you but since this is a customized service I would expect it to be at least as profitable as an average clinics skin care sales.

If you're a medspa or cosmetic practice interested in getting a test run of this service, please contact us. We're looking to test this service before rolling it out and will offer a limited number of kits to medical practices at cost to get the kinks out of our processes.

Reader Comments (8)

I'm already offering a similar service and it's working really well (approx. $3-4k a month) for the time it takes. This looks as though it might be a better deal in a number of ways but I do have some questions. What kind of cast is made and how is it manufactured? Is this something I can white label for my clinic or is it already branded?

PS: Besides kits do they have the ampules like gosmile?

12.18 | Unregistered CommenterJL MD

@ JL MD,
My current understanding is that the teeth whitening trays are manufactured by trained dental technicians. (To be honest I don't know exactly how they're made but I'll find out and post.) I'm testing the service with my family right now.

About white labeling: Of course you can white label if your volume is high enough. Really easy to do.

About teeth whitening amplules like gosmile: They don't offer the 'ampules'. Instead they have a bigger, reusable 'pen' that you use to paint on the teeth whitening gel. I think that the pen lasts through about 10-15 'treatments' but I'll make sure to check that as well.

Didn't I write a post on this awhile ago?

I'm curious to see if more clinics are "on board" with this. I still say leave the teeth to the dentists.

I'm with Paula, Leave the teeth to the dentists and lightening the skin (photofacials) to us Derms. Sounds good to me. You all pack up an go home... (kidding)

Actually, I see this as no different than offering cosmetic products (which we do) in our clinic. Why would I want to turn down a cosmetic procedure that we can easily perform and save my clients a couple of hundred dollars and two visits to a cosmetic dentist? I can't see a reason. I can't think that a 'teeth whitening solution' is any different than the Obagi or Skinceuticals products that are being offered. Go Smile, BriteSmile... there are a number of very successful companies that sell directly to medical spas.

12.20 | Unregistered CommenterDermgal

I have worked for a cosmetic dentist for the past 10 years. We have tested various teeth whitening products/techniques and I've seen some really great results, and some not so good results. It depends on the bleaching products used, the technique (in clinic/at home), it's strength and how the custom trays fit. Many custom trays are not made properly due to poor impressions or an inexperienced tech at the lab. The trays have to fit like a glove in order to get a good result and the bleaching product has to be effective. Many of the bleaching products on the market are temporary, meaning that when the patients complete the bleaching series they will have sparkling white teeth, but as soon as they drink coffee, tea, red wine, etc. the staining re-appears. If this happens to your patients they will not be happy.

Patients who have crowns, veneers, etc. cannot have teeth whitening because the bleach will only whiten natural teeth. We do a lot of bleaching in combination with other cosmetic procedures. For example, we will whiten the natural teeth to the desired color (with a top quality whitening product), then match the new veneers or crowns.

I am not saying that this type of procedure does not belong in the medical spa, but will the end result keep your patients happy and is it really worth your while.

12.26 | Unregistered CommenterCDA

Excellent points. Before we add any business as a Medspa MD Select Partner we make sure that 'we're' happy with bot the service, the results, and the price.

And of course there's the community. If Partners or service providers are not performing, everybody hears about it. Our community is one of Medical Spa MDs greatest assets. If a provider drops the ball on providing value to Medical Spa MD Members, their shooting themselves in the foot. I'm absolutely sure that every Select Partner is aware that Medspa MD Members have a direct channel directly to us at Medspa MD, and the rest of the community.

what ingredients are being used in the product?

Hi, I'm Cheryl from Shine Teeth Whitening. We use 22% carbamide peroxide gel. Our source is the same as used by the dentist - although dentist-provided kits and gel range in strength from 10% up and my own kit I purhcased from the dentist six years ago for $189 included only 15% whitening gel.

The commentor is right who noted that the secret is in the custom fit tray, which needs to be created by a well trained technition. While the clunkier "one-size-fits-all" and "boil-n-bite" trays can theoretically deliver the same whitening gel, the secret is having the tray fit so closely that the gel stays in direct and even contact with the teeth (and especially the spaces between teeth that tend to darken most) and that keep the gel away from the gums, where it can burn. Also, the more comfortable the tray the more consistent the whitening activity. So there's where the qualified sevice element lies.

Our Shine services are supervised by a licensed dentist and our lead technician has been a dental assistant for more than 18 years. So you are absolutely right - while it's fairly easy to white label teeth whitening services, quality is absolutely the key.

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