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Botox Self Injectors & Entitlements

Women are still injecting themselves with fake Botox?

The stupidity of some people continues to astound me. Here's a comment that I received from 'Regina'.

I could rail on this for quite some time but I think that Regina does an excellent job of displaying her ignorance and self-entitlement for cosmetic treatments that she evidently can't afford.... Amazing.

I can no longer afford Botox. I paid $670 for three areas and now I broke the bank,  I have to pay it back with very high interest (23%) .
Do the doctors care about my financial problems?  NO!  In fact, I have never seen a more careless crowd of ignorant  doctors,  when they sell me Botox. Why?  Because they are profiting from Botox and then they date younger women with my money, while I cry myself to sleep without a dollar in my pocket. .
I injected myself with Hyaluronic Acid from Brazil and I am looking just fine and people are impressed with my independence and courage.

Now, I will go ahead and order Botox from China and inject myself. I hope Allergan goes broke and China will win over this greedy world of US doctors. Hopefully, China is going to swamp the market with Botox, inject-able fillers, clothe and  what no all ---and the banks have been bailed  with my money  for nothing,  fatcat bankers putting aside very high amounts of money only to fall very  very low.  Love is all  God's money and that  I have left and I love Botox from China.

- Regina

Regina here doesn't mention it but I'm wondering if she feels that insurance companies should pay for her Botox treatments?

She's certainly a trusting soul since Botox from China is actually not 'Botox' at all. I can't imagine what the though process is for someone who will squirt who-knows-what into their own face.

Reader Comments (10)

Insurances are now paying for Botox via patient's complaints about migraine.
Entitlement in an unequal world, whereby only 1% of all women own property and make only 10% of all the financial income? Is this the entitlement? 1% of property and 10% of all the income? Billions of dollars in profits for the doctors, using womenfolk's insecurity when being objectified. How scared must the doctors be, to know that the world is changing! There is so much oppression in this world, and womenfolk's power is evil- black magic! The DIY injections border on witchcraft! Witches, who are bankrupting the doctor's businesses because the cosmetic industry is pressuring women to look better than men.
Men do not loose their job while pregnant, and they have a much higher chance to become a lawyer, doctor or president. However, women are getting all the dermal fillers, nails, hair, clothe, and the Botox injections. Why is nobody worried that somebody is taking 20 extra strength Tylenol? Why are MRI's out of reach for most people? I guess nobody answers to those questions!!!!!

I wonder why Jeff at Medspa thinks that he is entitled to inject women with fillers? Or, why he thinks he can take the money away from people, who need it to pay their insurances, their dentists, and toward their children's education? The stupidity of this Jeff, who calls himself a doctor, continues to embarrass America. Here's a comment that was made by 'Jeff': "I'm wondering if she feels that insurance companies should pay for her Botox treatments?"

I could laugh about this quote, but America has already enough problems being ripped off by insurance companies who do not pay for most of the treatments needed. I think that Jeff does an excellent job of displaying his arrogance and callous greed toward people, charging people outrageous amounts for cosmetic treatments that he evidently learned to perform on his patients , they must be able to afford it though.... Amazing.

03.25 | Unregistered CommenterActon Bell

Take your medication.

03.25 | Unregistered CommenterEC

Action Bell!

Jeff is not a doctor and has never implied that he is. So please know what you are talking about before you start rambling on,

03.25 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Enough already. The wires are crossed here. These are ELECTIVE cosmetic procedures. Unless this poor woman was grabed by the arm, dragged into an office injected then billed we have an issue to deal with.
However this was elective ie she went into the office to get botox.
However, with her later actions buying unknown substances and selff injecting im not sure she went to the proper doctor

03.26 | Unregistered CommenterNYMD

@ ActionBell,
Jeeze, I'm at something of a loss. Not only am I accused of medical malpractice, stealing money from poor people and injecting them against their will, I'm also an embarrassment to America?

So, Action Bell, in my continuing war against what is good and true, I'm blocking your IP from this site. ; )

Thank You

03.26 | Unregistered CommenterLH

I'm at a loss on this one. Jeff never condoned buying a Botox knock off from China nor self injecting of same. He simply presented the story and even stated it was a stupid practice. Why action bell went off on this story is beyond reason.

For me another larger issue may turn out to be when someone gets severely injured or dies with fake Botox. Will the media over blow everything and lump real Botox/fillers/Dysport from Canada & Europe into the same category. Would this cause the FDA to issue a ruling or even States?

We all know that currently ordering from Canada appears to be a grey area unless you work for Allergan and then it's obviously illegal. Let's hope that Chinese Botox does not cause any deaths or injuries or I fear the above may happen.

03.28 | Unregistered Commenterbrian

Of interest, "Acton Bell" is the pen name of Ann Bronte, one of the Bronte sisters of Victorian literary fame

What ever happened to St. John's wort? I thougt that was good for everything, Most of you people are wanting and waiting to be scammed. You deserve everything you get because YOU ASKED FOR IT and NOW YOU HAVE IT.

Why do most of you enjoy the fact that FDA does a great job protecting you by supervising safety of food , drugs, and cosmetics. There are so many SCAMS AROUND US THAT WE COULD NOT POSSIBLY PROTECT OURSELVES.

THE LABORATORIES, SCIENTISTS, PHARMACOLOGISTS, TOXICOLOGISTS and much more plus the equipment needed to do the testing is very expensive. Who pays for that ? Can you imagine what a field day these crooks would have if there was no overseeing of the entire industry? It would be like the FOOD SUPPLEMENT industry that is overrun with charlatans who bleed your pocketbooks of every last dime for worthless "supplements" they scare you to buy as though they were treating you with something only the Chinese knew 1000 years ago. The Chinese also thought the world was flat too.

My father ,a very wise man, used to say ," We know how many billion pelople there are, we know how many are women and how many are males too. We know how many horses there are.... but we can't figure out why there are so many more horses a--es than horses there are".

04.15 | Unregistered Commenterlefty2g

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