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The Medical Spa Aesthics Training Course & Study Guide for medspas & laser clinics.

The Medical Spa Aesthetics Training Course & Study Guide for Medspas, Laser Clinics & Cosmetic Medical Practices.


Written by Paula D. Young, RN, the Advanced Medical Spa Esthetics Training Course & Study Guide is a two part learning cirriculum for non-physicians. The course is delivered in two parts that include a text book and a study guide.

This is an invaluable tool for any Laser Center, Med Spa, Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Dermatology practice to train every new medical spa staff member on what cosmetic proceedures you offer, how they work, and what alternatives there are.

This study course is being used in medical esthetic schools and leading medical spas and laser clinics to provide every new esthetician and laser tech with a study course, and test their knowledge before they're hired.

For the first time, your laser clinic or medspa staff has the latest information on the newest nonsurgical medical treatments, from Botox, Restylane, and the newest filler injections, to fractional CO2 laser resurfacing and IPL treatments.

Your medical spa staffs knowledge and expertise is a critical componant to your success. Now you can be confident that your front desk, estheticians and laser technicians have the information that they need, and can answer patient questions with confidence.

Memberswill only be available to existing Medical Spa MD Members so be sure that you've signed up for your free membership.

Reader Comments (13)

OK good sales pitch and it does sound useful. BUT what will it cost????


08.25 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

I'm with David, The course sounds great but whats the COST??

08.26 | Unregistered Commenterlinda

Is MAPA dead?

Seems like the Cherry Hill Laser Center closed its door for business on friday August 28th.

Long live MAPA!

Excited about this. When will it be available to the MedicalSpaMd members?

The Medical Spa Training Course and Advanced IPL Laser Training are undergoing their last revisions and updates. They should both be available within the next seven days.

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09.3 | Unregistered Commenternetlog

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Surely, it’s nice that there’s something to enrich the stuff’s knowledge in Medspa techniques, I like the idea of its application in medical esthetic schools, which will make the stuff more professional, more qualified and more experienced in cosmetic procedures. But, taking into account the fact that it’s non-physician oriented study course (irrespective of namely this article), I always wondered and keep asking: why not to hire physicians? I often face and admit that the practices of hiring non-physicians (cosmeticians, visagistes and etc.) in the centers of medical spa, cosmetic salons and plastic surgery centers are wide-spread. But if I were a patient of the centre and wanted to inject, say, Botox, I would rely myself more on physician, than non-physician, especially, taking into account the idea, that sphere of plastic surgery, for example, is not that perfect. As far as I know, Disport - Botox analogue - produced by Beaufour Ipsen Company and produced originally with other intentions (medical ones), should be injected by physician (neurologist). Well, on the other hand, I won’t let the stereotypes take the upper hand in me, I quite realize that nowadays being called “a physician” and being “a professional” are sometimes not the synonyms. Anyway, the idea of releasing of this study course really sounds good.

09.11 | Unregistered CommenterIgor

Dear Igor,
My idea for this book came about because an acquaintance of mine was opening a high tech, ultra modern beauty academy in our area. One of the curriculums he was looking for was a manual for advanced aesthetic practices for estheticians. Unfortunately, they couldn't find such a manual. My husband and I are 2 of their medical directors and they had asked if I could write these materials for their students to be more competitive in the job seeking arena.

New beauty school graduates are having a hard time finding jobs because, nowadays, many physicians are looking to hired skilled medical aestheticians that have laser experience, understand the fundamentals of lasers to prevent harm to a patient, and other treatments they can perform in some states such as skin tightening, etc. The other chapters in this book are to give the medical aestheticians a well rounded knowledge of advanced aesthetic procedures performed by others in their facility so they can either assist in those procedures, or have the knowledge to answer patient questions about these procedures and possibly up sell them.

Aestheticians are an extremely valuable team member in our medical spa. So, even though they don't perform injections, SmartLipo, or laser leg vein therapy, they know a lot about the procedures to answer any questions a patient may have. Plus, they are trained to also step in to assist the physician in a procedure if one of our medical assistants needs to step out. It embodies more of a consistent flow of experience and knowledge in our practice.

Where can i download this manual? I have been a member of for a while now, but i can find the link to download it. Thank you for your help!

Have not been able to download this. Can someone help.

Thank you Paula an adavance for contributing to our field with your great insight and wealth of knowledge.

Sheila Miller, B.S.

Thank you for your kind words! The downloadable version will be ready in a few days, I believe. When it was almost ready for posting, I noticed a chapter had been erroneously omitted so it all had to be reformatted again. Even the Table of Contents was missing that chapter. Hopefully, the editor will be done with it this week.

Respectfully yours,

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